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8 Hottest Amsterdam Hen Do Ideas

  1. Bubbles Bike - Add some fizz to your weekend aboard this amazing party bike.
  2. Pimp That Penis - Hilarious artistic fun packed with cheeky hen laughs.
  3. Canal Boat Tour - Explore the city aboard your own private boat with free drinks.
  4. Red Light Photoshoot and XXX Cupcakes - Get creative in a cheeky cake decorating activity followed by a hilarious photoshoot!
  5. Cocktail Mixing - Shake it up, baby! Learn to make classic party cocktails.
  6. Escape Room - A thrilling and exhilarating race against time, get out before it's too late!
  7. Pampering Day - Give the bride-to-be the pre-wedding pampering she deserves.
  8. Pole Dancing Lessons - Bring the sexy in this hilarious hen party dance class.

A Guide To Your Amsterdam Hen Weekend

Where to Drink in Amsterdam

There's too much. There's JUST TOO MUCH! It's easy to find somewhere to drink in Amsterdam, but you'll need to do your research to find the district that'll suit your tastes the most.

De Pijp is an alternative paradise where everything has an edge, in the best way! You can find dimly lit minimalist bars opposite extravagant underground cocktail lounges bursting with character. You're also right near the Heineken Experience (oh yeah!).

NDSM-Werf's industrial aesthetic is camera-ready and uber relaxed when it comes to drinking. The hangouts here have graffitied walls and exposed bricks which always seems to make the drinks taste better! Jordaan is what you think of when you think of hen partying in the Dam - canal-side eateries and outdoor seating amongst bicycles and locals alike.


A highly educated city of wonderful contrasts (did you know 83% of the population can speak 3 languages?) there is so much to see and do. From the incredibly moving Anne Frank's House to the treacherous Amsterdam Dungeon or of course the renowned Sex Museum.
Two of Amsterdam's most famous trades can be found in the Red Light District and in its world-famous jewellery/diamond shops.


You certainly won't be lost for tunes. Amsterdam has a massive dance music scene and some of the best clubs on the continent. However, some are definitely better than others so be careful and make sure you don't waste time in a bad venue. We'll arrange Guest List Night Club entry for your entire party at one of the hottest venues in town.

Shopping in Amsterdam

I Love Vintage - If you love chic, vintage European style then head to I Love Vintage. This is quite possibly the coolest shop in Amsterdam. A city with a lot of great shops.
Red Light District - If you're looking for any Shades of Grey tools or toys then there is plenty on offer in Amsterdam's Red Light District.
What's Hot - Amsterdam loves its fashion and you'll find plenty of great independent boutiques spread around the city centre. The city is also renowned for its diamonds and has some incredible jewellery shops.

Getting Around Amsterdam

Amsterdam has masses of really great transport links. The problem isn't finding them but avoiding them, bikes, trams, trains, taxis, rickshaws, and all manner of sneaky eco-friendly transport glides silently along the streets so keep an eye on any hungover hens.
If you want to try a little pedal power, you can hire bikes for as little as €8 per day. Alternatively, an OV travel card (or 'chipkaart') allows you unlimited travel on trams, trains, metro, and buses and can be bought online prior to arrival.

Hen Days

This is most definitely a city with a sense of humour, if you're after laughs then not only does Amsterdam not take itself too seriously, it wants the world to laugh along too. You can dive right into the fun with a Striptease Workshop, Bubbly Bike Tour (yes, a bike and plenty of bottles of fizz), Go Karting, Canal Boat Tour, or visit one of the many museums. There are plenty of unsual Amsterdam activities to choose from.

Hen Nights

There are no two ways about, Amsterdam is one of the most fun-loving cities on the planet!!! There's so many reasons 1000s of hens and stags (Don't forget to refer the guys to StagWeb! Our brother company.) flock here annually. Known for its naughty nature and love of wacky-bacci, many overlook the massive dance scene (it's home to Europe's largest dance music festival). From Drag Queen Dinners to Guest List Night Club Entry or a Guided Bar Crawl, you're in for one suitably wild weekend.

Quickfire Amsterdam Hen Do FAQs

Is Clubbing Expensive in Amsterdam?

Almost all nightclubs in Amsterdam ask for an entrance fee of around €10. However, the entry fee is totally worth it for the unforgettable experiences and incredible club atmospheres that will quickly help even the biggest cheapskate forget that they've spent 8 quid just to enter. You can avoid the hassle by booking your guestlist nightclubbing with GoHen.

