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The after dark scene is a huge part of life in Tallinn, a fact that literally always bodes well for hen parties. Aside from the disproportionately huge number of bars and clubs in the city, and the number of enthusiastic and eager locals, there's also a real mishmash of cultures and countries around the city with day-trippers from Helsinki, travellers from St Petersburg, and of course the throngs of stag and hen parties who know that Tallinn is the place to be. With so many people passing through and ready to party, it's no wonder the Tallinn hen nightlife is amongst the best in the world!

Your guide to hen nights in Tallinn

Bars, Clubs and Pubs

The Tallinn hen nightlife has a reputation for hedonism that's not entirely unfounded. In the Estonian capital there are a multitude of watering holes for thirsty hens, covering every sort of bar you could possibly need, with vodka and champagne bars, live music venues, pubs, and expat hangouts where you can find all the G&Ts and pints you need… you'll even find a bar dedicated solely to Depache Mode if, for some explicable reason the bride-to-be just can't get enough of 80s electronic boybands. The main bar area in Tallinn is often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle (when you wake up all your friends will have disappeared, along with your memory?), and is between the streets of Suur-Karja and Vaike-Karji. It's here you'll find the majority of the great nightlife with a superb range of bars, pubs and clubs and an electric party atmosphere. There are often themed club nights here as well as great value drinks, perfect for getting your celebrations off to a good start!

For the quickest way of finding the best of the Tallinn bars, ask GoHen for a guided bar crawl. Our English-speaking guide will take you all around the city, finding the friendliest and liveliest bars the city has to offer. Once you've drunk your fill, move things on to the dance floor with guest list entry in to all the hottest nightclubs in Tallinn. No queues, no bouncers, no entry fees, and absolutely no hassle.

(wo)man with a plan

The club scene in Tallinn is great, but wait, no, that's not right. The club scene in Tallinn is fantastic, but even the hardest of partiers will admit that it takes more than a nightclub to make an equally fantastic hen do. A hen weekend is all about celebrating the bride and creating some lasting memories for her as a single woman, but there's not much chance of her leaving with some particularly special memories if she never gets out of the bar. With that in mind, here are GoHen's top three picks for a Tallinn hen night:

A Taste of Tallinn

Estonian food is largely a composite of neighbouring countries that have taken them over at some point, borrowing largely from Scandinavian, German and Russian menus. Expect a lot of meat, potatoes, bread and fish, is what we're saying (with the occasional jellied meat or marinated eel addition). Restaurants, especially around Old Town, tend to have English-language menus, and English speaking staff. If you're not keen on to tucking in to any of the local dishes, American, Italian and Sushi are the predominant exotic cuisines, Italian in particular being very popular. Vegetarian hens will have their best chances at places like this too, since very little Estonian cooking is completely meat-free. If you're not entirely sure what to go for, why not try a Medieval Banquet? Three courses, a show, and a few drinks thrown in too? It's the perfect start to a Tallinn hen night!

Go with GoHen

GoHen has been planning hen parties for over a decade now; we've got a lot of experience finding top nightlife in every city, and we're pretty sure we've got our finger firmly on the pulse in Tallinn. We're not just boasting 96% of our hen parties agree, and say they'd book with us again. With 14+ years of experience in Tallinn, we know we've got the local knowledge, the entertainment on the ground, and the savings and deals to make your Tallinn hen night be the success the bride deserves… all you have to do is let us prove it.