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GoHen's 90s Themed Hen Party

Ah the 90's the spice girls were big, our phones screens were small, Y2K gave us sleepless nights and it felt like Ross and Rachel were never going to get together. We got jiggy with the Macarena, took our Tamagotchis for walks and told our siblings to "...talk to the hand..." while Leo and Kate danced on deck without even thinking to look for icebergs.

Happy days indeed, if we ignore the odd fashion faux pas we may have been guilty of along the way (denim dungarees and crop tops anyone?). Here at GoHen we love a bit of nostalgia, especially when it brings back awesome and often hilarious memories for the bride-to-be, so here's a quick guide to 90's hen party ideas.

Girl Band Recording Studio Day

I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want... I want to be in a girl band. Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, Eternal, All Saints, Destiny's Child, The Spice Girls... In the 90's girl bands seemed to come and go quicker than David Beckham hairstyles.
If your hen party feels it missed the pop boat it's really never too late. Well if Take That can become a 'man band'...?

Lay some phat tunes here...

Vintage Makeover

You can step back in time and take the nearly-wed back to an age when the only boy you were going to marry was Taylor Hanson. Our vintage makeover isn't just restricted to a 90's hen party, a team of professional hair and makeup artists will be on hand to completely transform you all to any era you choose, from 40's heyday to 90's rom-com stars.

Open a can of whoop ass on a 90's look here...

90's Street Dance

The Fresh Prince had some serious moves, Destiny's Child were "slamming it" and we were transfixed by Mel C who dressed like she'd just come straight from hanging out in shopping malls and learning dance steps in carparks. Now you can get your funk together and learn all the moves in your own 90's dance crew.

Shake what ya mama gave ya here...


Back in the 90's thanks to a Columbian choreographer and Brazilian pop diva, hip-hop, soca, samba, merengue and mambo were fused to become one of the biggest fitness crazes of all time. Funkier than boxercise, sexier than boot camps, we soon all soon wrapped in Lycra and swaying our hips like Ricky Marin's backing dancers.

You can be living la vida loca here...

Wine & Champagne Tasting

While some might consider the 80's the decade that taste forget (poptarts, microwave chips and neon rara skirts), in the 90's everyone suddenly got sophisticated. Wine and champagne became the flavours of the day, test your taste palates and learn a little more about these great party drinks.
Learn the dealio of great champagnes here...

Check out wicked wines here...

Madonna Experience

One female artist really did rule the 90's... Queen Madge. Vogue, Hanky Panky, Die Another Day, Beautiful Stranger... From her amazing songs to incredible choreography, Madonna seemed to be at the peak of her powers. Take a walk through her back catalogue by learning the moves to one of her greatest hits.

Don't just stand there let's get to it...

Climb the O2

It was one of the biggest talking points of the 90's and the focus of the nation's Y2K celebrations. Today it stands majestically overlooking the River Thames and city of London. But the best view is definitely from the top. Getting there is a whole other matter. Climbing the outside of the O2? That takes real girl power!

You can go girls here...


How about a complete festival in the bride-to-be's honour? "Welcome to Helen-Fest", featuring her favourite music, festival T-shirts, amazing festival accommodation, live bands, hog-roasts... You can make it as intimate or as grand-scale as you like with your own hen party festival.

You'll be 'trippin' when you read more about Hen Fest here...

School Sports Day

Take the guest of honour back to her school days with some hilarious P.E. The whole event is set up just like the sports days you'll remember from your youths. Its hen vs hens as you team up and go head to head in some classic school games. Just for giggles set your own team captains/school prefects.

Step back in time here...

For more amazing 90's hen party ideas or to get your party started you can contact our team today; 01225 474200. Or send us a brief enquiry and we'll get back to you with a no hassle quote. Because as 90's superstars, S Club 7, might say, there at no party like a GoHen party.

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