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Ibiza is the planet's party capital and the only place to head if clubbing is high on the list of priorities on your big weekend away. As well as pool parties and colossal nights out, there are loads of sublime activities to enjoy. Take the pressure out of the planning with the help of GoHen!

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Ibiza Hen Reviews

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Ibiza Menu

8 Best Ibiza Hen Do Ideas

  1. Boat Cruise & Superclub - Join the fun-loving catamaran before hitting a world-famous superclub.
  2. Cocktail Mixing -Taste as you shake while making classic cocktails. Cheers!
  3. Bottomless Brunch - A perfectly chilled and sophisticated start to a fantastic day.
  4. Ibiza Rocks - Party and dance in the sun at this massive afternoon event.
  5. Spa Experience - Time for a little detox between all the island fun.
  6. Parasailing - A simply unforgettable experience for adventure-loving hens.
  7. Private Yacht Charter - Party like A-listers aboard your own private boat.
  8. 3 Course Ibiza Meal - Enjoy a stunning three-course meal in an upmarket central venue.

A Guide To Your Ibiza Hen Weekend

Where to Drink in Ibiza

Ibiza is a maze of cobbled streets and the drinking scene is something other European cities will never be able to keep up with. A hen do here is likely to involve a lot of partying, so make sure you come away knowing you've hit up all the most talked about bars in the town.

An Ibiza staple is watching the beaut sunsets whilst discussing the day's hen escapades. The best advice: if you're by the sea, you're right by a very, very good bar. Head to rooftops around the South Port to guarantee views and social media bragging rights.

It's a very LGBT+ friendly town and on Carrer de la Mare de Deu you've got a selection of buzzing bars suitable for every hen!

Sights & Sounds

Sights - The Hippy Market is a must-see, hundreds of great stalls with incredible artisan jewellery and leather goods.
If you haven't got an island sunset on your bucket list you really are missing something. The sunsets on Ibiza are nothing short of spectacular and one of the best places to view them is from offshore on a Sunset Boat Cruise.

Sounds - It's all about the bass... Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world. Ever since the hippies arrived in the '60s the island has been the perfect place for a great night out and has music in its soul. These days the beat has a real techno feel and you'll find clubs that are recognised as being among the best in the world. Add that to the hot summer nights and you're in for a party you'll never forget.

Shopping in Ibiza

Ibiza Town - The Island's capital has a good range of designer shops and names to keep the most committed shopaholics busy.
Hippy Market - You'll find artisan leather, jewellery, bags, shoes and more at Ibiza's most famous shopping experience. You'll find over 500 different traders at Es Canar.
Hippy Chic - Go native and pay a visit to what we think is one of the best shops on the island. You'll find Hippy Chic in Talamanca and it's worth the trip.

Getting Around Ibiza

Getting off the plane, simply hop on a bus to get to your accommodation.
The bus system is also a great way to get out and about. There is even a special "disco bus" which is designed for the hardcore party crowd and runs until 6am.
If you don't fancy hanging around at the airport, heading to activities or nights out, and want everything organised in advance, our Ibiza Destination Manager will be happy to line up transport for you.

Hen Days

As you would expect from one of the maddest places on the planet, there is no end of hen party shenanigans available for fun-loving Ibiza hen parties. Cocktail Mixing, Boat Cruises, Scuba Diving... You can see our full list of Ibiza hen activities here...

Hen Nights

Ibiza is, without doubt, the most flamboyant and hardcore party destination on the planet. In fact, we'd go so far as to say you really haven't partied until you've experienced a night on Ibiza with some of the most famous clubs in the world. If you don't want to miss a thing and be sure of getting into funkiest party hotspots, GoHen can arrange Strip Dinners, Guest List Night Club Entry and more. See more Ibiza hen night options.

Quickfire Ibiza Hen Do FAQs

Is Ibiza Good for Partying?

Do you even need to ask? Ibiza is famed across the globe for the most amazing nightlife. From day parties to beach clubs, cocktail bars to superclubs, it has everything you could need for an unforgettable celebration.

Is Ibiza Safe for Women?