How Much Does a Drink Cost in Amsterdam?

Like the UK, a drink can vary between €5 and €10, so we'd always recommend the usual tips like taking advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktail hours, avoiding obvious tourist traps, trying the local poison, etc.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Amsterdam?

It's safe to say that Amsterdam can entertain you 365 days a year. The best weather usually occurs in July-August, but even then, as it's a city break, it doesn't really matter what time you go. You could go in the depths of winter and still have an incredible hen do.

Can Women Safely Travel in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is proud to be a safe city for women of all ages travelling solo or together which is great news for hen groups! As long as you don't separate from your flock and don't accept drinks from strangers, you can have unlimited fun celebrating. For more info on safety and security, visit the safety and security for the Netherlands section on the Gov website.

How Many Nights Should We Stay on an Amsterdam Hen Do?

According to our stats for 2023, the majority of hens prefer to go for a 3-night stay in Amsterdam. That gives you enough time to explore the city, take on a range of activities, enjoy a couple of nights out, and give the bride an unforgettable send-off.

How Long is a Flight from the UK to Amsterdam?

With flights from the UK to Amsterdam, just as the seatbelt signs come off, you'll be asked to return to your seat and prepare for landing. Yes, most airlines offer an hour-long direct flight to Amsterdam, so getting there is an absolute breeze.

41 Reasons Why Amsterdam Is Fabulous!

Bicycle-friendly - There's nearly a million bikes in this city. An estimated 881,000 bikes can be found in Amsterdam, which is pretty astonishing when you think that there are only 799,400 people actually living here.

Bubbles-bike - There are many bikes in town, but none like this. Pedal your way to Amsterdam hen do success with a fabulous contraption that's powered by your gang of prosecco-fuelled ladies!

X-Rated - The city's coat of arms features three prominent X symbols. Unfortunately, that's not a reference to Amsterdam's sultry side. Sorry for being a party-pooper!

Museums - Amsterdam has more museums per square metre than any other city on the globe.

Sex Museum - Yep, they even have an entire museum dedicated to sex!

Anne Frank House - Our favourite is the Anne Frank Museum which is a fascinating and incredibly moving experience.

'Coffee shops' - The city's famous coffee shops are truly splendid, the locals consume around 3.2 cups of coffee a day. What's that sweet smell? Probably just the legal, eeerm, substances being smoked in the corner... bizarrely, smoking tobacco is really frowned upon!

Red Light District - Surely Amsterdam's most infamous landmark, this is one of the largest stretches of clubs, bars and brothels in Europe. See the sights on a Red Light discrict Tour led by an expert guide, even upgrade for a truly saucy finish.

Pride - Amsterdam is incredibly LGBT friendly, and if you come during Pride festival, you'll witness a city awash with colour and joy as the locals celebrate free love and good times.

Gin Capital - If a G&T is your tipple of choice then you'll be pleased to know that gin was actually invented in the Netherlands. Jenever was created for medicinal purposes in the 16th century; we don't think we'd even need a 'spoonful of sugar' to help this medicine go down...

Root Canal - Amsterdam is absolutely canal obsessed! There are 165 of them and they add up to more than 100 kilometres in length.

Canal Boat Tour - An Amsterdam hen weekend surely isn't complete without a relaxed canal boat tour. See the sights from the city's amazing waterways and treat yourselves to tasty drinks.

Pozenboot - If the bride-to-be is kitten-crazy then she'll love visiting this popular attraction that literally translates to 'cat-boat'. If the sound of a canal boat, stuffed full of furry stray cats makes you go 'Ahhhhh' then this is a must-see!

Sugar Factory - Amsterdam's hipsters and bright young things all party the weekends away in Sugar Factory, the city's coolest venue for live music and brilliant club nights.

11,000,000 - That's the rough number of wooden poles holding up Amsterdam's buildings as the city is actually all built on marshland. So if your hotel suddenly starts sinking, you'll know why...

The Butcher - This restaurant-come-bar is beautifully exclusive, you have to book in advance at The Butcher to receive the secret password for entry - but its well worth the effort, as the meaty dishes you'll find in here are perfect for filling those hungry hen tummies, and the Screw You Driver made with 96% Vodka is far too tasty for its own good.

Abandoned bikes - Around 25,000 bikes end up in Amsterdam's canals every year, although only 8,000 are pulled out annually. It seems whoever said that they could clean up the waterways spoke too soon...

