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Planning a good weekend is often centred on making it the best night ever and so sometimes the days get overlooked. If you really want to send off your best friend into matrimonial bliss, you'll want to make sure that every minute of the weekend is perfect, so she gets the full hen experience and there's no one more suited to do that than us. We understand that it's all about providing the best possible for the bride, which is why we've selected the best run, best value Reading hen activities around, all affiliated with companies and professionals we know and trust. We also understand that you'll want to be able to tailor the day to the bride every girl wants something different out of her big day, and her hen weekend is no different. Whatever it is she'd like from the weekend, we've got something to fit.

Your guide to hen activities in Reading

Rocking out in Reading

Home of the legendary festival, Reading's music pedigree is indisputable. The town has spawned rock icons like… uh, David Byron, and, um… Alma Cogan, we guess. Alright, so the actual place hasn't produced that many musicians - but with so many world-class acts flocking there every summer, we can overlook it. In any case, if you're looking to indulge your musical leanings, Reading is the perfect place to unleash your inner diva, and we've got plenty of Reading hen activity ideas to help. First things first, you'll want to record your hit song with a full recording studio, engineer to master the track, and a CD to take home and play at the reception (or bury in the garden where it will never, ever be found). Then it's time to learn to dance like your favourite pop star, whether you're going for the full Jackson moonwalk or would rather display your single ladies pride (sorry, bride). After that there's only one thing left to do create your own perfume, joining the likes of … well, every celebrity ever.

Weird and Wonderful

In Reading, hen activities don't always have to be about having a girlie day painting nails and gossiping about boys (although we're big fans of that too). With so much going on though, it's the perfect opportunity for hens to stretch their legs and try something a bit new and unusual… and it doesn't get much more unusual than beer keg racing. Hopping on a motorised beer keg and racing against the girls is one of the oddest ways to introduce a little friendly competition into your weekend and it's also one of the funniest. Guaranteed to be something the girls haven't tried before, you'll have some hilarious Facebook photos by the end of it. If that's still not bizarre enough for you, give human table football a try instead. You've played in the pub, and now it's time to live it just hope you don't end up spinning as wildly as those poor plastic men do. If you're in Reading in summer, and would rather make the most of the wonderful British sun (ha!) with a few water sports instead, go for ringos it's essentially being skipped across the surface of the water like a stone, except it's a thousand times more fun.

Reading Royalty

Some hens just want to lay back, relax, and forget all about the wedding stress and we've got a huge selection of Reading hen ideas to accommodate them. We've got full spa days that will pamper you with full use of the leisure facilities, a variety of massages, and manis and pedis available. If you'd rather be spoilt from the comfort of your own hotel room, we can arrange that too, with a visit from the mobile pamper party. You can supply the drinks and comfy pyjamas and we'll send over a professional beautician to perform treatments and get you all feeling refreshed and beautiful. If your idea of relaxing involves a little more alcohol than that, try our wine tasting Reading hen activity! There's nothing better than a good glass of wine… unless it's several good glasses of wine, in the company of your best friends. Cheers!

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