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Your guide to hen activities in Swansea

Foot Loose & Fancy Free

Any good pre-wedding weekend will require time spent cutting loose on the dance floor, it's almost hen party law! But what if you want a bigger boogie and a syncopated rhythm? While the groom and his lad-pack are out rolling around in mud and shooting at/running over/drowning/laughing at each other, girls really do just wanna have fun. So with not a speck of mud or paintball in sight, you can learn how to cut a few shapes with the help of expert dancers/choreographers.

When it comes to dance classes you name it, we've got it; you can get Back to the '80s and unleash your inner Kylie or go Bananarama with some classic 80's cheese. You can try some Glee, Cheerleading, Can Can, Burlesque or even one of the biggest fitness trends Pole Dancing. Our qualified coaches, instructors and choreographers will warm you up and then teach you all the moves so by the end of your session you'll be leaping about like the Kids From Fame!

Moulin Rouge
Abba Experience
Belly Dancing
Bollywood Dancing
Coyote Ugly
Dirty Dancing
Striptease Workshop
Thriller Experience
There 34 fabulous (and often hilarious) Dance Classes to choose from.

Down & Dirty

Of course not every hen party wants to stay neat and tidy and there is some real girl power in the Gower for hens that want to test themselves against mother nature.

Canyoning This is essentially getting from A to B with the two points being separated by as many huge and adrenalin thumping obstacles as possible. If your bride-to-be is one for throwing herself in at the deep end (and will expect the rest of you to follow suit) then this is perfect! You'll have to swim, scramble, climb and jump between cliffs, rock pools, outcrops, caves and any other obstacles your instructors can find. It's exhilarating, challenging and requires some real team bonding in order to get everyone through. Top class instructors will help you overcome every obstacle and keep you all safe through some great countryside.

Coasteering Much like canyoning, coasteering is a mixture of swimming, climbing and jumping only it tends to be even higher. You'll head out into the Gower Peninsula along some of the most stunning coastline in the UK and with the help of top instructors, you will navigate over, around, under and through some amazing stretches of beach and cliff top. You'll also get the chance to enter the water from a height. This activity really is for girls who like a challenge and you'll end the day with a real sense of achievement and knowing you've really earned that first cocktail.

Rock Climbing Once again we'll have top class expert instructors to show you the ropes and teach you all the basics of rock climbing. After some practice and training drills, you'll face the rocks head on and take it to the top.

Abseiling What goes up… You'll be pleased to have your best pals with you as you help guide each other down rock faces. It's exciting, action-packed and perhaps a little bit crazy but fantastic fun. A day you and the hens will talk about for years to come.

Surfing This really is a spectacular stretch of coast and the water, while nippy at certain times of the year, is so inviting. With surfing, you get a chance to dive right in and try one of those incredible activates that we all here so much about but so rarely get to try. So here your big chance to pick something new and adventurous for the group. "Like totally awesome dude!" (and all that other surfer speak).

We will rock you!

Recording Studio Session - At GoHen we're always on the lookout for new and exciting activities that your hens won't have tried on other hen weekends, our recording studio session is exactly one of those types of activities. Every girl at some point in her life has picked up a hairbrush and crooned a tune like a popstar. Well, now you and the girls can live the popstar life with our recording studio session. Not only will you get to sample what life is like in a real recording studio but at the end of the session, you and the grill will have a fully cut final mix of your own very special recording.
A CD will provide the perfect souvenir of your day with a real sound engineer and hundreds of songs to choose from. Have your hens got the X-Factor?

And there's more…

We have so many great activities the trouble is how can you fit them all in? Life Drawing is a complete laugh from beginning to end. You'll get your own male model (remember ladies it's rude to point… it's even worse to point and laugh!) and spend an afternoon with an expert who will give you top tips and on how to work your brush for a fine result. Cocktail Making, shaken, stirred, drunk (we mean the drinks are drunk not you're… never mind), whatever way you want to try your drinks this is still by far one of our most popular hen activities, a professional mixologist will show you how to create fantastic cocktails for any party or BBQ. Hilarious fun and very tasty, it's the perfect way to kick-start a big night out.

Mix & Match

Of course, you can always mix it up and pick more than one activity to fill your day. Speak to our team to find out the best combination of activities and how to fit as much fun as you can into your weekend without breaking the budget.

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