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At GoHen, we have 1000s of incredible hen party activities and ideas all across the UK, Europe and further afield.
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How to Choose the Perfect Hen Party Activity

  1. Memories - Remember that hobby the bride loved as a child? Take her back in time to relive precious memories.
  2. Bucket List - Is there something the bride has always wanted to do? Well now's her big chance!
  3. Memento - Give the bride a physical memory with an activity where you make something she can keep.
  4. Comfort Zone - It's a hen weekend: it's not time to stay safe, it's a time to try new adventures! Step outside your comfort zones.
  5. Budget - Work out how much you have to spend and decide how many activities you can fit in.
  6. Booze - Cocktail mixing, wine tasting, gin sampling and champagne swigging. Find the right tipple for the bride and her friends.
  7. Location - Not all activities are available everywhere, so look for events in your chosen location before you go.
  8. Cheese! - You could choose something particularly photographic (e.g vintage makeover) for great photos to treasure.
  9. Challenge - Try something totally new none of the girls have done before that will push them to the max!
  10. Laughs - Above all, make sure there are lots of laughs to be had and you'll be onto a winner.
  11. Help! - Still can't find the right ideas? Ask our team of experts and we'll do the hunting for you.

What are the best cheap hen party activities?

At GoHen, we don't do "cheap". It's the bride's big weekend, she doesn't want "cheap". However, we do have some great quality hen party activities that won't break the budget. Treasure hunts, dance classes and cocktail mixing are all good purse-cuddling options that won't melt the credit cards. Alternatively, hire a hen party house, add a butler in the buff, and play your own party games.

Relax and take it easy or just go crazy?

Some people think a hen weekend is all about taking it easy ahead of the big day, some bride's want to go a little bit crazy and try something new, but you can definitely do both. You have 48 hours to party, so pick something a little more 'out there' and energetic for day one, and then something a little more simple and soothing before departure on day two.

What types of different hen activities are there?

Everything! You name it, we've got it. Harry Potter fans are spoilt for choice: they can enter escape rooms, or mix cocktails and potions. You can have a bake-off, climb a mountain, dance like Beyoncé, race cars, sail boats, meets hunks... GoHen have thousands of activities to choose from.

How to save money on hen activities...

Book Early
There are always deals to be had, the earlier in advance you book, the quieter the supplier's calendar will be, and the more likely you'll be able to get a good deal.

Use an Expert
At GoHen, we book thousands of activities every year - this buying power means we get excellent rates we pass on to our groups. So, booking through a quality hen party provider can actually save you money.

Double Up
Another great way to get more for your money is to book two activities at one site. You can have double the fun and get a great discount on the second activity.

Where are the best hen do activities?

Everywhere! When it comes to having a crazy time on the bride's special weekend, the world is your lobster! We've scoured the UK, Europe and beyond to find the best, craziest, tastiest, funniest, most relaxing hen activities in all our destinations. So no matter where you want to go, we can provide you with the best activities to suit your party mood.

Planning Your Hen Activities...

It's never too early to look into arranging the hen party activities, in fact, the earlier the better. Most hen weekends take place 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding, and as there are certain weekends each year that are the busiest for weddings, the same is true for hen weekends. That means some hen weekend activities get really booked up.

At GoHen, we can help you beat the rush and, with thousands of industry contacts, we can help you get your preferred dates (as long as you let us know early enough).

The other reassurance you get booking with GoHen is that all our hen do activities are tried and tested. Then they're tried and tested again. And again. And again. We ask all our groups for feedback: that means people like you (as well as our team of Event Managers who regularly visit our destinations) help us ensure that our activities and suppliers live up to our very high hen activity standards to ensure you get the best weekend possible.

We also ensure your hen weekend is totally protected. At GoHen, we're ABTA bonded which means we work to the highest standards of financial transparency and protection so that, should something go wrong, you are fully protected. You can see our full ABTA information here.

We also make sure our sites and providers have complete public liability insurance. Yes, we agree that all sounds very boring (it is boring), however, it is vital to help keep you safe and not all providers will have it in place. Always book with a trusted, reputable hen activity company (Over here! GoHen, we're very sensible, honest).

But if you really want to get it right and most likely save time, hassle and money, why not drop us a brief today? You'll be glad you did.

Hen party planning is stressful stuff

...but we make it an absolute breeze!

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