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Prague is known as the 'Mother of all Cities' for a reason it's one of the oldest metropolises around, at times the cultural heart of Europe. This means, ladies, hen activities here have something incredibly special to offer Prague's hen ideas have had centuries to be developed and refined into some truly world class activities. That doesn't mean the city isn't thoroughly modern too though. The massive numbers of tourists flocking to the city every year means that the city is still lively and evolving, so you and the girls will have plenty of activities to keep you busy all weekend long!

Your guide to hen activities in Prague

Cheeky Czechs

It's finally happened: the men are left at home, you've got all the girls together in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and you've got something to celebrate! If there was ever a time to let your hair down and indulge your wild side, this was it! To get the party started, why not try cocktail mixing? It's a brilliant way to start the transition from day to night and get the evening underway, and mixing up a batch of scrummy cocktails for you and the girls to share is always a huge laugh trust us, we know. If you're looking for a more civilised take on having a few drinks (and wouldn't mind picking up a useful life skill on the way), wine tasting might be the Prague hen idea for you! Never again will you dither when ordering a bottle at a restaurant, or hesitate over how cheap you can go for a dinner party. And if those don't sound like quite the life skills you're hoping for, try a cheeky pole dancing session. Both a fantastic workout and fantastic fun, it's guaranteed to break the ice and get the weekend off to a wonderful start!

Prague pampering

It's not news that organising a wedding is stressful, but the hen activities are traditionally the perfect time for the bride to relax a little and forget all about the work still to do! Prague is big, beautiful, and romantic unlike some of the frantically-paced other European capitals, it's the perfect city for sitting back, putting your feet up, and letting yourselves be pampered in! If you're willing to spend an entire day being treated like a princess (what a hardship!), our pampering day is the most indulgent and tranquil Prague hen activity offered, giving you a full day of rest, relaxation, and leaving you fully rejuvenated and reinvigorated for the wedding day! Even if you don't want to set aside a full day for the spa, a selection of individual treatments like facials or massages is on offer to fit in with the rest of your weekend a manicure is always a lovely treat for the girls, and gives you the chance to start planning those wedding nails!

Czeching out the city

If you and the girls have gone all the way across Europe for your hen activities it would be a waste not to experience a little of the city, and when you're somewhere as charming and cultured as Prague, it's a genuine delight. A bus tour around the city's most majestic sights is a good way to see the city, as well as letting you get around without having to hobble over Prague's cobbled streets. If you'd rather see a very different aspect of the city's culture, try a distillery tour instead. Prague is legendary for its beer, as is the whole of the Czech Republic if you ladies can handle your pints, it's hands down the best city in the world to try a distillery tour in. If you'd rather leave that to the boys, and spend your time seeing a side of Prague that most people miss, try the ghost tour instead. Prague's history is long, gruesome, and not for the faint of heart give it a try, if you think you're brave enough!

Go with GoHen

It's easy to concentrate only on the hen night, but forgetting about the Prague hen activities for the day means you'll miss out on some truly fantastic experiences. Prague is one of the top tourist spots in Europe so there's plenty to do, but that throws up some of its own issues namely, how do you know what's good, and how do you organise them from another country? Here at GoHen, we can help. We understand the need for planning and the difficulty involved in getting everything organised, and we can make it as easy as possible for you. We've already found the best activities in Prague, and we can arrange them for you that includes the transport to get you to each site, the timings so you're never rushing between them (or bored waiting), and all the deals and savings too. All you need to do is let us know approximately how many people, and what activities you're interested in… we can take it from there!

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