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Hen Party T-shirts

Get your kit on for the girls

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We've all seen hen party T-shirts being worn by parties of laughing hens as they link arms with the guest of honour. There is definitely a split in opinion on the idea though.

hen party shirts
  • "Too tacky" - Well it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to, if the bride is all in favour then hopefully everyone will get onboard and help be a part of her ideal weekend.
  • "Not funky"  - The too cool for school brigade will always huff about anything that might impact on their designer couture. But this isn't a fashion show, this is about letting loose and having fun.
  • "It's better than fancy dress!" - While some might fear having to wear fancy dress, a hen do T-shirt is a more acceptable and much more comfortable alternative. Plus it gives everyone a memento of the weekend.
    Find great fancy dress ideas...
  • "Yay!" - Then there are those that recognise it's all about having fun and will be excited about the design and possible slogans.

But hen party T-shirts are more than just a matter of having short sleeves to show off your tans, they create a feeling of togetherness and also a real sense of drama and occasion. How often is a girl going to have all her best friends wearing T-shirts in her honour? It will also give the nearly-wed a great souvenir of her pre-wedding party. They're also a really good way of spotting each other in crowd and letting any restaurants, clubs, bars, venues, etc know you're all together.

So here at GoHen we say a cheery "Yes!" to fun hen party T-shirts.

Getting Creative

hen party t shirt examples

Design your own - No, we’re implying you should get a huge roll of fabric and a sewing machine and craft your own hen party T-shirts from scratch (though if you do be sure to post a picture on our Facebook page!). Rather, we’re suggesting that you put some serious thought into the design and create something totally bespoke - we’re thinking pictures and personalised sayings, or even hand-stitching nicknames and beads onto each one! Designing your own hen do shirts can be a great way to show the bride you’re putting in the effort, and chances are the girls will appreciate them that much more!

Top-tip – Hen parties are often made up of guests from different walks of the bride-to-be’s life, family, old school chums, uni/college pals, work colleagues, team mates, the groom’s relatives, etc. It can be tough to learn all those names quickly so adding names to everyone’s hen do T-shirts is a sneaky way of making sure everyone can learn all the other guest names easily without any social slips ups (like spending the whole weekend calling the bride’s sister the wrong name and not finding out until the wedding!).

Photo T-Shirts

Overexposed – While some photos might suffer from too much flashing, the same can’t be said of the bride-to-be. NO! We’re not suggesting she should be flashing, we’re merely stating that she should get plenty of exposure on her big day (Ok, stop giggling at the back now!) by having her photo on everyone’s T-shirts. But just make sure it’s a good shot as she’ll be seeing it everywhere she looks for awhile.

Hen Party Nicknames

Nicknames can be great fun and a good way to get the party started. Get a willing planning committee together to help you plan and design your hen T-shirts or ask everyone to contribute by messaging you the nickname they were saddled with at school. Once names have been amassed or assigned you can get busy with your creative flair.

hen nickname generator

The To-Do List Hen Do T-Shirt

Before the "I do" there is a hen do and that requires a little to-do... erm... actually, we got a bit lost ourselves there.
But simply put, you’ll have planned a fantastic weekend for your bride-to-be and her own T-shirt could be a way of letting her know what’s coming and charting your progress.
You can create an " I DO – To Do" T-shirt with a list of all the fun and games coming up to be completed and marked off.
Alternatively it could be a "Hen Party Challenge T-shirt" with a list of tasks the guest of honour has to tick off as she accomplishes each one.
Here are a few ideas for either the " I DO - To Do " T-shirt or Hen Party Challenge T-shirt.

Tick something off your bucket list
Meet a surprise guest
Get on a plane
Serenade a stranger
Find Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue
Drink a Woo-woo
Sing a song

Down in one
Hug a doorman
Have a shot
Do something amazing
Ask a stranger to take your photo (on their camera)
Try and convince someone you’re famous
Order a drink in a foreign accent
Freestyle dance for one minute
Get married

The possibilities are endless and you can make the suggestions as cheeky, blue or sensible as you like to suit your special guest star.

Share with the girls!

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