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Yes, it's going to be a fantastic weekend. Yes, there will probably be a few drinks involved. But (and at the risk of sounding like your mother) we want everyone to come home safe and sound.

Here's our top tips for staying safe during the hen weekend;

1 Champagne 'o' Clock

Hen Party Drinking

There's nothing wrong with having a few celebratory drinks but always drink responsibly. No one wants to spend the evening babysitting that one member of the hen party that has had a few cocktails too many.


2 Peer Pressure

Some people don't drink. Some people drink less. And that's absolutely fine. Never try and urge anyone to drink more than they want.

3 Pre-flight Drinks

Airlines have strict rules on passenger safety and anyone believed to have had too much to drink simply won't be allowed to board the flight. Save any celebratory drinking until you've reached your destination. The same rules apply on your return flight.

4 Activities

Hen Party Activities

'Rusty Dave's Discount Roller Disco' might seem like a good way to save some cash but is probably not the most safety conscious operation. Always book your activities through a reputable site, the quick saving really isn't worth the trip to A&E.

5 Cash Smart

If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Always exchange cash at recognised outlets. For the best deals check exchange rates before travelling through websites such as Money Supermarket.

6 Financial Protection

Not all hen party providers offer the same level of protection. Always book through an ABTA registered tour operator to ensure you have complete financial protection when parting with all the hen's hard-earned money.

7 Pickpockets

Sadly pickpockets operate in most major cities. Are large group who are possibly drinking could seem like an easy target for pick pockets. Always keep valuables in sight at all times. Place money, smart phones, etc in front pockets. Never carry more cash than you need. If you have excess cash ask the hotel if they have a safe rather that carry it with you.

8 Stick Together

Keeping a hen party together can often feel like herding kittens. But never let any of the hens wander off alone, especially getting in taxis alone. There's far more fun to be had when sticking together.

9 Fancy Dress

Getting dressed up is a great way to make the evening feel even more memorable. But what you wear can make a big difference on getting into clubs and bars and also the kind of attention you're likely to attract from unwanted admirers.

10 Passport Control

Never carry your passports with you. Once you have arrived at your destination store them safely. Ask your hotel about a safety deposit box.

11 Get The Latest

Travel Info

You can find out the latest news about your destination from the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) website. This includes travel advice, required travel documents, health and safety warnings and also any potential travel incidents or terror alerts.

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Travel Safety & Advice

For information on staying safe and healthy while travelling abroad as well as local laws and latest government advice on destinations visit the FCO Travel Aware website.