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Oxford's stately charm and sophistication may not conjure up images of wild nights out, but the 'city of dreaming spires' isn't to be overlooked in the nightlife stakes. With the long cultural history on one hand and the thriving student population on the other, the Oxford hen nightlife is a perfect blend of rustic but refined old pubs, and glitzy new nightclubs with a good selection of cocktail and wine bars thrown in for good measure! And with treats like limousines to cruise through the streets in and hen hosts to cater to your every whim, there's a great range of options available with GoHen to ensure that your Oxford hen night is world class!

Your guide to hen nights in Oxford

Bars, Pubs & Clubs

The Oxford hen nightlife can be a little difficult to find amongst all that Gothic splendour, so knowing exactly where to look can be a task worthy of the academics. Oxford's Jericho is a bohemian little area with a whole host of cool, independent bars, some of which do cocktails for as little as £3. Park End Street runs more towards the mainstream, with a host of buzzing bars and clubs to get your blood pumping.

Oxford might not have as many nightclubs as some of the bigger University towns, but Oxonians like to party as much as anyone, and the clubs they do have are vibrant, fun, and a good deal classier than you'd expect from typical student venues! This isn't the place for fancy dress, ladies, so we'd strongly recommend ditching the feather boas and fishnets. Once you've taken off your l-plates, however, the city offers a whole host of nightclubs for your entertainment. With some major, multi-level, multi-room clubs too, the Oxford hen nights can provide an awesome and electrifying party atmosphere, as well as cultured and dignified days!

If you want to skip the queues and glide right past the rabble waiting outside like the VIP you are, go for the guest list nightclubbing with no queues and no on the door fees (and no arguing with the bouncers), there's nothing standing between you and the party.

Getting Around Oxford

Driving around Oxford can be a tricky task, so if you're staying in the city centre, you might want to leave your car at home. Bikes are popular with students, but it's very hard to pedal in heels - so unless you're planning on bringing a helmet and kneepads, we'd stick to walking! If walking is a little bit pedestrian for your tastes, never fear we can arrange for a limo to transport you around instead, so you'll be able to party even on the move.

Outstanding Options in Oxford

Oxford hen nights aren't short of clubs, but here at GoHen, we like to think that a hen night is about a little more than just getting down on the dance floor. You want something that can't be done just any night of the week, and that means adding something a little special to the evening. Luckily, we have a few special options for your night to make sure you send the bride off with style.

Comedy Club It's a top favourite with hens and girls on a hen night are usually a top favourite with comedians too, so watch out for a little ribbing from the stand-up! Oxford is one of the best destinations in the country for seeing a comedy act - with legendary comedians like Rowan Atkinson having started their days here, are you sure you can afford to miss it?

Murder Mystery a meal, a few drinks, and a murder sounds like just our kind of evening. It's not just a show to see, you've also got a mystery to solve, and "I told you so" to insist when the murderer is revealed. Perfect for a quieter start to the night, it's a casual, relaxed way to ease into the evening.

Hen Hosts a considerably less casual and relaxed evening activity. They're hot, they're nearly naked, and they're there to wait on you and the girls hand and foot all evening. Whether you want them fetching drinks or finishing the ironing is up to you the important bit is that our hen hunks come in only a bow tie, cuffs, and a bum-baring apron.

Party the night away with GoHen

Check out GoHen's packages for some more great options; the Oxford Luxury package lets you act like ladies, with a two-course dinner at an Italian restaurant, 4* hotel, treasure hunt around the city, and a spa session. You'll also get put on the guest list at one of Oxford's top nightclubs - it is a hen night, after all. Or get your hands dirty (before licking them clean) with our Oxford Delight package: 4* hotel, chocolate making, afternoon tea... it sure sounds delightful. If that's not your cup of tea just speak to our event team. You can even build your package from scratch! Just give us a call to find out what's best for you, and we'll help you create an Oxford hen night like no other!

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