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16 Hilarious Hen Party Games

Add even more laughs with our wickedly funny hen party games...

"Uh oh, she's taking off her shoes, this is getting serious!". A hen weekend simply isn't complete without some hilarious hen party games. But you don't want the boring old games everyone has played before...

As ever at GoHen we love to be original, so we've made a list of unique hen do games. And to make it even easier you can download our full list of games, rules, dares and more. Download our free list of hen games here...

Hen Party Photo Challenge Game

You'll need...

  • Smartphones
  • No sense of embarrassment

Split into teams. Each team is given the full list of photo and video challenges. The team to complete the most challenges in 30 minutes is the winner.
Award bonus points for the funniest or most creative photos.

Sample Video Dares

  1. I love this one! - Jump up and shout "I love this one" to a song then sing and dance your heart out in the pub.
  2. Serenade - Serenade a stranger.
  3. Serenade Her - Get a stranger to serenade the bride-to-be.
  4. Tell me more, tell me more... - Randomly burst into your favourite song from Grease.
  5. Oscar Winners - Perform a scene from a movie.
  6. Live Life Like a Musical - Do something ordinary and turn it into a musical.
  7. Quote - Walk up to a guy a say a line from a song as if it's a conversation starter.

Sample Photo Dares

  1. Pretty Boy - Give a guy a makeover.
  2. Officer and a Gentleman - Get a photo of you with a man in uniform.
  3. Huggies - Hugging a doorman.
  4. Tit for Tat - Wearing someone else's hat.
  5. Titanic - Get a photo of you all knee deep in water.
  6. Guns - With the most muscular arms you can find.
  7. Spice Boys Challenge - With 5 different guys, one sporty, one posh, one ginger, one baby and one ginger.

Confessions of a Hen Party

Confessions of a hen party

hen party games

You'll need...

  • A small piece of paper for each hen
  • 3 pens
  • A box of chocs
  • A hat or small bag
  • A party of hens with dubious pasts or interesting secrets!

How to play...

Each hen must write down a secret or true fact about herself that no one in the group knows. The pieces of paper are placed in a small bag or hat.

The hens then take it in turns to pull a piece of paper out of the bag and read it out loud, they must then try and guess whose confession they're holding.

If they guess correctly they get a chocolate. If they guess wrong then they must pay a forfeit or take a drink.

The Frocky Horror Picture Show

You'll need...

  • Bad photos
  • Picture frame or cork board

How to play...

Prior to the weekend, ask all the hens to bring along the worst photo they can find of themselves with the bride.
The hens will take it in turns to add the photos to the board.

This isn't so much a hen party game, more a chance to have some laughs and stroll down memory lane with the bride-to-be.

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His Last Words

His last words

karaoke hen nights

You'll need...

  • Paper and pens
  • A sneaky chat with the groom

How to play...

Before the hen weekend, email the groom and ask him to finish a number of sentences.

  • When I get home from work the first thing I like [bride's name] to do is...
  • In the morning, the first thing I do when I get in the shower is...
  • [Bride's] best feature is...
  • [Bride's] worst habit is...
  • Although she doesn't know it, when [bride] isn't at home I like to...

Split the hens into teams and give each team pen and paper. Read the first part of each sentence and the teams must then fill in the groom's last words (of course if he reveals too much, once the bride-to-be gets home they could be his last words!).
Award points in a QI way that effectively makes no sense. Everyone will be laughing too much to worry about the scoring anyway.

Hen Scavenger Hunt

You'll need...

  • A list of scavenger items
  • Bags for the teams
  • Digital cameras or smart phones

How to play...

Split into teams. Each team is given a list of items, a bag to put them in plus a time and location to meet up (to be super-organised, have the time, location and your phone number printed on the list, kudos for getting them laminated).

The team to collect the most items and complete the most challenges in the time allowed are the winners. Award bonus marks for the best pictures and items.

Photo challenges should be texted to the adjudicator/games mistress's phone.

Sample Treasure Hunt List

  • An item of underwear
  • Photo of the team behind bars
  • A gentleman's business card (or a hunky guy's phone number, photo please!)
  • Something tasty
  • Photo of the team with the best-looking fella
  • A joke
  • A foreign coin
  • A bribe for the judge
  • Something that reminds them of the bride-to-be

The Great Biscuit Bite Off

You'll need...

  • Biscuits
  • 1 judge
  • 0 soggy bottoms

How to play...

The 'judge' (or 'Mary') will name a shape or object. The hens must nibble a biscuit into the best likeness of the subject.

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Dog
  • A man's... (ahem!)
  • Shoe
  • Bird
hen nickname generator

Drink if...

You'll need...

  • Drinks
  • Hens
  • A list of situations

How to play...

