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Many people are familiar with the traditional girly hen weekends at a spa and the lads heading to Eastern Europe, but these days some couples are choosing to have a joint stag and hen party. Also known as a sten do or hag do, couples are now enjoying their celebrations together instead of having separate hen and stag parties, and we reckon they might be on to something. Many couples share the same circle of friends so it's a great chance to get everyone together before the wedding.

Benefits of a Sten Do

Sten parties while not common make an awful lot of sense.

Let's Get The Party Started...

Top activities for your sten party

Top Activities for your Hag Do

Battle of the Sexes

A joint sten party opens up all sorts of possibilities for the fun and games you can have. You can set your teams as hen vs stags or split the teams evenly, either way you'll be sure of plenty of competition and some brilliant laughs.

Getting Organised

The other joy with a sten do or hag do is that you're not responsible for all the planning. Get in touch with the groom's best man and between you, you can hatch all manner of dastardly plans with suitable fun and games plus surprises for the guests of honour.

You could go all out and not tell either of them your plans and totally surprise them when not only do they head to their respective hen/stag dos to meet everyone but also find their other half and all their friends as well for one huge collaborative knees up!

If you'd like more ideas for a hag do you can contact our team and we can give you a great idea of just what's available and how to get the party started. Call us today on 01225 4747200.

Nightlife Ideas for your Joint Sten Do

Celebrity Sten Do Parties

Loads of celebrities have celebrated a joint stag and hen party, so to name just a few ...

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How to Book your Sten and Hag Do

Booking your joint hen and stag party with GoHen couldn't be simpler, just scan through the many amazing hen activities and hen night ideas we offer and send us a brief with your ideas. Alternatively call us on 01225 474200, we'll be happy to discuss the many options available.

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