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Nicknames for the Hen Party

If you're struggling for hen party names, then you can keep it simple by assigning everyone names from classic shows or movies.

  • Classic Eastenders characters - Pat, Peggy, Kat, Dot
  • Classic Corrie characters - Vera, Hilda, Diedre, Bet
  • Favourite movie characters - Hermione, Poppins, Leia, Lara
  • Little Miss names - Miss Neat, Miss Naughty, Miss Sunshine, Miss Scary

The Next Level

Once everyone has their names, you can then take it to the next level by asking them to come dressed as that character or have a T-shirt made for everyone with their nickname on. It's a great ice breaker and sure to be a good talking point and focus of plenty of laughs through the weekend. You can even assign a fun forfeit for any hens caught not using another hen's nickname.

A rose hen by any other name...

Of course, being the bright bunch you are, you could always opt for more highbrow hen do names:

  • Shakespeare characters - Juliet, Cordelia, Ophelia, Titania
  • Historic figures - Cleopatra, Calamity, Godiva, Florence
  • Classical authors - Virginia, Louisa, Sylvia, Agatha
  • Fairy tale names - Belle, Cinders, Tinkerbelle, Elsa

It's another great way to decide on hen fancy dress. Once everyone has picked their names, they can then create a fancy-dress costume. Or if you're still keeping it clever, you can ask everyone to wear just one item that the rest of the hens will be able to guess their character from. For instance, if they have Hermione Granger, they could have a Hogwarts scarf; if they are Tinker Bell, they could have fairy wings; if they are Lady Godiva, they should cover up, it might be a bit nippy later.

So Rude!

Remember, whatever names you end up with, you will probably be using in public, so don't use any names you wouldn't be prepared to say across a crowded pub.

Most of all, hen parties are about adding a bit more fun. Don't let anyone end up with a nickname you wouldn't want to be stuck with yourself. Make sure everyone is involved in the process or, if you're worried about too many hens, then let the bride-to-be decide and then her word is final (it's her weekend, so no one is going to argue with the nearly-wed)..

Alternatively, you can try our hen do nickname generator to give everyone a bit of a giggle.

Have fun!

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