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Whether you want a little r ‘n’ r spa time or a totally bonkers challenge with a side order of hen giggles, you’ll find 1000s of unique and original hen party activities & ideas across the UK & Europe.

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Planning your hen activities...

It’s never too early to look into arranging the hen party activities and you’re in a great place to start doing just that, you can choose between a huge range of fantastic options from cocktail making to cheerleading, massages to even recording your own hen weekend single! With over 150 tried and tested hen weekend activities listed, we hope you find exactly what you need to set you up for an exceptional day. And if we don’t just let us know we’ll be glad to look into - we put the “go” into the hen do!

Supporting your hen weekend activities all the way Don’t forget at GoHen you get your own personal contact and event team support so you can be confident we’re here to help you get it perfect, every step of the way. You can also be confident with our huge experience and unrivalled professionalism, you’re going to get the best hen do activities for the budget. And every week we look into our feedback to ensure we’re constantly improving your experiences.

GOHEN GOLD: How to get more out of your hen party activities Great events are usually the ones with the best planning coupled with great participants, you can’t please all the people all of the time but you can swing things in your favour with some efficient and sensitive preparation. These 11 clued up tips should help you get the best out of the hen weekend action.

Hen party activities
  • Step 1PICK WELL > selection is worth taking your time on, you want hen do activities that the bride prefers and that’ll also work for the group as a whole – challenging as it may seem at first your job as organiser is to ensure everyone enjoys it! Understand that and you’re already on the way to a more successful event.

  • Step 2

    DETAIL > make sure you know exactly what you’re getting, that way you’re well informed which means you can manage group expectations and stay one step ahead.

  • Step 3

    TIMING > double check activity scheduling works well with any other plans you’re making, from arrivals to departures to any necessary transfer and recovery time you and the girls may need. (Another reason for planning as early as possible). And make sure everyone turns up on time!

  • Step 4

    VENUES > ensure you disclose all requirements in advance so that any preferences can be met. If you’re doing more than one activity, complementary locations can be a necessary consideration to get the best from your itinerary. In any case why not call your venues in advance and tell them you’re really looking forward to coming, it could well stimulate a little extra VIP service.

  • Step 5

    DIRECTIONS > make sure you and everyone else in the group knows where they’re headed. That way you can stick to timing as mentioned above.

  • Step 6

    TRANSFERS > think about whether you need to arrange any transfers, if you don’t need them clearly coordinating transport within the group is great idea.

  • Step 7

    CLOTHING > if you need to, make sure you tell the girls in advance how to dress for any hen party activities. If you’re an “extra miler” you might also want to check the weather forecast.

  • Step 8

    REFRESHMENTS > after the action the girls might be hungry or thirsty or both, do you want to arrange some refreshment on site or nearby or on the return journey or can you wait until you get back? Is it a good time for a celebration cake, a couple of bottles of bubbly, a snack, lunch or something else. Who said strip-o-gram?

  • Step 9

    CONTROL > don’t be knocked off course or influenced by other members of the group, you’re the organiser, you know what you’ve arranged and staying in control means sticking to the plan. Hen Power!

  • Step 10

    HEALTH > make sure the girls tell you if they have any concerns so that they may be relayed and or considered, for example some hen party activities have restrictions, especially for pregnancy. At the very least make certain everybody has been advised to get any appropriate insurance.

  • Step 11

    ENJOY > it’s a fun hen do not an exam! Being efficient and prepared from the outset really will avoid any unnecessary pressure, stay on top and believe it or not you should enjoy the hen party activities as well!

But if you really want to get it right and most likely save time, hassle and money why not drop us a brief today, you’ll be glad you did.