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Estonia is one of the great undiscovered hen party gems in Europe and take it from us, it's pretty special! It's a wonderful city at any time of year, whether you head over in summer when the beaches and warm temperatures are at their peak, or in the winter months when the snow comes and the city practically turns in to a fairytale setting. Whenever you're there, though, GoHen has a fantastic range of Tallinn hen do ideas that get you and the girls out of the hotel and into the city, experiencing the absolutely everything that the Estonian capital has to offer you and the girls on a hen weekend.

Your guide to hen activities in Tallinn

Making a Plan

Pretty and picturesque, as a European Capital of Culture there's not exactly a shortage of things to see and do on a Tallinn hen weekend. Between the churches, museums, shops and landmarks, there's plenty to keep the tourists busy.

However… you and the girls aren't just tourists. You're in Tallinn on a hen do, and that requires a little more than just taking a few photos of a cathedral or two. On a hen do, you want a selection of activities that are going to be fun for the girls, starting conversations and giving everyone a good laugh. It's the time spent together bonding and having a giggle that the bride is going to want to remember from her hen do, not the view from the top of Toompea Hill... so book in some Tallinn hen activities in advance to make sure you give the bride-to-be the best weekend imaginable.

Rest and Relaxation

Organising a hen do is stressful, and organising a wedding is super stressful, so that makes at least two people on the hen do who deserve the chance to thoroughly relax and unwind. Luckily, we've got some Tallinn hen do ideas that are perfectly suited to just that - which means there's already a modicum less stress than there was before. A massage is exactly what you and the girls need after heading over to Tallinn… or fit it in before the flight home, to have you all languid and relaxed for the journey. If you don't think just one massage is going to be quite enough, head off for a Pampering Day as one of your Tallinn hen activities. You'll have full access to our spa there including any pools, saunas, and steam rooms, and you might just have the opportunity to add some treatments to your day as well. You could even go for an infrared sauna hen party. The cutting-edge treatment might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it has all the benefits of a traditional sauna, removing toxins from your body and leaving you with glowing, healthy skin.

Action and Adventure

Nowhere in the hen do handbook does it say that a hen do has to be all about laying back and relaxing. Some ladies would prefer to get their hearts racing with some serious hen action, working up a sweat and earning those drinks. If you and the girls aren't afraid of going for gold, give Go Karting a try. It's a favourite activity of both stags and hens in Tallinn, giving you some seriously fast-paced, white-knuckle action and letting you really put your driving skills to the test. For working up adrenaline and excitement, there's not much better than the furious skids and straights of a racing course, and in our powerful Tallinn go karts you'll be able to feel the full speed and power on the track. Paintball is another top favourite with hen parties, not least because it gives you the opportunity to splat your friends in the face with complete impunity… provided they're not on your team, of course. Then you might have some explaining to do. If, however, paintballs simple aren't deadly enough for you, you might want to try Target Shooting instead. The Tallinn session lets you and the girls get your hands on weapons that you wouldn't be allowed to look at in the UK, let alone point and fire. We should say, though, that under absolutely no circumstances should these be pointed at a friend. No matter how much she's complained about the bridesmaid dresses.

Go with GoHen

Getting the right activities is important on a hen do, finding a balance between what the girls want, what the bride wants, and what's actually available. Add in what's affordable to the mix, too, as well as what you can get to and book, and you've got a real struggle on your hands. This is where having a company like GoHen, with years of expertise in organising Tallinn hen dos, on your side comes in useful. We've already tracked down the very best of the best from Tallinn, and we can organise all the little details like transport and timings for you. All you need to do find out what the bride-to-be wants on her big weekend, and we'll be able to sort out the rest just give us a call and ask!

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