With more and more brides getting married later in life, not all hen weekends are attended by the 20-something Ibiza loving crowd. There's the 70-something Ibiza loving crowd, the 40-something first time brides ("No strippers please!"), 60-something brides ("He's husband number 7 you know."), and they all deserve the very best pre-wedding party. 

Here are some hen party ideas for older brides.

Relax & Indulge

Craft Parties

Craft Class

Get creative in your own bespoke craft class as you and the girls try your hand at making your own little hen do souvenirs. From Bunting Making to Flower Crown Workshop, Perfume Blending to Jewellery Creating we have a fantastic range of crafty classes on offer for you and the girls to dive into.

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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Once you've finished juicing your creativity, replenish your energy with a resplendent Afternoon Tea, where you and your fellow hens can spend a few hours chatting, laughing and indulging with a magnificent array of delicious cakes and sandwiches. You can even upgrade to include cocktails!

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Pamper Party

Pampering Day

Unwind in style as you head for a relaxing detox at a wonderful spa facility. Yes, it's time to have those pre-wedding stresses exfoliated away as you kick back, gossip and giggle whilst enjoying a range of fabulous treatments.

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Private Chef

Hen Dinner

Cap off your delightfully peaceful weekend away with a delicious hen dinner. With an array of options available - from medieval to modern, Italian to Mexican, even a hilarious drag queen dinner – there's plenty on offer for all tastes.

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Loving Life

Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Yes, just because the bride-to-be is a little older, it doesn't mean she has to miss out on a giggle-filled afternoon of hen hilarity. Life Drawing takes the rather sophisticated activity of art and combines it with a rather cheeky element with hilarious results.

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Cocktail Mixing

Cocktail Mixing

From twenty to eighty, and well beyond, ladies of all ages love a good cocktail, and now you and the girls have the chance to get behind the bar and have a go at crafting your own in a hysterically entertaining, hands-on masterclass. Get ready to shake, taste and taste some more.

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Karaoke Party


"It's a nice day for a white wedding...!" Whether you're belting out some Billy or howling some Houston, Karaoke transcends generations and makes for an ideal hen party addition irrespective of age range. "Ohhh, I wanna dance with someboddddyyy!"

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Vintage Makeover

Vintage Makeover

Or just 'a makeover' depending on how old the bride is. Head back to the days of retro Hollywood glam and '60s-style cool Brittania as you return to the golden era of global fashion with expert stylists crafting your look.

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Mobile Gin Tasting Chef

Mobile Gin Tasting

As 21st-century inventions go, gin being brought directly to your door for your hen party has to be up there as one of the greatest, right?! Celebrate in the classiest, most refined, most 'make mine a double' way as you work your way through a variety of different botanicals.

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Not Dead Yet!

Life Drawing

Escape Room

All those hours filling in sudokus and watching daytime quiz shows ("We're not all in our eighties!!") will stand you in good stead as you kick those brains into gear and attempt to take on one of our chaotic escape rooms. Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles, riddles and challenges?

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Cocktail Mixing

Dance Class

Older brides don't equal zimmer frames! Hit the dance floor with renewed vigour as you take part in an exhilarating dance class. Whether they remember the '80s, the '90s or even the Charleston, GoHen have the perfect dance class to suit your age group.

Please Note: If the bride is actually old enough to remember the Charleston (a big hit in the 1920s), a dance class may not be an advisable option.

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Karaoke Party

Inflatable Games

Now we're cranking up the chaos! Get suited up for an afternoon of madness as you and the hens go head to head in various hilarious inflatable games. Laughter and craziness is the order of the day. Bonkers. Barmy. Brilliant.

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Vintage Makeover

Butler in the Buff

Enjoy a pulse-racing evening of entertainment without lifting a finger. Yes, ladies, kick back and unwind as you are waited on hand and foot by your very own hunky butler in the buff. Wearing nothing but a backless apron and a bow tie, these slabs of muscle will be at your beck and call. Please don't leave teeth marks (false or otherwise) on our butlers!

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Mobile Gin Tasting Chef

High Tea Gin Tasting

High Tea is, quite frankly, the height of sophistication. And gin is, quite frankly, the height of sophistication (until you have slightly too much and you're singing Come On Eileen through the back of a traffic cone), so we've gone and combined the two to forge the perfect hen do activity.

Mobile Gin Tasting Chef

Pimp That Penis

Even the title is enough to incite a giggle, you wait until the actual activity! We're not gunna beat around the bush on this one, you and your fellow hens will enjoy a hilarious afternoon decorating your dong models with a variety of materials on offer. Naughty, cheeky, fantastically fun!

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Create your own package to suit your group. Can't see the package that best suits your party's bride-to-be? Don't worry, you can create your own.

Step 1: Choose Your Destination

GoHen operate in over 80 destinations across the UK, Europe and beyond. We have amazing locations to create magic hen memories.

Step 2: Choose Your Type of Accommodation

GoHen have the largest range of hen hotels and accommodation. Boutique hotels, country spa hotels, 5* city hotels, self-catering, glamping and more... You can even have your own mini music festival!

Step 3: Add Some Fun

Having got the where, when and how many sorted, it's time to add the fun with hen party ideas for older brides. You can create the perfect package to make it an expression of the bride's personality, interests or just line up some totally new, laughter-filled experiences.

Step 4: Have An Amazing Weekend!

If you've never booked a hen weekend before, don't worry. We'll happily help you through the whole process to help you get the fabulous, memory-making weekend the bride-to-be deserves.

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