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Getting married is a super exciting (albeit highly stressful) time where not only do you get to celebrate your love for your partner, but you also get to celebrate your love for your friends and family as you ask them to stand by your side and share the special moment of your wedding day.

The bridesmaid proposal is a wonderfully emotional way of solidifying your relationships and a great way to get all pumped up for the wedding... (and the hen weekend!).

Our Top 5 Empty Will You Be My Bridesmaid Boxes

1. Box 1| Etsy | £12.00+

Stylish, chic, relatively cheap – this classy bridesmaid proposal box is perfect for placing a load of lovely little bespoke gifts your bridesmaid-in-waiting will adore.

2. Box 2 | Not On The High Street | £45.95

Slightly more pricey but suitably stunning, this wooden box is professionally engraved with the bridesmaid's name and has a lovely natural finish to it.

3. Box 3 | Not On The High Street | £12

Who doesn't love wine? Who doesn't love celebrating with wine? Exactly – nobody! This personalised wooden wine box is a great way to propose to your best mate (and a great chance to share a couple of glasses of vino!).

4. Box 4 | Etsy | £3.95+

Perfect if you're asking multiple people to be your bridesmaid, these budget-friendly boxes come in a range of colours to suit your style.

5. Box 5 | Not On The High Street | £21.95

A fab keepsake, this beautiful floral jewellery case is something they can treasure forever.

Our Top 5 Pre-Made Will You Be My Bridesmaid Boxes

1. Box 1| Etsy | £20.00+

You can purchase the box empty and fill it if you like, or you can pay extra and get yourself some "Happy Tears" tissues, a ceramic ring dish, plus a bridesmaid proposal card with a charm necklace.

2. Box 2 | Not On The High Street | £20

Everybody loves chocolate. That's just a straight-up fact. These Please Be Our Bridesmaid chocolates are impossible to say no to.

3. Box 3 | Not On The High Street | £19.99

Containing a bridesmaid notebook, lapel pin, diamond pen, a scrunchie and bath salts, this fab box contains a great array of gifts.

4. Box 4 | Not On The High Street | £24.50

Well, obviously, your bridesmaid is going to need a shatterproof champagne flute (perfect for the hen weekend) as how can you possibly celebrate properly?!

5. Box 5 | Etsy | £23.99

Chocked full of a range of items including a natural soy wax melt, hair and body butter, chocolate bar, bath salts, biodegradable confetti, a face bag, a nail file and more – this box is the complete package.

10 Awesome Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

1. Hilarious Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards | Scribbler | Prices vary

Scribbler offer up a range of hilarious bridesmaid proposal cards that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face as well as a tear to the eye.

2. Personalised Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card | Etsy | £2.49+

A beautiful, bespoke Will You Be My Bridesmaid card where you can personalise the hairstyle/colour, skin tone, dress type and more.

3. Help Me Keep My Shit Together Card | Etsy | £2.95

Another funny card idea, you're gonna need your best pals around you to help you keep your sh*t together and prevent you from becoming a full-blown Bridezilla in the run-up to the wedding.

4. Bitch, Please Bridesmaid Card | Etsy | £2.95

Don't ask them to be your bridesmaids – tell them! This funny, sassy, non-negotiable card is a great proposal idea.

5. Bridesmaid Photo Proposal Cards | Not On The High Street | £4.25

Up your bridesmaid proposal card game by adding in a stunning (or not-so-stunning) photo of you and your best mate together.

6. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Flowers | Etsy | £4.50+

These stunning, boho-style flowers are a lovely way of asking your mate to stand by your side on your big day.

7. Personalised Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle | Not On The High Street | £10

A wonderful gift to put inside your homemade bridesmaid proposal box.

8. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Jigsaw Gift | Not On The High Street | £10

Similar to the one above, but made of wood.

9. I Can't Get Hitched Without My Favourite Bitch Candle | Etsy | £10.40

Another great addition to the proposal box, this sassy candle is available in a range of stunning scents.

10. Personalised Bridesmaid Heart Jigsaw | Prezzybox | £17.99

This keyring jigsaw is the ideal gift for a group of bridesmaids with all the pieces slotting in together.

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Bridesmaid Proposal FAQs

Who should I ask to be my bridesmaids?

Whoever you like! This is your big day and you can have whoever you want by your side: whether that's friends, family – hell, if you want your dog up there with you, you go ahead and have your dog up there with you.

How many bridesmaids is too many?

If you Google this, you'll see a wide range of numbers (between 1 and 12, between 4 and 6, exactly 3 and don't you dare have any more than that), but it really is entirely up to you. If you want to keep it low key, 3 is always a good number, but if you're having a bigger wedding, the sky is very much the limit.

Can you have a bridesman?

Hell yeah, you can have a bridesman/man of honour!

How do you ask someone to be your bridesmaid?

Check out our awesome list of ideas below.

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