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How great is it being a maid of honour?!

You get to stand by your best mate's side when they get hitched, you get to help organise an amazing send-off into married life, and you get to stand up in front of all her friends and family and deliver a speech worthy of...


Ok, ok, ok... slow down... we get it! Speeches can cause an insane amount of stress for some people, but don't sweat it.

Simply follow our surefire advice below about writing, performing and enjoying your maid of honor speech and give your best mate a stunning and heartfelt (and possibly hilarious) moment they'll remember forever.

  1. Quickfire Maid of Honor Speech FAQs
  2. How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech
  3. Must-Read Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Quickfire Maid of Honor Speech FAQs

  1. Does the maid of Honor have to give a speech?

    Nope. Of course you don't have to give a speech if you don't want to.
    If the bride is pushing for you to do one, but you're just too nervous, just chat with her and explain how you feel.
    However, the maid of honor speech is a fab opportunity to stand up in front of all the people who care about your best mate and tell them just how great she is – an amazing way to make her memorable day even more memorable.  

  2. How long does a Maid of Honor speech last?

    Exactly 17 minutes and 54 seconds and not a moment sooner! OK... that isn't true.

    There's no set rule for how long a maid of honor speech should last, but we'd recommend aiming for 3-4 minutes, so it's not too long that people get restless, and not too short that people think you don't have anything nice to say about the bride.

  3. When do you give a Maid of Honor speech?

    At the wedding reception!

    Traditionally the Father of the Bride will give a speech, then the Groom, then the Best Man – speak to the bride and her partner to find out where they want you to appear in the running order!

  4. Does the Maid of Honor give their speech at the rehearsal dinner?

    It depends!

    Firstly, it depends if they're having a rehearsal dinner. If yes, then it's easiest to ask the bride and her partner.

    If you've written a killer speech and you don't want to ruin it by performing it before the big day, maybe request to not do it (this one's also a great excuse if you don't want to perform it at the rehearsal dinner – you just better make sure it is top-drawer come the big day!!).

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

  1. Introduce Yourself

    Whilst many of the people at the wedding might already know who you are, you shouldn't assume everyone will (unless you're an actual A-List celeb like Beyoncé – then maybe you can assume).

    Be sure to start off by introducing yourself, telling people your role in the wedding, and speak about how you know the bride – this will lead you seamlessly into Step 2.

  2. Your Relationship With The Bride

    Once you've said who you are and how you know the bride, you can go on to talk about your relationship with her. Whether that takes the form of funny or heartfelt, be sure to throw in a few anecdotes (and avoid anything too controversial).

  3. The Bride's Relationship With Their Partner

    After you've covered your relationship with the bride, it's time to switch attention to her partner, how they met, what you love about them as a couple – all the hits.

    Avoid phrases like:

  • 'He'll/she'll do'
  • I wouldn't have put them together'
  • 'It won't last'
  • Etc.

  1. End With A Toast

    Talking about them as a couple is a beautiful way to segway into a toast.

    So, once everybody has finished laughing and are struggling to hold back those tears of joy, you can raise a glass to the happy couple, cheers to their future together, and await your standing ovation.

Maid of Honor Speech Tips *Must-Read*

  1. Start Early

    Start thinking about it as early as possible.

    Particularly if you're nervous, knowing your speech inside out is the perfect way to overcome any anxiety.

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice

    Similar to starting early, practising your speech over and over will help conquer any nerves.

  3. Get an Audience

    Be sure to practice on your partner or your family to get a feel for doing your speech in front of an audience.

    They will also be able to give you tips, tell you if you need to slow it down and help you refine it to a work of art.

  4. Avoid Too Much Dutch Courage
  5. Whilst one drink to calm your nerves isn't the end of the world, too many could swing the pendulum the other way.

  6. Speak from the Heart

    If you're worrying too much about making it funny – don't make it funny!

    Not every wedding speech needs to be hilarious (and half the time they aren't anyway). Simply speak from the heart and you'll be on to a winner.

  7. Avoid Past Relationships

    Yep, you’d think we wouldn't need to write this one, but here we are.

    The bride, her partner and their friends and families probably don't need any of the bride's past relationships or exes being dragged up on the wedding day – even if you're trying to be funny.

  8. Don't Google 'Maid of Honor Speech Examples'

    If they appear on the first page of Google, they're going to have been copied and repeated a million and one times – prepare yourself for the collective groan now!

  9. Follow our template above, speak from the heart, and it'll be great!

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