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Sheffield isn't all about steel and forks any more - it's a burgeoning metropolis, unfolding itself upwards into a gleaming city of skyscrapers, shops, and, yes, a little steel too. Sheffield comes with the huge breadth of activities and entertainment options that you'd expect from a city undergoing such a rapid urban renewal and regeneration, with everything from the ultra-luxe to the down and dirty finding a place in Sheffield. Whatever ideas you've got in mind for your hen, the Sheffield hen activities have you spoilt for choice.

Your guide to hen activities in Sheffield

Sheffield Spa

It's easy to get a little stressed out and overwhelmed in the build-up to the big day, but never fear we've got a plethora of Sheffield hen ideas for when you and the girls just want to lie back, relax, and indulge in a good old-fashioned gossip. A pampering day is the traditional way to vanish all your cares, with a full day at a luxury spa where you can float blissfully in a pool, work up a sweat in the gym, or be pampered and preened with some professional spa treatments or enjoy any of the other spa facilities available for you! If you'd like a slightly more unusual treatment, try the pedicure favourite of the stars. Beauty queens like Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie are said to have enjoyed letting the fish have a nibble, so there's clearly something in it! If you'd rather stick to an old familiar way of winding down and relaxing though, there's really only one choice a wine tasting party! A glass (or two, or three) of vino and all your nearest and dearest girl friends? Bliss!

Get Moving

When you're in a city as on-the-go as Sheffield is, there are literally dozens of ways to get the girls up, out, and moving throughout the weekend there are over 60 different activities to try! Sheffield has a huge variety of different dance options for ladies looking to shake it, ranging from Abba to Zumba with everything in between! Pole dancing is a huge favourite with girls looking for some cheeky Sheffield hen ideas or Grease dancing is a hit with ladies after a slightly less sultry workout. If you're looking for something a little more unusual, give dry skiing a go there's literally no better place in Europe to try it, as the Sheffield site is the biggest artificial ski resort in Europe. Dry skiing is all the fun of real skiing except you don't need to have a winter chalet in France or Italy in order to enjoy it. Who needs the Alps when you can have all the fun with none of the frostbite?! And if you want to stretch your legs but not wear yourselves out too much, go for a treasure hunt around the city instead. It's the perfect way to get to know the city a little better, whilst giving your mind as much of a work out as your body. Since you can complete it entirely at your own pace, there's nothing to stop you enjoying a leisurely lunch or a little retail therapy at the same time!

Sheffield Skills

You don't usually think of a hen do as a learning experience (unless it's learning far too much about your mates via a round too many of 'I have never'), but when you're in a city with one of the highest student populations in the country, why not soak up the studious atmosphere and learn a new skill? Don't panic, we're not talking poring over any dusty old books in Sheffield library… we've got some far more interesting Sheffield hen activities in mind than that.

If you'd like to keep it simple, why not try perfume making? The sweet smell of success will be in the air if you treat the girls to a session with our trained perfume consultants, learning all about the different notes involved in blending perfumes and making their own signature scent, just like the stars do! Alternatively, if you'd rather a liquid you can drink, go for the hugely popular cocktail mixing session! It's the perfect way to transition between day and night, as you and the girls get to knock back everything you make.

Go with GoHen

You and the girls will be spoilt for choice with our fantastic range of hen party activities in Sheffield. Whether you rev it up with an exhilarating motorised event or set a more relaxed pace by indulging in a luxurious pampering day followed by a traditional afternoon tea with champagne, a Sheffield weekend has plenty to keep every hen party busy from dawn till dusk!

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