The island has a dominating female presence and an inclusive party culture which makes it a great choice for a British bride-to-be. As with any popular destination, be sure to watch your belongings and don't let your drinks out of your sight. For safety advice for Spain in general, head to the gov. website for the latest info.

Which are the Best Places for a Hen Do in Ibiza?

Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio are fully equipped for your Ibiza hen do. With exotic clubs, busy bars, extravagant dancefloors and cheap drinks, you won't be short of options for where to go and how to spend an unforgettable weekend!

Is Ibiza Expensive?

As with any popular destination, Ibiza can be expensive, but there are some tips that can soften the blow. Consider going in May or June, rather than July and August when prices rise. Also, if partying is paramount, consider a more budget-friendly hotel to free up more money for those big nights out.

What is the Signature Drink in Ibiza?

The most popular drink in Ibiza is called Hierbas and you'll either love it or you'll hate it. It's an absolute explosion of an anise liquor (anise is the star-shaped flower we usually see in mulled wine spice) combined with the aroma of 20 wild plants and herbs.

How Long is a Flight to Ibiza from the UK?

A flight to Ibiza from the UK will take anywhere between 2.5-3 hours (depending on which airport you're flying from). Most major international airports have direct flights, but be sure to check in advance.

How Many Nights Should I Stay in Ibiza?

Over 80% of the groups who book with GoHen enjoy a 4-night stay. With city breaks, hens will usually book 2- or 3-night stays, but with beach destinations, they often extend the trip to make the most of the sun, sea and sand.

38 Reasons Why Ibiza Is Amazing!

Ibiza Super Clubs - Famously the biggest and best in the entire world, you really haven't partied until you've experienced Ibiza's legendary nightlife. And with GoHen you'll get guest list entry! Find out more...

Celebrity Spotting - It's easier to list who hasn't been here, with Kim and Kanye, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and more. Orlando Bloom even had a bust-up with Justin Bieber here!

Giri Café - This delightful café has a very simple philosophy, buy local ingredients, cook ambitious dishes, and make them stupendously tasty. Safe to say Giri Cafe do all three of those things very well indeed.

Party at the end of the world - Nostradamus predicted that Ibiza would be the only place to survive a world-ending catastrophe. We hope the clubs stay open though!

Orange Crush - Ibiza's earth can be an unusual shade of orange which is down to the sap of the thousands of pine trees that dot the island and turn the soil a fantastic colour.

Privilege - Otherwise known as 'the world's biggest nightclub', Privilege is an explosion of flamboyance, colour and unforgettable fun. Amazing performers, breathtaking pyrotechnics and one of the best clubbing atmospheres in Ibiza.

Savannah - Watch the sun go down with a refreshing drink in hand at this wonderful bar in the heart of Ibiza. This is the perfect place to enjoy the calm before what's sure to be a dancing storm.

Amante - OMG! If you're looking for a great view... Gazing across the Mediterranean Sea with a delicious Amante martini in hand... It's what Ibiza hen weekends are all about!

Watersports - With activities like Surfing, Kayaking and White Water Rafting on offer, there's never been a better way to cool off in the midday Mediterranean. See more...

Linekers - One of the island's most famous bars and sooner or later any visiting celeb will make their way Linekers which is the starting point of many an amazing night out.

James Blunt - James Blunt has one of the funniest Twitter feeds around, the singer also happens to have a home in this Mediterranean jewel.

KM5 - Beautiful dishes, stunning cocktails and truly luxurious beach surrounds makes KM5 one of the islands hottest bars.

Lio Ibiza - If you subscribe to the philosophy that 'life is a cabaret' then you'll LOVE this. Lio's is of the best nights out to be had on an island that really knows how to party.

Space Ibiza - Space has won more awards than any other club in the world. You'll discover why when you step onto the outdoor dance floor to throw shapes to the sounds of some of the best DJs around.

Amnesia - Some of the biggest parties in the world have been held at this utterly incredible superclub. "There at no party like an S-Club party..." Sorry Bradley, we love you but you ain't seen nothing yet!

Pacha - Nights at Pacha are full of fun, frivolity and truly memorable Ibiza hen do thrills. It's the second home of many of Ibiza's truly beautiful party crowd.

