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Birmingham Hen Review
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Hen weekend was perfect from start to finish. Groupia were amazing!

Birmingham Hen Weekend |
| 20/11/2021 -
5 out of 5 stars

Rated 4.60/5 from 58 reviews

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8 Best Birmingham Hen Do Ideas

  1. Inflatable Games - Battle it out in this HUGE hen party gameshow.
  2. Cocktail Mixing - Shake, make and sample classic party cocktails. Cheers!
  3. Chocolate Making - Learn how to make your own designer chocolates. Mmmm…
  4. Wine Tasting - A truly indulgent activity for hens with taste.
  5. Life Drawing - Spending an hour staring at a hunky naked male model? Ok!!
  6. School Sports day - Step back in time with this hilarious retro sports day.
  7. Bubble Mayhen - Bonkers sporting fun for hens who are old enough to know better.
  8. Assault Course - Pit your wits against this awesome assault course.

A Guide To Your Birmingham Hen Weekend

Where to Drink in Birmingham

When it comes to Birmingham, Broad Street is your go-to for a hen party that’ll suit everyone in your group. The street has a younger, more vivacious vibe than anywhere else in the Midlands capital so you’ll be surrounded by loads of other people ready for a party.

There’s a whole host of pubs and bars on this ½ mile street (in fact, you’ll hardly find anything else!) so it’s easy to spend a night here without taxiing around.

Alternatively, try down by the canal for some amazing water-side drinking if you’re after a summer evening that’s a little more chilled. Redbrick paths are a sign you’re in the right place for cocktail bars and hen-friendly hangouts.

Sights & Sounds

Sights - Two words.... "Cadbury"... "World". Yes, this is an experience dedicated entirely to chocolate. It's like our spiritual home... If it turns out to have a bar as well then we're probably going to have to move in.
Eastside City Park is a somewhat futuristic looking park that stretches from the city centre through to Eastside and is perfect on a warm day when you and the girls fancy a little downtime - or a go on the swings.
Ikon is a contemporary art gallery which showcases the very best of design of all mediums, art, photography, textiles, fashion and a wonderful place to spend a fascinating couple of hours.

Sounds - If you're fans of Later with Jools Holland then The Jam House really is perfect. The venue which was designed by Jools himself to showcase great music also has a fantastic menu and superb atmosphere as well as the best live acts touring the UK right now.

Best Shopping Spots

Disorder Boutique - If you're a fan of all things quirky and kitsch then Disorder Boutique is a real must visit. Approved by fashion queen Mary Portas and rated by The Guardian, you can pick up their beautiful pieces of vintage design on Needles Alley.
Forgotten Vintage - This gorgeous vintage shop in Great Western Arcade is a shrine of retro design and quality vintage clothing. Ladies with a real eye for yesteryear chic will love Forgotten Vintage.
St Paul's Gallery - This stunning gallery-come-shop is a must-visit for those who love music. You never know quite what you're going to find which is why we love St Paul's all the more.
The Custard Factory - Far away from the high streets' usual suspects, The Custard Factory is a haven of cool design and a celebration of everything unique and tasteful. You'll also find very tempting cafés and bars.

Getting Around Birmingham

The cheapest way to get about the city centre is with a Swift Card that will allow you to hop off and on buses and trams around the city. Our advice is to get all the girls to order theirs' ahead of time so once you hit the city you'll be ready to shop ‘n' roll!

Hen Days

Birmingham is the perfect place to go completely wild on your hen activities, you can go mad on some inflatable games or get completely musical with our hugely popular recording studio sessions where you can let loose your girl power and record your own future No1.
Dance classes are another popular option in Brum, from Pole Dance and Burlesque lessons to retro funk 80's and modern Street Dance and all steps in between.

Hen Nights

The Jewellery Quarter and Broad Street are the places to be for a big night out in Brum. You'll also find plenty of great bars and live music in and around The Custard Factory.
If you're looking for ice and a slice to help get your party started then rather than paying for expensive cocktails you can mix your own at a funky cocktail mixing session.

48 Hours to Party in Birmingham

England’s second city is second to none in terms of hilarious hen activities, brilliant eateries and fab nights out, making it the ideal place to play host to the bride’s big hen weekend. You’ve chosen well, now it’s time to live up to the high bar Birmingham sets!


In the wise words of Polly Gray: “Why should the boys have all the fun?” Yes, whilst the Shelby clan ruled the roost in Birmingham in the 1920s, it’s your turn to take the city by storm! Ditch the bags and get out amongst the action!

