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Prague Menu

8 Best Prague Hen Do Ideas

  1. Cocktail Mixing - Shake, make and taste fabulous party cocktails. Cheers!
  2. Pampering Day - The perfect bride treat after weeks of wedding worries and planning.
  3. School Sports Day - Roll back the years with a hilarious retro sports challenge.
  4. Wine Tasting - Learn how to taste and identify the best wines like an expert.
  5. Escape Room - Enjoy an exhilarating and thrilling race against time, before it's too late!
  6. Whitewater Rafting - A superb wild water challenge for adventure-loving hens.
  7. River Cruise - See Prague's most famous sights from this relaxing cruise.
  8. Segway Tour - Brilliant fun to drive and a fabulous way to see the sights.

A Guide To Your Prague Hen Weekend

Where to Drink in Prague

Oh Prague, how we love your Gothic architecture and cheap beer. We'd write a love song, but our talents lie more in finding you the best places to drink!

We can't go any further without mentioning Kizkov which has more bars per capita than any other European city (*books flight*). It's super trendy without having to break the bank. Around Old Town Square you've got a whole host of pubs and bars amongst the stunning architectural triumphs. These venues are dotted about which makes for a fun boozy walkabout.

Trying a local brew is not to be missed, and (not to be a killjoy, but) we'd recommend checking the ABV before downing a vodka shot - some of the stuff in Prague is pretty knock-out - you've been warned!

Sights & Sounds

The Old Town Square is well worth a look with some great bars and restaurants. Another interesting Square to sit and watch the world go by (with a little caffeine therapy for any sore hen heads) is Wenceslas Square where the good king looked out on the feast of Stephen.
One of the city's quirkier buildings is known as the 'Dancing House' on the Rašínovo nábřeží overlooking the river, so named as it looks like a dancing couple.

One of the Prague's hottest clubs is Karlovy Lazne, not only does it have chilled cocktails and ice-cool DJs it even has its own Ice Pub where the furniture and walls and even glasses are all made from ice. Smetanovo nábřeží 198/1
If you really want to party in style GoHen can arrange Guest List Nightclub Entry.

Shopping in Prague

Palladium - If you like to keep all your shopping under one roof then head to Palladium, the city's largest mall (200 shops!) is ideal for a little hen party retail therapy.
Pariszka Street - If you fancy a bit of window shopping head to Paris Street for the very finest designer names. And as you peak through the window, those really long numbers you can see that look like stock codes... They're actually the prices! How the other half live, sigh.

Getting Around Prague

Heading into Prague from the airport, we'd advise a bus. They're regular and a lot less expensive than a taxi (more money for cocktail 'o' clock). In fact, on the whole, public transport in Prague is pretty good. Trams, buses and underground trains are all regular, well maintained and can all be accessed with a pass that allows you unlimited travel over a set time period. Alternatively, you can buy an eTicket which will be sent directly to your smartphone.

Hen Days

Prague is slightly bonkers in the most fantastic way. The city's three main loves are definitely alcohol, chocolate and dancing which makes it ideal for any hen party. And it has its fair share of crazy activities including Cocktail Mixing, Tank Driving, and White Water Rafting. Alternatively there are plenty of more relaxing options on offer See more hen activities in Prague.

Hen Nights

If you fancy a tipple every now and again then Prague will welcome you with open arms and raised glasses. It's figuring out what to go in those glasses that is the problem as there are some wonderfully weird local brews that are well worth trying (but be warned, some of it is like rocket fuel so please drink responsibly). As for nightlife there is a massive array of fantastic pubs and clubs. GoHen can arrange a Guided Pub Crawl, Restaurants, Guestlist Clubbing or even a cheeky Strip Dinner and more Prague nightlife...

Quickfire Prague Hen Do FAQs

Is Prague Expensive?

Quite the opposite. The local currency is Czech Crown or CSK which is just 0.037 of the British pound! In other words, you can get a beer for around 35 CSK which is only £1.20! And, by the way, it's true what they say about beer – it really is cheaper than water there!

Which Area of Prague is Best for Nightlife?

The area around Charles Bridge is a hotspot for spectacular nightlife with amazing river views and a lively atmosphere, especially during the active tourist seasons (May-September). The Old Square is also littered with a load of great drinking spots.

Where to Drink in Prague?

There are many beer gardens around the banks of the Vltava River. Prague also has a Beer Museum which has more beers than you can try in a single day. Up for the challenge?

Is Nightlife in Prague Safe for Women?

Prague is considered one of the safest cities in the Czech Republic. Stick together and don't leave your belongings unattended and you will have a safe and complications-free experience. For more info about staying safe in Prague, check out the government website for the latest guidance.

How Long is a Flight to Prague from the UK?

You can fly to Prague from the UK in around about two hours. Be sure to check your nearest airports fly direct and some require a stop-over.

How Many Nights Should I Stay in Prague?

