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Avoid any boredom on that big night out as you and your hens do battle in our hilarious Hen Party Bingo game.

It's fun. It's free. It'll be something you're laughing about for years.

Download it here, print it off, and have some laughs on us!

Hen party bingo game

The Hen Party Bingo Challenges

  1. Do a shot off a guy's abs
  2. Kiss a bald man's head
  3. Do the Macarena in a strange place
  4. Get a stranger to buy the bride a drink
  5. Get a conga going (min. 5 strangers)
  6. Flirt with the barman
  7. Get a guy's number
  8. Give a guy a makeover!
  9. Selfie with a policeman's helmet on
  10. Get a photo of a terrible tattoo
  11. Order a drink in a French accent
  12. Get someone to serenade the bride
  13. Get a stranger to buy you a drink
  1. Shout "I love this one" & singalong loudly to a song
  2. Hug a doorman
  3. Dance with a couple
  4. Serenade a stranger
  5. Selfie with a stag party
  6. Get a guy's boxers
  7. Tell a stranger "Is it hot in here or is it just you!"
  8. Get the barman to give you a drink for free
  9. Try on a stranger's shoes
  10. Get asked for ID
  11. Selfie with a stranger's glasses on
  12. Offer kisses for £1 and earn a fiver

How To Play

To ensure that no cheating hens are (46) up to tricks, we've come up with a list of rules for the girls to abide by. If anyone is found to have broken the rules, there will be consequences (SHOTS!!!).

  • You have just one hour to play
  • The first player to complete a vertical or horizontal line on the card is crowned the hen party bingo winner (no diagonals)
  • Tasks must be witnessed in order to be ticked off
  • Any hens caught cheating must pay a forfeit

You can also ramp up the competition by throwing in some prizes and forfeits and battling it out for awesome prizes such as a cocktail of your choice (paid for by the cocktail kitty).

Bridal Bingo

If you don't fancy these hen party dares, why not make it all about the bride? You ask the bride to fill out her very own hen party bingo sheet with fun facts about her for a more personal touch and find out who knows the main gal the best!

The Prizes

You can't play a hen game if there aren't any prizes (or forfeits) up for grabs! Spice up your evening on the town and bring out the girls' competitive edges as you battle it out for these awesome prizes:

1st Place - A cocktail of your choice (paid for by the drinks kitty).
2nd Place - You can choose the forfeit for the loser.
3rd Place - Close but no cigar, you win a bag of nuts (insert nut jokes here).
Last Place - A hen forfeit must be completed!

Feel free to come up with your own personalised prizes and forfeits!

Have at it

C'mon then ladies, what are you waiting for?! Download and print off your bingo cards and remember to take them with you when head off for that big weekend. This hilariously fun, light-hearted game is guaranteed entertainment and a fab ice-breaker for a big group of hens. Be sure to let us know of any dares you'd like us to add to the bingo card and share your stories and snaps with us on social media.

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