Experimental Beach - The place to record your alcoholic findings, Experimental Beach is full of local 'talent', top tunes and devilishly delicious cocktails. Salud!

What water? - There isn't actually any fresh surface water in Ibiza! The island's water supply is welled from deep underground, so you had better avoid long showers girls...

UFOs - An alarmingly high number of UFO sightings have been recorded in Ibiza. Perhaps that's why so many 'space cadets' can be seen on the islands dance floors.

Babylon Beach - Pssst! (whisper) As well as amazing drinks and great snacks, Babylon Beach is also where stunning beach hunks are usually found but don't tell everyone, we don't want to share.

Spa Experience - While the nightlife is constantly buzzing, the days in Ibiza are all about rest and rejuvenation. With a Swedish sauna, heated pool and a relaxing steam bath, this activity is your one way ticket to Ibiza hen party heaven. See more...

Shopping - You don't have to walk too far to find the best shopping spots in Ibiza. If you're looking to exercise your passion for fashion, the Port area is full of designer labels and cheaper alternatives.

Spiritual awakening? - Thousands of people a year visit Ibiza in search of 'Tranquillo', an Ibiceno word meaning to 'find inner peace in harmony with nature'. Because sometimes a glass of wine just isn't enough!

Sankeys - DJs from all over the world have graced the decks at this fantastic club, at Sankeys it's all about spirited good times in a bijou but brilliant space.

116,000 - That's how many people actually live here; that means the population is roughly the size of Alan Partridge's beloved Norwich... Aha!

The lingo - Don't be surprised if you're left flicking through your Spanish dictionaries and scratching your heads during your Ibiza hen do. Ibiza does have its own dialect, similar to Catalan.

Festa del Vi Payés - A festival dedicated to the God of Wine? It's just another reason to celebrate this amazing party loving isle.  

Stonehenge - Australian artist Andrew Rodgers erected 13 basalt columns to mimic the world famous site, making for the perfect place to watch the sunset away from the crowds on your Ibiza hen weekend.

Heritage - Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its ancient buildings, unique coastline and vibrant sealife.

Bambuddha - Budding Buddha's will find spiritual enlightenment with the greatest of ease after a couple of delicious cocktails guaranteeing you an alcoholic enlightenment.

Es Vedra - This mystical isle just off the Ibiza coast is apparently where Ulysses encountered the sirens in Homers Odyssey. We think it was probably just an ancient Ibiza hen do waking up from a bit of a crazy night out!

Mr. Blue Sky - Ibiza enjoys an average of 2732 hours of sunshine every year, making it the perfect place to top up your natural, healthy tan.

Venga Boys - They make the list simply for penning the unbelievably catchy We're Going to Ibiza. Little did they know that they had penned the touring anthem for pretty much every Ibiza hen party ever since.

Orson Welles - Famous film director and actor Orson Welles lived on Ibiza for a time, so if the bride feels compelled to recite Shakespeare at any point, don't stop her; she could be discovering her inner thespian!

World Records - In the 1990's Ibiza was declared 'the entertainment island of the world' by The Guinness Book of World Records. Take that Tahiti!

Walk the Ramparts - It's the perfect way to cure any hangover. A sunlit stroll along the old defensive walls makes for a lovely walk and it's a great way to further immerse yourselves in Ibiza's rich culture.

Ibiza Yacht Charter - On your special weekend you deserve the most luxurious activities around. That's why with our fantastic charter, you and the girls will head off for an exquisite three hour tour complete with delicious cava. See more...

Parasailing - Who said that hens couldn't fly? Prove all the naysayers wrong and soar 450 metres into the air while enjoying spectacular Mediterranean views.

It's time for a hen do in Ibiza!

When an island boasts luxury beds on the beach, throws pre-parties for its parties, welcomes 10,000 to celebrate in a single glitzy venue and even the sunset has its own soundtrack, you know you're onto something pretty special! With over 80 beaches, the world's biggest nightclubs, a sizzling climate and even hotter parties, a hen weekend in Ibiza ticks every fabulously outrageous box there is! We're sure there's not much we can tell you that you don't already know about the party paradise of the Med - chilled out, fun-packed, party mad... there's no doubt about it girls, an Ibiza hen do rocks!