Here at GoHen, the majority of our hens heading to Prague stay for 3 nights. This is the ideal amount of time to enjoy the city, take on some activities, and sample the world-famous nightlife.

31 Reasons To Love Prague!

Bohemian Hens - If you're feeling a little Bohemian then you're definitely in the right place as Prague was the capital of Bohemia dating back to the 6 - 7 AD. Perhaps that makes it the perfect place to get some new clothes, it certainly sounds like a great reason to go shopping to us!

Prague on film - Mission Impossible, Casino Royale and Wanted are just some of the films that have used Prague as a beautiful backdrop for drama on the silver screen.

Hemingway Bar - Writer and party lover Ernest Hemingway was partial to a cocktail or three. You can pay homage to the famous writer with a visit to this funky bar where the drinks are most definitely worth writing about.

Pop Culture - Over 1.2 million people live in Prague and over 6 million tourists visit the Czech Capital each year.

Nový Smíchov - Exercise your passion for fashion in the city's main shopping mall featuring high-street brands from home and away as well as some seriously chic designer boutiques.

John Lennon's Wall - Prague absolutely adores John Lennon and they've taken their passion for him to new extremes by devoting an entire wall of graffiti to the legendary Beatle. Imagine that?

Karlovy Lázně - This superb nightclub boasts five floors of partying action for you and the girls to enjoy. Get down to chart hits and golden oldies with your favourite girlfriends in sensational surroundings. A perfect stop for your Prague hen do!

Literary Shockwaves - Many literary greats and brainy academics have reported feeling strange and disturbing tremors from beneath the ground here. Writer Franz Kafka was even convinced that ghouls were beating drums underground... sounds as if somebody had enjoyed a little too much Pilsner!

Mecca - Weird, wonderful and incredibly funky. Mecca is one of the city's hottest clubs (with some great eye candy!), featuring the best DJ's and Euro beats. Definitely not like your average night out back home and it's even better because of that!

The Dancing House - Architecturally stunning this wonderful building is Marmite, you'll either love it or hate it, but you'll definitely be uploading it to Facebook or Instagram. It's so named as it looks like a dancing couple. At GoHen we fall into the 'love it' camp.  

Ginger & Fred - Located on the top floor of The Dancing House, Ginger & Fred (named after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire) provides a perfectly quirky dining experience that you won't forget in a hurry.

Prague Zoo -  The world's 4th largest zoo is at the cutting edge of the fight to save endangered species and part of the massive global network of zoos all working together on breeding programs. It's a fantastic place to visit, especially if you're looking to rest your hangover.

Ghost Stories - 'The Turk of Ungelt' is Prague's most notorious spectral resident. It's thought that he beheaded his unfaithful betrothed and his ghost still feels the remorse and guilt of his terrible deeds. Maybe he should have just unfriended her instead?

River Cruise - There are few better ways to experience a Prague hen do than with a relaxed river cruise where you'll see the best of the city's striking views from the calming Vistula waters.

Dwarf Planet - It was in Prague that Pluto was officially bumped off the list of official planets in our solar system on account that it simply wasn't big enough. We still love you Pluto.

Roxy - Stylish, laid back and incredibly popular with Prague's glitterati the Roxy is a futuristic night of dancing, cocktails and hen party fun simply not to be missed.

High Ropes - Get back to nature and let your inner Ninja Warrior at this fantastic high ropes course. Conquering the huge obstacles really will leave you feeling ten feet tall.

Jan Hus Statue - This Prague hero is still widely celebrated in the city for his revolutionary ideas on religion and we couldn't help but notice his statues wonderful flowing cape looks a bit Batman!?!

The Charles Bridge - Apparently, King Charles IV was a rather superstitious man and even went as far as laying the first stone on his now famous and beautiful bridge at 5:31am on July 9th, 1357 because of the mathematical significance. When written out, the numbers read 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 (year, day, month, time). Fussy much?

Old Town Hall - As well as being a striking building in its own right, the Town Hall's bloody history also makes it a must-visit sightseeing spot. Beheadings, revolutions, arrests and a fair few fantastic hen nights!

Baby Bungee - Nope, you're not going mad, those really are sculptures of babies climbing up the outside of Prague's TV Tower. No one seems to know why but they are strangely cute in a very weird way.

M1 Lounge - No, it's not a motorway café but a fantastic evening venue with floor-filling tunes, plenty of glitz and one of the most fun-loving crowds in town makes a visit to M1 Lounge essential on your special weekend.

Prague Castle - Some of the most beautiful views in the Czech Republic can be seen from Prague's Medieval city Castle. Explore the historic battlements and gain a unique insight into the city's fascinating past while feeling a bit Game of Thrones.

Let There Be light - The Rolling Stones loved the sight of Prague Castle so much that they actually paid the astounding sum of $32,000 so that it could be lit up and made visible for 24 hours a day while they were staying there. Rock gods!

