Haunted Hen Parties

Haunted Hen Weekends

If you love the thrill of things going bump in the night (and we're not just talking about the bridesmaids making their way back to the hotel after a few too many hen party cocktails) then our most haunted hen parties are spine-tingling fun that will have all the hens shrieking with delight... Or perhaps even terror!

GoHen have a selection of paranormal party weekends for you to choose from across the UK. You and the hens can book into haunted hotels, take a wander on ghastly ghost walks or face your fears at coordinated ghost hunts at some of the nation's most spooky sites.

Hen party fun of the supernatural kind is trending hard with tarot readings and other wicked-witchings becoming prevalent in mystic millennials' lives. Add a haunted element to your hen party for the full ghostly experience of dreams (and maybe a few nightmares!). If you missed the 2016 film and didn't get the memo – women can be Ghostbusters too!

Haunted Hotels

Ever been tempted by the idea of staying in a haunted hotel? Well now's your chance! A far cry from the usual hen party spa retreat, the only far cries you'll be listening out for at one of our ghostly guest houses are those of the paranormal kind as you take part in conducting controlled paranormal investigations. Maybe you'll even bust a few ghosts of your own – if only if it wasn't for your group of meddling hens!
It's not just the sepia tone we've edited onto the images that make these Haunted Hotels a ghostly treat. There are secrets to be discovered in these ancient manor houses that have often been the stuff of literary nightmares or film sets for some of the spookiest productions out there.

Whilst staying in these eerie establishments, you'll take part in ghoulish ghost hunts, seances of the supernatural kind, glass moving and even then dreaded Ouija board. But you're no bunch of scaredy-hens! Take on this weekend and dare to be scared...

Go on... Step inside... We dare you!

Ghost Hunts

"Who ya gonna call?" Actually, there's no point calling Ghostbusters because during these eerie hen party activities it's the hens themselves who will be the ones hunting ghosts... Unless the ghosts start hunting them! You'll work alongside paranormal investigators who will show you how to work the equipment as well as telling you the horrible history of our chilling locations, each of which has a history of ghost sightings and paranormal activity.
There are a number of old and abandoned buildings across the UK where you can choose to spend the evening and kick some serious ghost-butt. To us, ‘haunted house' conjures up images of dark timber beams and whitewashed exteriors. Chuck in a couple of creaky floorboards, squeaky doors and creepy dolls and you've got the whole package! Your imaginations might take you somewhere else, with a variety of disused churches, nuclear bunkers or old orphanages where you can get on the fright-hype. All-aboard, hop-off at one of our haunted destinations for a seriously scary ghost hunt hen party!

The varied old and abandoned buildings include;


Manor Houses
Fire Station
Old Schools

Ex Prison
Old Mill

Nuclear Bunker

A frighteningly good weekend you'll never forget...

Ghost Walks

If you're not quite ready to come face to face with any ghosts just yet, you can still experience thrills and chills during our spooky ghost walks. Highly entertaining, totally captivating and often sprinkled with a little humour, our ghost walks are a fantastic look at your chosen city through your fingers. You'll be greeted by one of our ghostly guides who will then take you to some of the cities most haunted sites. Hens will love this ghoulish tour of the city that puts a supernatural spin on the classic walking tours available in every UK city. You'll get to experience the sights of the city without anyone wandering off – you'll be hanging off every word (and probably each other!) your guide utters as they take you through some of the city's paranormal secrets and strange sightings. And, hopefully, you'll all come back in one piece...

After one of our Ghost Walks, you'll definitely need a nightcap to help tempt those sweet dreams after enough nightmare ammunition to last the weekend. Good luck, ladies!

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