48 hours in Birmingham
Activity No.1 - Bubble Mayhen

Forget a quaint afternoon of finger sandwiches and tea, you and the girls decided to break the ice hen-style by throwing in some fast-paced, chaos-filled, Bubble Mayhen! You turn up at the venue, don your bubble suits and get ready to bounce and bash your way to victory! Last. Hen. Standing!

First Night Out

Well, you discovered one thing from your Bubble Mayhen activity: the bride’s aunty has the upper body strength of a fully grown ox! Running into her was like running into a brick wall. But she’s so small, it defies logic! Ah well, she’s the deserved winner. Time to get ready for that first night on the town!


Because getting a large group of hens into a restaurant at no notice is nigh on impossible, the maid of honour made the bright decision of booking up a delicious Italian meal in advance so you and the girls wouldn’t waste valuable partying time traipsing around the city looking for some grub.

48 hours in Birmingham

After your delicious meal, you and the girls hit a few bars before you head to the club. Luckily, when the time comes, you had the foresight to book up guestlist entry so you can skip the long queues and dance right on in to kickstart the party!

The Club

The night’s in full swing, the shots are flowing and everyone's dancing is on point! The bride’s aunty may be as strong as an ox, but she’s got the grace of a gazelle on the dance floor. Everyone’s having a fab time and Birmingham is living up to its high hen-standards!

The Morning

Well, you can confirm that Birmingham knows how to party! Even though it’s overcast, you slip on your sunglasses and get a strong coffee to set yourself up for another day of hen madness. And what a day you have in store...

Activity No. 2 – Zombie Boot Camp

If battling the undead over the course of a hilarious, unnerving and action-packed four-hour adventure doesn’t prepare the bride for a lifetime of marriage, we don’t know what will! Don’t get bitten though, ladies, no amount of wedding makeup will cover-up those sunken eyes and gruesome smiles!


You all manage to escape unharmed... well, actually, having said that, one of the bridesmaids has a bite mark on her shoulder, she’s covered in blood and she keeps saying “Braaainnss!” over and over… ah well, keep an eye on it, probably just a cold! You head off for a spot of lunch before your next enthralling activity.

48 hours in Birmingham
Activity No.3 – Life Drawing

Now the bride may think she’s a dab hand with a paintbrush, but this Life Drawing class is a whole different ball game to what she’s used to. Forget a flower arrangement or a picturesque landscape, you and the girls will be sketching a naked male model! Eyes front, ladies!

Activity No.4 - Cocktail Mixing

After your fab art class, it’s time for ‘big night out’ number two! And no hen party is complete without a few cocktails! You and the girls head to a bustling central venue where you mix things up and craft your own delicious beverages. “I call it Passionate Pear Surprise… the surprise is it's actually lemon flavoured!”

Second Night Out

Once you’re well and truly in the party mood, you embark on a tour of some of the best bars and clubs this bouncing city has to offer. Right then, the bride’s big night out, better make it a belter! Time to throw some dazzling shapes like you were doing the night before...

The Club

Hmm... don’t know what happened in the last day, but you went from Destiny’s Child to Uncoordinated Toddlers in a flash! Thank God nobody’s filming it... “Sharon, put that phone down now!”

48 hours in Birmingham
Home Time

Well, ladies, it couldn’t have gone much better if you planned it. Well, you did plan it, with the help of GoHen, but still, you know what we mean! What a send-off for the bride as she sets off on a lifetime of wedded bliss! Thanks, Birmingham, you’ve been magnificent.

It's time for a hen party - Birmingham's best!

Birmingham is the UK's second city and an ideal location for a quality hen weekend away with the girls. Birmingham is currently the third most visited by overseas visitors coming to the UK, and as the heart of the Midlands, it has so much to offer your hen party, whatever you have in mind. Combining world-class nightlife with excellent activities which suit chilling out or getting active, you're all set up for an absolute belter in Birmingham!

Why: Reasons to celebrate a Birmingham hen party

We're here to help you bring even more fun to Brum! The amazing Bull Ring, Birmingham's multi-million-pound shopping complex, lies at the very heart of this modern, cosmopolitan and buzzing city and is the main go to for tourists and locals alike. This city caters for the ladies just as much as the fellas. fellas. As well as plenty of opportunities for amazing retail therapy, top curries and trendy cafes and bars, there's a fantastic range of Birmingham hen activities and entertainment to try out and when you go as part of a GoHen group package, you can be sure that all your girls will be well looked after. It's a city with a rich industrial and cultural past and has really come into its own in recent years and offers something for everyone - there's never a dull moment in vibrant Birmingham.

