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High voltage weekends of explosive and exciting hen activities sound right up your street? Then you need to get the girls on the first plane to Riga. It's the biggest city in the Baltics, so you've got all of the fantastic urban options you'd expect from a capital, but where Riga really excels when you venture outside the city limits. There's lush green forestry and fields around, for getting back to nature, a river winding through, and the Gulf of Riga at the city's edge. Hen activities in Riga make full use of the incredible setting, giving you and the girls umpteen opportunities to get the blood pumping with some world-class outdoor activities!

Your guide to hen activities in Riga

Riga Rides

It's not just the lads who relish the opportunity to put pedal to the metal and drive. In our experience, the ladies are just as keen as on indulging their inner speedster and putting in a time on the tracks. With go karting in Riga, you ideally want that time to be just a little quicker than the rest of the girls, pushing your foot down and speeding round the go kart course as fast as you possibly can… which is anything up to 65mph, hurtling in a 270cc kart with the wind in your hair. Or against your helmet, whatever. No wonder it's one of our top Riga hen ideas. If you'd rather blast around Riga in something with a little more force, try our quad biking in Riga. You may think you've given quad biking a go before but trust us no UK course is anything like this. The track is located on an old USSR firing ground, so the site is littered with tank and armour plate pits and bunkers, alongside the more traditional swampland and forest. Hen parties a little less interested in playing hotrods, however, might prefer their motors more sedate. Try a city bus tour instead; someone else does all the driving, and all you have to do is sit back and see top Riga landmarks like the Freedom Monument or the House of Blackheads (a name which, we will admit, doesn't translate into English well).

Riga R&R

With so much going on in Riga, a little downtime is necessary to make sure you and the girls don't end up returning home more worn out than when you left. Luckily, some of our hen activities in Riga mean you'll be able to return to the UK refreshed and relaxed, and feeling better than ever! If you want to keep things quick, a massage is ideal for working out all that pre-wedding stress (or the tension built up from the other Riga activities). If you'd rather the full works, though, you'll want to go for our full pampering day. Our Riga spa is located right in the city centre, and you'll get to enjoy full use of the facilities there, including swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. You can also add treatments to the day if you want an even more exhaustive and immersive session... or just want to be looking your freshest when it comes to the big night out!

The rest of Riga

There are plenty of hen activities in Riga that are, if not unique to the city then uniquely done. Riga enjoys pushing the boundaries that little bit further than we do in the UK, giving you and the girls an experience that's far beyond any you can enjoy inside our borders, and making the 2 hour flight and hassle of double checking everyone's passport more than worth it. For example, whilst in the UK you might enjoy a little clay shooting or paintballing, in Riga you and the girls can turn your hand to target shooting. It's a session in which you'll be able to fire guns you can't even legally own in the UK and it's impossible to feel more powerful than when you're facing down a (paper!) target with a gun in hand. For a less deadly kind of shot (no, we're not talking about Black Balsam), try golfing instead. It's the perfect way to get the girls in the open air whilst still keeping things laid back, and the Riga golf course is phenomenal. It's one of the most technologically impressive in Northern Europe and owned by a local Latvian celebrity. We're sure your encyclopaedic knowledge of the Lativan A-List crowd tells you all you need to know. If you and the girls are after something unique to Riga and don't mind your Riga hen ideas to lean a little towards the mind-bending, heart-stopping, or the pants-wetting, you'll want to give bobsleigh a go. One of the most visually terrifying looking things in the winter Olympics, you and the girls will get to hurtle down an icy track that's literally world championship worthy, at speeds up to 50mph. It's not one for the faint-hearted, but it's also not to be missed!

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