Arrange a number of shots on a table. Read the first instruction, then hens simply drink if the game says so.

Please be careful not to play this game for too long (always drink responsibly and try not to be too shocked by everyone’s answers!).

"Drink if..." Sample Questions

  • ...you've ever taken revenge on an ex.
  • ...you've had sex in a public place.
  • ...you've ever lied to a boyfriend.
  • ...you own more than 40 pairs of shoes.
  • ...you've ever flirted with your boss.
  • ...you've snogged someone at work.
  • ...you've ever had a toyboy.

Two Truths & a Lie

two truths and a lie

You'll need...

  • A group of tipsy hens

How to play...

Each hen takes it in turn to tell two truths and a lie. The rest of the group must then work out which one is the lie. If they guess right, the liar takes a drink. If they guess wrong then the rest of the group must take a drink. Simples.

Wise Words

You'll need...

  • A hat or bag
  • Pre-printed answers

How to play...

Prior to the weekend ask all the hens to send you a few words of advice or kind words for the hen (they can also be funny or cheeky). Print out each set of words, fold them up and put them in a bag or hat. On the night, the bride must pick out a piece of paper at random, read it to the group and then guess who said it. As well as being good fun it’s a nice way of telling the bride just how much all her friends think of her. Have some tissues ready, there could be tears.

That's What He Said

You'll need...

  • A quiet word with the groom

How to play...

Before the weekend email the groom a set of questions.
On the night, sit the bride-to-be on a chair in front of all the group, Mastermind style. Then tell her that her specialist subject is; “The life and times of [groom’s full name] from [date of birth] to [current date]”.

If she gets 50% of the answers correct she’s allowed a five-minute call with the love of her life. If she gets less than 50% she must pay a forfeit.

Sample Questions

  • What is his favourite movie?
  • What was the name of his first pet?
  • What is his favourite part of his future bride's anatomy?
  • What was the groom's nickname at school?
  • What is his full job title?
  • What is his least favourite food?

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Playdoh Pictionary

You'll need...

  • A pack of Play-doh or plasticine
  • Pieces of paper with the names of objects

How to play...

Split the party into two teams, facing each other. Give each team a good-sized piece of the Play-doh.

A member of each team must then step forward for each round where both players will be shown one of the pieces of paper. They must then stand back to back facing their teams and have 30 seconds to make the object on the piece of paper for their teams to guess what it is (standing back to back means their teams can only see what they are making).

Whichever team guesses correctly first wins the point.

Ideas for objects...

  • A horse
  • A wedding bouquet
  • A mobile phone
  • A bum
  • A police helmet
  • A penis
  • A wine glass

That’s Pants!

That's pants

You'll need...

  • A pair of knickers from each hen

How to play...

Ask all the girls to bring a spare pair and then place them all in a bowl (a bit like car keys at a swingers party). You then need to try and match the pants to the owner.

Guess Who

You'll need...

  • Photos of the girls’ first flames
  • Large sheet of paper and Blu Tack

How to play...

Ask all the girls to bring along a picture of their first love/guy they lost their virginity to. Place all the pictures on a large sheet of paper you can hang on a wall. The aim of the game is to ‘guess who’ and match all the hens to the photos. Just make sure none of the photos is of the groom. Awkward!

Wedding Dress ER

You'll need...

  • Materials to design your dresses
  • Two willing models

How to play...

What would happen if the bride's dress went missing on the day? Here's what...
Collect some old material, ribbons, loo roll, coloured paper, foam, coloured tape, pipe cleaners... pretty much anything you can lay your hands on. Split the girls into two teams, one team to dress the bride and one team to dress her chief bridesmaid. Each team then has 5 minutes to create their wedding dress masterpieces. Tweet us your finished dresses @GoHen.

Strike a pose... Vogue...ogue...ogue

You'll need...

  • A whistle
  • Bag or hat
  • Set of poses
  • Hens with no shame

How to play...

Before the event write a list of different poses, then cut the list into individual strips, fold each strip and place it in the bag/hat. The hens will take it in turns to pick a piece of paper. This is their assigned pose. Anytime they hear the whistle for the rest of the evening (no matter what they’re doing) they must strike their pose.

Sample Poses

  • Teapot
  • Robot
  • Elvis
  • Crazy dancer
  • High diver
  • Peeing dog
  • Laying hen
  • Air guitar
  • Pole dancer
  • Michael Jackson
  • Superhero

Send To All

You'll need...

No phones!

How to play...

This is a hen party so phones should be simply off limits. Any hen in breach of this golden rule and found using her phone should have a message typed into her phone and sent to her entire contacts list.

If you’ve got any hen party games you think we should know about we’d love to hear from you so we can pass them on to other hen parties. You can email them to hen@gohen.com

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