Hen + stAG = HAG Party

Top 10 Hag Do Ideas

  1. Glamping - Sleeping in tents? That's so 90's, enjoy the great outdoors with added class.
  2. Inflatable Games - Your own giant TV game show with foam, costumes and more...
  3. Somerset Challenge - Now imagine the Olympics were planned by farmers drinking too much scrumpy!
  4. Welsh Challenge - Tackle hilarious inflatable games as you crank up the chaos!
  5. Dance Class - Take the boys out of their comfort zone and into a huge joint dance routine.
  6. HAG-Fest - Private mini live music festival with glamping, silent disco, activities and more...
  7. School Sports Day - Go back to school as everyone relives their youth with hilarious results.
  8. Bubble Mayhen - The funniest sporting event since synchronized bra-strap bungee jumping was outlawed.
  9. Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Experience - Smuggle your liquor past the warden and serve your time.
  10. Country Retreat - Hire your own huge country party pad for the weekend. Catering, music and more.

What Is a Hag Do?

A hag do or hag party is a coming together of all the younger wedding guests and rather than two separate pre-wedding parties, you get twice the number of friends all in one place. It's kind of like having the wedding but without the boring legal bits or older relatives to have to take into consideration. You can just have the party you want!

What Are The Benefits of a Hag Do?

A hag party makes sense for so many reasons...

How To Plan a Hag Party?

At GoHen we're really aware of just how stressful planning a hen do can be, since 2002 we've planned over 700,000 pre-wedding parties. Add the grooms into the mix and who needs that sort of headache? Well, actually, it can be easier. You'll have the best man to help you. But even better than that, you can have GoHen doing all the hard work for you. Tell us your dates, number of guests, preferred location and we'll take care of the rest.

01225 474200

Battle of the Sexes

A joint hag party opens up all sorts of possibilities for the fun and games you can have. You can set your teams as hen vs stags or split the teams evenly, either way you'll be sure of plenty of competition and some brilliant laughs.

Getting Organised

The other joy with a hag do is that you're not responsible for all the planning. Get in touch with the groom's best man and between you, you can hatch all manner of dastardly plans with suitable fun and games, plus surprises for the guests of honour.

You could go all out and not tell either of them your plans and totally surprise them when not only do they head to their respective hen/stag dos to meet everyone but they also find their other half and all their friends as well for one huge collaborative knees up!

If you'd like more ideas for a hag do you can contact our team and we can give you a great idea of just what's available and how to get the party started. Call us today on 01225 4747200.

Hag Party Nightlife Ideas

Rise of the Hag Do

It's easy to see why the hag do is becoming more and more popular. You can cut costs (always popular with all the guests and the newlyweds), you can double the fun, you can see the bride and groom having the time of their lives and that, after all, is what it's all about. There has been noticeable media attention from the press and the hag do is no longer a novelty, it's now considered really fashionable. So why not be on trend?

Celebrity Hag Parties

Loads of celebrities have celebrated with a joint hag party...

How to Book a Hag Do

Booking your joint hag party with GoHen couldn't be simpler, just scan through the many amazing hen activities and hen night ideas we offer and send us a brief with your ideas. Alternatively call us on 01225 474200, we'll be happy to discuss the many options available. And discuss it with the best man where he'll find our big brother, StagWeb, full of stag and 'sten' party ideas.

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