Dvars - This bar is delightfully glamorous. With funky fish tanks and cocktails to die for make Dvars a great stop on any Amsterdam hen do.

How many bars?!? - 1,515! Amsterdam has a truly astonishing number of bars and cafes, pint of Heineken anybody?

Tears for Beers - The Netherlands exports more beer than any other country in the world, with 1.2 billion litres of the stuff leaving the country every year. That's a whole lot of Dutch courage!

Nice to Sea you... - Amsterdam's main airport 'Schipol' is actually four entire metres below sea level, meaning that if the oceans decide to rise then, well, we'd better hope that planes can float.

Building bridges - The city is home to 1,281 bridges. The most spectacular of which is the 'Bridge of 15 Bridges' where you can see a total of 15 arches across the straight of the canal. It's really is quite spectacular.

Paradiso - Your Amsterdam hen weekend will be in paradise with a visit to this incredibly popular nightlife spot set in the unusual surrounds of a converted church. Hallelujah!

20,000,000 - That's the approximate number of tourists that flock to Amsterdam every year. We have no idea how many pairs of clogs they buy.

Amsterdam Pub - Rock-chicks and tattooed bride-to-be's will adore this epic pub that's dedicated to music that's loud, fast and earth-shaking.

Café 't Smalle - If you've never tried Dutch Jenever (a Dutch gin), this is the place to go. This café is delightfully antiquated, and the friendly locals are more than happy to share them with your Amsterdam hen do.

Multi-cultural - Amsterdam is home to the highest number of nationalities compared to any other city in the world, meaning there's a real United Nations of fantastic authentic national cuisines to sample with a massively eclectic mix of restaurants and cafés.

AIR - This state-of-the-art party-spot is fast becoming one of the most popular in Amsterdam for its massive crowds, intimate atmosphere and floor-filling tunes.

Double Dutch - 87% of Dutch people speak English, while 91% are bi-lingual. Amazingly a large percent of Dutch nationals speak 3 or more languages.

Jimmy Woo - Giving up a few 'whoop-whoops' on this stylish dance-floor is actually fabulous fun, the oriental theme makes for a truly unique clubbing experience as well!

Height differences - The local men are gorgeous. Handsome? Check. Dark? Check. Tall? You bet. In fact, the Dutch are, on average, the tallest people in the world. 'What's the weather like up there?!?'

Hiding in Plain Sight - This speakeasy style bar is seriously stylish. Wear your finest black cocktail dress and treat yourselves to a palette-pleasing Mango Crusta.

Panama - If you're looking to shake those booties then one of the hottest spots to trot is Panama. A fantastic club where the party is loud and lasts until late.

LuminAir - Unleash your inner Bond girl and go for exquisite cocktails in the stunning surrounds of the LuminAir bar. Cast an eye over the city's beautiful skyline and sip on a sumptuous Citrus Dew.

Bloemen Bar - Bloemen-heck this bar is cool! It looks a bit like our ideal student living room, making way for a really chilled out, no-frills atmosphere that's perfect for giggling with the girls over delicious drinks.

Delish-Fish - Amsterdam has a few quirky local foodie traditions, but perhaps none so strange as raw herring with onions commonly eaten using only your bare hands.

Caro Emerald - Local lass and jazz goddess Caro is a global star which not many Dutch pop acts achieve. In fact the last big Dutch popstars to go truly Global were No Limit, "No no, no-no, no no..."

Haunted Amsterdam - This storied city has its fair share of spectral residents, including the lost souls of wandering gangsters, women wrongly accused of witchcraft and the phantom of a young boy dressed in early 20th century clothing in the gothic bell tower.

Tunes Bar - This is the perfect place to get in harmony with your cocktail-loving inner self as you try tasty alcoholic concoctions to the chilled-out sounds of talent DJs at Tunes Bar

Drag Queen Dinner - You can't come to Amsterdam without witnessing the most fabulous entertainment in town. The Drag Queen Dinners are raucous fun, and by the end of the evening you'll be singing as loud as the queens on stage!

It's time for a hen weekend in Amsterdam!

Mention Amsterdam and there's every chance you'll start conjuring up all sorts of images of rowdy stags and red lights. But the beautifully crafted capital offers a whole heap of charm, culture and calorie-laden treats that make it the perfect location for a getaway with the girls. Architecturally rich and surprisingly compact, the maze of waterways, restaurants, bars, clubs and stores that criss-cross the medieval city easily puts an Amsterdam hen weekend firmly among our most popular choices. Canals, shops and stroopwafels by day, and a famously vibrant party scene by night - forget the guys, Amsterdam has hen party written all over it!

