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Partying in Magaluf isn't restricted to the nights. It's the fact that the resort is alive and thriving all day long that keeps the Brits coming back year after year after year, and it's that same irrepressible party atmosphere that's going to give you and the girls a weekend they'll never forget! Whether you want to spend your days tanning beneath the blazing sun or taking a dip in the warm Balearic Sea, Magaluf's golden beaches are just the place to do it. If you'd rather make a few one of a kind memories whilst you're on a beautiful resort with your favourite girls, GoHen can help there too, with plenty of Magaluf hen activities to get you out of the hotel room and into the party spirit!

Your guide to hen activities in Magaluf

Not just the nights

The Magaluf nights are legendary, and possibly (probably) what drew you girls to the resort in the first place. When you're looking forward to some incredible nights out, it's easy to overlook the hours in between, and what you'll do to fill them even in Magaluf, the clubs have to close sometime. We'd suggest getting a few Magaluf hen activities booked in for during the days so that there's no part of the holiday you're not having fun!

Game on

Let's get this clear we have absolutely nothing against spending a few hours lying in the sun (after the sun cream slathering, obviously), especially when it's on a beautiful Blue Flag beach like the ones in Magaluf. English beaches may have fish and chips, but the weather just can't compare! However, there are two problems with spending your whole weekend lying face down on a beach towel, though. First, spend the entire weekend sunbathing and you're likely to go home with skin looking a lot like your leather suitcase. Second, when you've got all your nearest and dearest girlfriends with you, just lying next to one another on your loungers is a waste of some quality bonding time. GoHen has some great hen activities in Magaluf to get you spending some time together and everyone knows nothing breaks the ice like some friendly competition. Paintball is a great way to work off some of that pre-wedding stress (as well as work out any tensions between bridesmaids over who was declared maid of honour). We can also offer go karting for if you like your fun a little more adrenaline fuelled.

Top picks

It's not all fierce competition or flopping in the sun. We've got a range of Magaluf hen activities that are fantastic for keeping you a little busy in the day, with plenty of time left for checking out speedo-clad hunks on the beach.

  • Pole dancing - Athletic and exotic, a pole dancing class is always a guaranteed laugh on a sexy, sassy weekend. Having the girls around helps everyone let go and enjoy themselves (and a few free drinks doesn't hurt either), and who knows? You might even want to show off your new moves when you hit the clubs later on.
  • Cocktail Mixing - It's a hit with hens no matter what country they're in, and Magaluf is no exception. It's the perfect way to get the party started early, and chances are good you'll be able to display your new mixology expertise in some of the bars that night.
  • Aqua Park - Lounging by a pool is fun, splashing in a pool is better hurtling into a pool from a slide whilst stuck in a rubber ring is some of the best water-based fun you'll find in Magaluf. Chutes, falls, rides, slides all the perfect way to cool off and have a brilliant time.

Go with GoHen

Finalising the numbers, working out budgets, getting the timings right, finding something all the girls like - getting all of the activities sorted is hard enough without the added pressure of being in a different country! Most of the people in Magaluf speak English, but that doesn't make the fact that they're around 1,200 miles away (and therefore quite difficult to call) any easier you're not going to be able to make enquiries easily or pop in to change arrangements. Luckily, GoHen has got some of the work started for you we've already tracked down the best Magaluf hen activities. All you need to do is decide exactly what it is you and the girls want to do, and we can help you put it all together from there we can make the bookings, check the availability, and put together everything you need for a top Magaluf weekend. We promise to make your hen party easier in every way we can and that includes finding you savings and deals, working out transport from the airport, and providing excellent support to keep your weekend running smoothly from start to finish. Just give us a call if you want to chat about what we can provide for you or if you've already got some ideas of your own, send us an enquiry so we can start making it happen!

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