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Is your best mate a man?


Then, of course, you can have a man of honour instead of a maid of honour.

However, there are a few things you need to consider...

  • Will they be comfortable being a man of honour?
  • What are the duties of a man of honour?
  • Can they attend the hen?
  • Should they arrange the hen?
  • Do you need to alter the activities?
  • How should a man of honour dress?
  • Does the man of honour carry a bouquet?

Why Have a Man of Honour?

As more and more people break away from tradition, more brides are opting to have their brother or guy best friend as a bridesman or male maid of honour on their big day.

Why should gender prevent you from having your best mate by your side on your big day?

Easy answer:


Will They Be Comfortable Being a Man of Honour?

Definitely. Speak. To. Them. First.

Whilst you might be keen, they might not be comfortable with it.

Have a chat with them and see how they'd feel about it.

If they're good – crack on!

What are the Duties of a Man of Honour?

The role of a maid/man of honour *traditionally* comes with a load of responsibilities.

We're talking...

  • Planning the hen
  • Helping to choose the dress
  • Keeping the bridesmaids organised
  • Helping the bride get ready for the wedding
  • Providing wine/booze for those much-needed de-stress sessions

If you think your man of honour will be able to smash through these key jobs, you're onto a winner.

But – AGAIN – check with them to see if they want to be involved.

For example, they may not be too interested in the dress shopping or planning the hen if they aren't planning on attending.

Can They Attend the Hen?

Hell yeah!

Will they want to attend the hen? Well, you might notice a common theme with the answer...


You may find that he would prefer to join the groom on his stag. Or perhaps you'd like to combine the hen and stag celebrations with one big party?

The options are endless.

hen party destinations

Should They Arrange the Hen?

Are they able to arrange a legendary celebration?!

Because that's the only criteria you need.

Well, if they're going on the hen.

If they're not, they could always help plan it, but they shouldn't have the full pressure of organising it all.

With over 20 years of hen planning experience under our belts, you may want to point him in the direction of GoHen when it comes to organising your weekend of celebrations.

Do You Need to Alter Your Activities?

There's no reason why you should need to change your activities.

We have so many activities available on our website, you're bound to find something that the whole group will enjoy... including your man of honour!

hen party activities

Man of Honour Wedding Attire?

Your man of honour could suit up the same as the groomsmen, wear similar colours to the bridesmaids or you could go completely off-piste and do something completely different.

It's totally up to you.

Does a Man of Honour hold a Bouquet?

There's no rule book to say that he can't, but you may find it useful to have a pair of free hands on the day for some simple but very important and helpful tasks.

This includes making sure your train is in place, holding the groom's ring, touching up your makeup and holding your bouquetwhen you're exchanging vows!

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