Why celebrate in Amsterdam?

Charming by nature and brilliantly quirky by design, Amsterdam's hen do nightlife makes the capital one of the most popular and lively weekend destinations in Europe. And at a little over an hour's flight, with a host of budget airlines departing from across the UK, it's fantastically quick and easy to reach. Explore the labyrinth of backstreets in the Latin Quarter, sip a glass of something cold in Dam Square, or enjoy a leisurely picnic in Vondelpark. Utrechtsestraat's trendy collection of delis and boutiques is widely considered one of the top five shopping locales in the Netherlands, and with a fantastic range of hen do activities in Amsterdam to complement your days and far too many pancake houses to fill the stroll back to your hen do hotel at night, Amsterdam has every fabulous box ticked (and possibly fried and coated in sugar)

What can you do on a hen weekend in Amsterdam?

Unsurprisingly, the capital made famous for everything from world-class museums and galleries to funky clubs and a liberal blend of coffee shop offers an incredibly eclectic mix of activities to keep the girls busy. Feeling adventurous? Try blokarting or the quads. Fancy seeing the look on your man's face when you tell him you've fired a Magnum? Then target shooting will make a brilliant addition to your itinerary! A red light tour can be as revealing as you like, a striptease session can be as feisty as you dare and as for champagne tasting? Bring on the bubbles!

Shop till you drop in the Dutch capital...

If there's one thing the city really doesn't want you to do when you pay a visit, its leave Amsterdam empty-handed! From open-air markets to bohemian boutiques to designer labels, the capital is stuffed to the brim with opportunities to splash the cash. And if the weekend calls for a serious dose of retail therapy then Kalverstraat will help fill your bags in no time (as if you need encouragement)! Jam-packed with everything from high-end fashion to mainstream brands, not to mention the Kalverton Mall and the chic Maison de Bonneterie, we're fairly sure you could spend the entire day meandering through the alleys and never quite see it all. Leidsestraat's mix of high end stores offers a slightly more luxurious Amsterdam hen do experience, while Dam Square is home to the hip De Bijenkorf (Bloomingdale-esque) and slightly more purse-friendly Magna Plaza. Follow the signs to De 9 Straatjes for a series of picturesque lanes, vintage stores and cosy pavement cafes perfect for picking up a quirky memento, and if you fancy a Fifth Avenue meets catwalks of Milan type trip, then grab the girls and head across to the uber-swanky P.C Hooftstraat, where you can plan to spend your year's salary on the likes of Louis Vitton, Gucci and the city's only selection of Louboutins.

Where Amsterdam hen parties head after dark...

Amsterdam's nightlife needs no introduction, girls! When it's time to let your hair down, hit the dance-floor and raise a glass or three to your beautiful bride, the city is absolutely jam-packed with vibrant venues ready to get your party started. The main hub of the capital's nightlife is centred round the Red Light District and Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein squares, where you'll be spoilt for choice among the thumping nightclubs, trendy bars, eateries and great live entertainment the city has to offer. Why not find your feet about town with a guided bar crawl, or let us arrange a delicious three course meal at one of the city's top restaurants? With everything from seafood to vegetarian to traditional Dutch fare on the menu, there's sure to be something to satisfy even the most fussy of eaters (be honest - we all know one). A trip to the comedy club is a great way to loosen everybody up for the night ahead, VIP access will get you to the hottest clubs in town, and if you fancy adding some glitz and glamour to your hen do, how about getting glammed up to the nines and heading to the casino for some high-rolling fun?

When's the best time for an Amsterdam hen weekend?

Amsterdam's climate mirrors our own, so if a sun-kissed weekend is a must then summer's a great time to head to the city. Take in a line-up that includes the world-famous Holland Festival, Taste of Amsterdam and Vodelpark Open Air Theatre and enjoy balmy evening tours along the canal. And better still, if you're planning an Amsterdam hen do in May and it should happen to fall around the 11th, then we're pretty sure 'National Eat Whatever You Want Day' has to be just about the best excuse to sample Amsterdam's endless sugary treats without an ounce of guilt passing your lips! Fashion Week stylishly kicks off in Jan, the brilliant activities and incredible nightlife keep the city buzzing all year through, and December brings its dusting of festive magic. There's never a bad time to celebrate in the lively capital, so why not drop us a line and we'll get this party started today?

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