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Fantastic natural spas for pampering, expert instructors for dance lessons, fast-paced motorsports or intense battlegrounds… Budapest has it all. Between the two halves of the city, every type of hen is catered for, so whether your bride wants sheer luxury or mind-blowing adrenaline, she'll find it in Budapest. The city itself offers untold opportunities for an incredible weekend with the girls, with a rich culture and history that would keep you busy for days... on top of the huge range of Budapest hen activities that GoHen offers too. The fantastic value and range is hard to beat as it is, but when Budapest throws in some of the world's best spas too well, why would you go anywhere else?

Your guide to hen activities in Budapest

Budapest Beauties

You don't get to be named 'City of Spas' by just having a couple of hot tubs and a Jacuzzi or two… and Budapest goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to living up to its title. Currently, there are over 118 hot water springs in Budapest, and around 15 public thermal spas, some of them having been around since the turn of the 20th century. We don't think it's an exaggeration to say that if you're looking forward to a relaxing, refreshing weekend, Budapest ought to be top of your list. An indulgent pampering day is often exactly what's needed when preparing for the big day, and Budapest offers you the opportunity to recharge in the beautiful naturally warm outdoor spa, in one of the most gorgeous and historic baths the city has. If you'd rather keep it short in order to fit more into your stay, a manicure is a fantastic way to relax as well as getting in a little preparation for later. Similarly, if you'd like to go all out on the night to come, consider a makeover for one of your Budapest hen activities. Professional stylists will consult with you on your new look, before doing your hair, nails, and makeup ready for the evening ahead!

Best of Budapest

If you're going all the way to Budapest, it would be a shame to just do things you can try in literally any city on earth. Budapest is a stunning city, full of culture and history, and so a hen group that makes the journey all the way here should try to experience at least a little of that and we're not just talking about the incredible nightlife (though we are a little bit). Luckily, we've got some hen activities in Budapest that will let you do just that. Sure, you could set off with a map and a guidebook on your own, but with two sides of the city, walking around is more likely to result in a very lost hen party and sore feet rather than an appreciation for the city. We'd recommend a city bus tour, which lets you see the best of Budapest from the comfort of a bus and with an expert guide to point out all the important bits for you, you won't miss a thing. If a tour sounds a little too… touristy, for your tastes, try wine tasting as one of your Budapest hen activities. Alright, Hungary isn't as famous for its wine as France… or Italy… or Spain… or California… or Australia… but nevertheless, the Hungarians are proud of their wine, and rightly so - Budapest is rife with wine bars and cellars, and they manage to squeeze in several wine festivals a year.

Go with GoHen

It's not all laying back and relaxing with GoHen (though it definitely can be if you want). We've got a huge range of things to try, with a massive range of hen activities in Budapest available. From paintballing to pedicures, we've got it all. That's just one of the many reasons you should choose us to help you with the planning. We understand the difficulty preparing a hen do in a foreign country, the need for a solid plan, and the intricacies of getting everything (timings, transport, and total costs) worked out and organised in advance. And we know how to help. We can offer you unparalleled service and support, both before and during, as well as saving you money every step of the way.

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