Beer before wine... - ...mighty fine! Prague's party-loving locals drink more beer per capita than any other country in the entire world. But when all your beers are as delicious as Pilsner, who can blame you?

Stars on the Metro - Prague's automated train announcements are all performed by local television and radio personalities. How about Allan Carr and Dot Cotton doing the announcements on the London Underground.

Mozart - The famous composer spent the height of his career composing in Prague which at the time was one of the world's most vibrant and creative cities.

Cathedral - The city Cathedral is honestly drop dead gorgeous and the perfect location for a cheeky Prague hen party selfie. Remember to pay a visit to the tomb of St. Vitus, apparently he wards off dog bites, lightning strikes and oversleeping...thanks pal!

James Dean - Girls, get your Pink Lady jackets out because this brilliant bar is about to give you a serious blast from the past. Shimmy and shake to the sounds of the swinging 60s and enjoy fabulous cocktails as well as the tastiest burgers in town.

Handy - In the Church of St. James the Greater, there's a mummified forearm on display before the tomb's entrance. This is thought to be the severed appendage of a jewel thief who tried to steal from the altar of the Virgin Mary before her statue came to life and grabbed his arm. The monks couldn't persuade Mary to let go, so they had to give the limb the snip...well 'hell hath no fury' and all that!

Escape Game - You're trapped, and you only have one hour to escape. With your combined wit and determination, do you have what it takes to master the Escape Game?

It's time for a hen party in Prague!

Prague has got to be one of the iconic party destinations. This bewitching city has so much to offer hen parties. One of Europe's oldest cities, with well over 1 million inhabitants, Prague is decadent and elegant; a labyrinth of restaurants, bars, culture and clubs. You'll need a map and a good sense of direction, but a Prague hen do provides everything necessary for a completely magical, unmatchable weekend away!  

Why: Reasons to celebrate a weekend in Prague

'The City of a Hundred Spires', 'The Golden City', 'The Mother of All Cities'... for centuries, Prague has enchanted and inspired its visitors. As a top European hen weekend, Prague is up there as one that everyone should experience... and there's no better way to see it than on your hen weekend! An amazing city, your nearest and dearest girl friends for company, and one of the best reasons to celebrate ever - it's an irresistible combination! It's beautiful, classy and cultural, meaning there's plenty for the girls to see and do in their downtime, but it's also one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Europe, so it's also buzzing and bubbling with a vibrant nightlife and thriving restaurant and hotel scene. If you're looking for somewhere that offers round the clock entertainment set against one of the most stunning backdrops ever, a Prague hen do is the mother of all hen weekends!

What: What do you do on a Prague hen weekend?

Almost anything you want to - Prague has nearly 30 different daytime activities, covering from high octane water sports to laid back massages to giggly and girly cocktail making. The nightlife shouldn't need any introduction - it's famed as one of the best cities for beer in the world, but the low prices and huge variety extend further than just ale. Prague also has a reputation for all night partying, cheap drinks, wine, cocktails, and absinthe - though we'd recommend steering well clear of the latter! Getting the days and nights in balance is necessary for a great Prague hen weekend - no one wants to sit in the hotel room all evening, but you don't want to be nursing a hangover all day either! We'd suggest a weekend plan that includes orientating yourself with a city bus tour in the morning, stopping for lunch before seeing a few of Prague's gorgeous landmarks, something like cocktail making or wine tasting to begin the evening, then filling up with a saucy strip dinner before you hit the clubs - and there's still plenty of time the next morning for a bit of pampering or shopping before you head home!

When: The best times to visit Prague

Prague is a fantastic location all year round - with events and festivals taking place every month there's always something to see. Visit in February for Shrovetide festivities or in March for the big Easter celebrations. In April Prague celebrate Witches' Night on Petrin Hill and in May there's the Prague Spring Music Festival. In June the International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement kicks off followed by Prague Folklore Days festival in July. August wraps up the summer season with the Festival of Italian Operas, which continues into early September.

Shop: Prague Shopping areas & recommendations

Since the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain, the quality of shopping in Prague has sky rocketed. If you're looking for souvenirs or art to take home as a memento of your time in Prague, the artists around Charles Bridge have plenty to offer - and the large numbers of them keep prices consistent, if not low. The streets around Old Town and Wenceslas Square are good for gift shop style souvenirs too - pick up some Bohemian crystal for an authentic piece of Prague to take home. If you're looking to window shop round the designer and high end stores, Pařížská street has the most expensive shops in Prague.

How: How do we get to Prague?

Prague Airport is about 30 minutes outside the city centre, by car - a taxi will be between 650-850 CZK, though there are buses that will take you to train stations near the city centre if you're on a budget. You can get in to Prague from plenty of different airports in the UK, particularly on budget lines. WizzAir will fly you in from London, or EasyJet goes from all London airports, as well as Bristol, Edinburgh, or Manchester. will also fly you in from Leeds and Newcastle, so no matter where the girls are coming in from there shouldn't be a problem.

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