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Miles of gorgeously soft sands. Blue skies. Bluer seas. A fabulously laid-back beach lifestyle…. And most importantly? No significant others or work getting in the way! Hen weekends in Newquay are what summer was made for! Hit the beach, take to the waves, insist you'll never get the hang of this rugby lark unless you watch the professionals in action... on the sand… in their shorts. Dance till dawn, mix a mojito or even try some blokarting for size. The fun-loving coastal town is jam-packed with Newquay hen activities to fill your sun-kissed days and it's one of our most popular picks for a beach break with the girls. So - let's get this hen party started!

Your guide to hen activities in Newquay

Wet 'n' Wild

We're sure you've barely given a thought to the hundreds, if not thousands of buff bods gracing Newquay's waves with their finely honed 'just the right amount of muscle' type presence each year (no? Us neither), but the summer breeze and foamy Atlantic waves that roll in with the Gulf Stream mean there's no better place for you to kick back, forget all about that elegance thing and grab the girls for some fab Newquay hen activities on the water.

Surfing the celebs aren't shy at showing us how it's done, dolphins sometimes like to steal the show, heck, a group of women even took to the surf in their heels in Bali! Find out if you've got goofy feet, regular feet, can carve, duck-dive and switch stance, or if your most natural stance just happens to be on the sand…rear end first, with a couple of brilliantly hilarious hours at a top surf session.

Kite surfing somewhere between flying a kite, gymnastics, windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding…. that's where you'll find the girls clinging on for dear life across the bay. It's cool. It's power-packed, and with muscles you never knew you had all screaming for attention by the end of it, it's the best excuse ever to head straight for the spa when you've finished.

Cornish Delights

Nothing says pre-nuptial bash like fluffy robes, saunas and steam rooms its hard work tucking into deliciously fresh seafood and topping up tans you know so we're sure the girls won't say no to a heavenly day at the spa. Or for the ultimate in Newquay hen activities indulgence, why not let healing hands work their magic in the comfort of your own private lodge with a mobile pamper party? A spot of afternoon tea is the perfect sophisticated occasion to smother delicate scones in as much of that famous clotted cream as you can balance on the plate, and for a Cornish delight of an altogether more revealing nature (and every bit as tasty), try to keep your blushes and friends (there's always one) under control at a cheeky life drawing class.

Get fit

Newquay isn't just the surf capital of the UK. Or the place to head for ice cream. Or clotted cream. Or, erm, cream teas and Cornish pasties. It's also one of the best places in Europe to throw yourselves into an extreme adventure or two! So why not try one of our more daring hen activities in Newquay? Coasteering offers the ultimate in outdoor adventure, with its heady mix of climbing, swimming and even cliff-jumping for the daredevils among you, abseiling should swiftly banish any lingering effects of the night before, or for some traditional four-wheeled fun, why not get brilliantly mucky with a spin on the quads or an off-road adventure?

Get Funky

Getting together under bright studio lights is a fantastic way to gear everyone up for the lively night ahead. From Abba to Bollywood, Glee to Grease, Salsa to Zumba, there are a whole heap of song and dance hen activities in Newquay just perfect for shaking your thang to your favourite tunes. Belt out some show-tunes at a musical mayhem party, work it like Beyoncé at a pop party or for the ultimate in saucy moves and art of seduction, why not grab the girls and head for our brilliantly risqué Burlesque or pole dancing sessions? We've all got an inner temptress hidden away, there's no better time to unleash yours!

Go with GoHen

With its gorgeous weather, laid-back vibe and stunning beaches, Newquay easily shines as one of the UK's favourite coastal destinations and we've got some brilliant ready-made options to help you get the most out of the sun-kissed retreat. All our packages wrap the very best of Newquay's delights in brilliantly stress-free bundles. Better still, our programmes are all completely flexible, with the all-important reassurance of GoHen's ABTA approval, so if you want to spend that bit more time on the sand admiring the 'scenery', or maybe perfect those killer moves before heading out on the town, we'll be able to help. Why not give our friendly team a call today?

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