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As a fashionista's dream city with gorgeous beaches too, there's no shortage of things to do in Marbella. All you need for a good weekend is a towel and a spot on the sand, and you're sorted! But your best mate deserves better than just 'good', and it's what you and the girls get up to in Marbella that separates the weekend from any other girls' holiday. Marbella is guaranteed to allow you and the girls to celebrate in style, but you want to make sure you've planned some Marbella hen activities during the day to complement the amazing location and the busy nights. Go a little further with the weekend and try some of our Marbella hen ideas to give the bride a weekend she'll remember forever.

Your guide to hen activities in Marbella

Sexy, saucy and Spanish!

Gorgeous Marbella is absolutely sizzling, and so you and the girls should be too! And there's no way to feel sexier and more confident than with a few incredible dance moves up your sleeves to pull out at the clubs later on. Pole dancing is one of the most popular dance classes for hens, as an art that's athletic, challenging, and very, very hot! They're brilliant fun, and a way to get all the girls having a giggle and joining in. If you'd prefer to take a more subtle approach, risqué burlesque lets you and the girls imitate Dita von Teese and let out your sultry inner diva. Chances are on a hen party that you've already got the fishnets and the feather boas, so why not put them to good use with this feminine and fun dance class? And if you've ever fancied learning to salsa, there isn't a better place in the world to learn than Spain so get yourself a sexy seor and get dancing!

Action and Adventure

Lying down and baking besides the pool is an excellent way to spend a few days in Marbella, but you're going to need to get up and move around a little at some point even if it's only to roll over and tan the other side. Luckily, we've got plenty of Marbella hen ideas to get you up and off of the subbed for a few hours. If you fancy trying something a little more energetic, why not give paintball a go? It's one of the most popular Marbella hen activities, giving the girls a chance to work out all their frustrations by artistically splattering their friends in the face with an array of paint bullets. If you'd rather try something a little more unusual, try sphereing. It's not for those with a faint heart or a weak stomach, but if you've got a game bunch of girls who are willing to try something new and have a real laugh, it's one of the most hilarious and enjoyable Marbella hen activities around. On the other hand, if you'd prefer to keep your tapas inside your stomach, saddle up and try horse riding instead. It can be a speedy gallop over the Spanish plains, or a gentle walk along the beach, either way, it's a fantastic way to get the girls out the hotel and seeing a bit more of beautiful Marbella!

Wet and Wild

With the gorgeous, hot Alboran sea along the coast, we can't imagine that you and the girls won't spend at least part of the weekend making a splash in the water. If, however, you'd rather take things beyond just a little floating and paddling, we've got a host of Marbella hen activities that might suit. Marbella is known for the many yachts that the rich and the famous bring to its shores, so why not join them and go on a yacht charter yourself? You'll be able to relax on deck and set out to sea on a private yacht, complete with its own captain to do all the hard work whilst you lay back and enjoy a glass of sangria. If you'd prefer something a little bit more energetic, why not head off to Marbella's waterpark? It's the perfect way to cool off on a hot summers day, as well as have a lot of fun on the huge water slides, rapids, pools, Jacuzzis, tide pools, and a whole load more. And if you want to stay firmly on dry land, why not try top hen activity cocktail mixing? A cocktail on the beach (ideally in a coconut with a little umbrella, but we'll take what we can get), or on a bar terrace as the sun sets it's basically our idea of heaven, and you'll learn how to do all your favourite drinks and more in our Marbella cocktail making class. Whether you decide to make yourself a scrumptious Sangria or a different refreshing Spanish cocktail, these drinks are sure to go down a treat with all the girls!

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