What: Birmingham hen party adventures

If you and your group are looking for a great time in a party city that never stops, then bright and lively Birmingham is just the place for you. It's a really multicultural place, so expect a wide variety of cuisines, music genres, clubs and a really warm, friendly atmosphere wherever you go. Boasting more canals than Venice, the modernised city centre is cool, contemporary and popular with hip and trendy crowds from across the country. Venture a little further out of the sparkling new centre however and find relics of an industrial past which are full of character and well-preserved, such as cosy pubs, excellent live music venues and cool art and media spots. There really is a huge amount to do here and enough to keep everyone happy. When you book with GoHen, we can organise everything from an incredible night out in Birmingham to go karting, dance lessons and craft sessions in this lively city which not only blasts out amazing music every night in clubs and bars, but also acts as one of the county's main cultural hubs.

Shop: Birmingham shopping areas & recommendations

Shopping on your Birmingham hen do is quite simply incredible! A trip to the glitzy Bullring centre is an absolute must. There's a selection of every high street store you could possibly think of, as well as one of only four Selfridges department stores, which sells everything from the most expensive designer clothes and shoes imaginable to sushi, gourmet ice-cream, reams of American candy or oysters and champagne in its totally lust-worthy food hall. Plus, its iconic outside look is an absolute must-see when in the city - shopping in Birmingham is practically a cultural exercise! The Mailbox is a really sophisticated place to shop, offering amazing designer shops and also swanky cocktail bars, so that you can grab a Pina Colada before Prada! The Pavilions on the High Street has a great selection of high class stores and when you want a bargain, the Pallasades, which backs on to New Street station will have just what you need. For a different kind of shopping experience altogether, don't miss one of Birmingham's many great markets - those at the Bullring have been taking place for a staggering 850 years! And lastly don't forget to mix in shopping with unforgettable hen activities in Birmingham.

How: Getting to Birmingham

Birmingham is a really big city and so getting in and out is easy, as road and transport links are excellent to serve its many residents. Hundreds of trains from all over the country fly in through Birmingham New Street station, one of the biggest in the whole of the UK. Plus, its just undergone major improvements, meaning that its once confusing platform system and crumbling shops have now made way for a whole arsenal of brand new stores and restaurants and a far better signage system. The Bullring is attached to New Street Station, so you'll never be far away from this important landmark. The coach station has recently been refurbished too, so if you're coming in by bus, expect a 5 minute walk into the centre. Getting in by car is also a viable option and parking shouldn't present too much of an issue, as the city has over 24,000 parking spaces!

Stay: Choosing your Birmingham accommodation

Birmingham's best bars, shops and clubs are all around the city centre, so it's important for your base to be in a good location. Fortunately we've got a great range of city-centre accommodation, which ranges from great value options to a more luxurious nights stay. Our 3 star hotels in Birmingham offer a comfortable nights stay near the city centre, and our 4 star options are perfect for pushing the boat out! Alternatively if you're after a bit of space we've got excellent self-catering options. Or why not try Glamping? See our Birmingham hen party houses.

Party: Where to head after dark

As a party city there's a huge range of drinking options for your big night out - whether you're after traditional pubs, glitzy bars or pumping nightclubs. In and around the city centre there's a great selection, and it's important for your group to head to the most fun, hen-friendly ones - which is where we come in. As well as top bar and club recommendations we've got terrific evening entertainment, why not have cheeky Butlers in the Buff look after you, enjoy some lung-belting karaoke or play sleuth in a murder mystery evening - all topped off with q-jump nightclubbing! Check out our Birmingham hen night ideas.

When: The best times to visit for a hen party in Birmingham

Birmingham consistently plays host to a wide variety of great events and festivals, including the famous International Jazz Festival in July, the Moseley Folk Festival outside in the park in August and the side-splitting Comedy Festival which goes on in October. There's an International Carnival which celebrates the city's many resident cultures in a huge explosion of music, colour and sound - the Midlands' answer to the Notting Hill Carnival. Head to Broad Street at any time of year and you'll most likely see something going on, or book up tickets for the NEC and NIA where many of the country's major events and exhibitions take place, such as headline comedians, world-class bands and artists and top TV recordings. No need to write this countryside-connected city off during the colder months, over Christmas, Birmingham glitters with twinkling lights and the Frankfurt German Christmas Market sets up, attracting over 6 million visitors to try out its traditional gingerbread, beer and frankfurters. Plus, you'll be able to do some of the best Christmas shopping of your life!

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