Why choose an Ibiza hen do?

Cocktails on the beach... parties under the stars... sun-kissed days... crystal clear waters...

(Altogether now..... "Whoah! We're going to Ibiza"...!)

From the majestic drawbridge, cobbled streets and rich history of Dalt Vila to the laid-back vibe of the Sunset Strip and the miles of glorious powdery sand at Playa D'en Bossa, your Ibiza hen weekend will be treated to every type of cuisine, entertainment and vibe under the sun. Ibiza's got chilled-out summer soundtracks along with trendy beach bars and world famous DJ's playing in some of the best clubs on the planet!

Trendy to traditional, chilled-out to super-club, action-packed to lazy days of summer... and with fab hand-picked accommodation just a short stroll from town, and an incredible selection of activities to fill your days, there's no better time to grab the girls and get your party started!

What: Ibiza hen weekend adventures

Party, chill out, explore, indulge... whatever takes your fancy! With golden sands, ever-blue skies, stunning scenery and a fantastic party spirit, your hen weekend in Ibiza can be as energetic or as laid back as you like! Explore the cobbled streets, glitzy marina and shops of Ibiza Town, indulge in some premium pampering at a luxurious spa or take the plunge for an unforgettable scuba adventure in the Med. And if you're feeling brave, why not feel the wind in your hair with some high flying parasailing fun?!

For that little something extra, climb aboard a luxury catamaran with top tunes on deck, a fab on-board bar and a selection of fun-packed watersports to add to the sun-soaked mix! Ringos and the banana boat are always good for a few giggles (or hysterics ...sorry girls!), and there's nothing like a zip on the jet-ski to get your heart racing! Then tuck into a delicious beachside meal before partying 'til dawn with VIP entry to one of the hottest clubs in the world! Phew!

Tranquilo... the Ibiza way

When it's time to kick off those heels and feel the sand between your toes you'll be utterly spoilt for choice - from the classy Las Salinas to the boardwalk of Talamanca Bay and summer tunes along Cala Conta, Ibiza is blessed with some of the most stunning stretches of sands in the Balearics. For a true taste of paradise why not hop on a boat and take a trip to the unspoilt shores of nearby Forementera, where you can refresh and recharge, top up your tan and immerse yourselves in the natural mudbaths in one heavenly sun-soaked Ibiza hen party sitting!

When the sun sets on the Med...

... Ibiza transforms into the undisputed party capital of the world!

From Dalt Vila to Downtown, Sunset Strip to super-club and terrace to golden shores... with award-winning clubs, beaches and bars partying all night long, you'll be fabulously entertained by the world's top DJs at the hottest parties on the planet! 

Make like the island's A-list and enjoy a few giggles and glass of bubbly between venues with your own chauffeur driven limo, and girls, when it's time to rock those killer heels, we've got VIP tickets to the hottest clubs in town!  And for a truly magical evening under Ibizan skies, why not take the party to the crystal clear waters with a sunset clubbing cruise?  Cocktails and fresh tunes by moonlight? Ibiza hen do bliss!

When should we go?

With a balmy climate, infectious atmosphere, stunning landscape and unbeatable line-up of entertainment, it's always a good time to whisk the girls away to whiter shores! Ibiza rocks throughout the summer and parties all year long! 

Enjoy all the fun of the fair at the Carnival in Feb, take in a host of live entertainment at the Eivissa Medieval Fest in May, or revel in the lively atmosphere, fireworks and fun of San Antonio's Fiestas de San Bartolome celebrations in August. Talamanca's boardwalk bars and restaurants are a great place to grab a beachside bite to eat even in the low season and with a maze of cobbled streets, fantastic selection of activities and no fewer than four UNESCO celebrated sites to its name, a hen weekend in Ibiza promises a fantastic pre-nuptial bash all year round!

Let's get this party started!

With sun-soaked days and world famous nights, an Ibiza hen do easily shines as one of our most popular destinations. GoHen are ready to help you plan a truly unforgettable party in the sun. So why wait? Give us a call or send us a brief today!

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