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If you're planning a hen party at home, you'll be pleased to know there's so much you can do without having to jump on a plane, book a hotel, or hire a minibus for a 6-hour drive to Brighton (it should have been 3 hours but halfway there the bride's cousin realised she'd had forgotten her hypo-allergenic "I can't sleep without it" pillow and you all had to go back and get it – aarrrghhh!).

With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can give the bride-to-be a hilarious hen party at home she'll never forget.

So without further ado, here are 18 top tips for a wonderful and laughter-filled hen party at home.

Hen Party at Home

60 Minute Makeover

If the bride is familiar with the room or house/flat hosting the party, then get all the hens round an hour beforehand to give it a transformation. Balloons, bunting, bales of straw in the garden for summer-festival seating, old random/vintage china (thanks car boot fairs) to create a festival feel... it's amazing what can be achieved in an hour.

You could check out Etsy for loads of hen party accessories.

Hen Party at Home

Photo Memory Wall

Ask all the guests to bring their funniest photos of them with the guest of honour. Preferably those trips to guide camp, first day at uni, gap year trip to Cambodia, "OMG what was I wearing?!?" snaps. Hang some giant sheets of card and everyone can pin their photos to them when they arrive.

For a special display try these Photo String Lights.

Hen Party at Home

Treasure Hunt

Split the hens into teams, give each team a list of items and a sack to collect them in and away they go. Our version has a few adult items to find, plus there are some outrageously fun photo and video challenges for the hens to complete. They'll need all their The Apprentice haggling skills to tick off all the items on the list. You can act as judge and award bonus points as you see fit.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at this Purse Scavenger Hunt.

Create your own hen party
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"...A truly memorable weekend for our beautiful bride!..."

- Sophie Kilgour
Hen Party Accessories
Hen Party at Home

Dance Class

"And a 5, 6, 7, 8..." Have an 80's dance class or recreate a Beyoncé video - there are so many classes to choose from. All you need is a large enough room (or even a garden if the weather is looking good), and a dance coach will teach you a professionally choreographed routine that the bride and all her single ladies could even perform at the wedding. "Woah oh oh ohhhhh oh oh oh..."
Read more about Dance Classes.

Hen Party at Home


Yeah, she's glamourous – she always looks gorgeous on a night out but who wouldn't love to try a new look or have an expert to do her hair and make-up? This will be just like her wedding day - someone turning up and 'making the magic happen', but this time all the hens can get in on the act and have a make-over too.
Read more about Mobile Makeover.

Hen Party at Home

Hilarious Hen Party Games

If you're having a hen party at home, then there's no doubt there'll be plenty of laughs, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to give things a helping hand. If you need some hen game inspiration, then there's plenty of fun to be had here with a whole heap of games to keep you giggling. You can even download all the rules and instructions for free. You're welcome!
See a full list of Hen Do Games.

Hen Party at Home

Cocktail Class

"Venimus et nos vidimus bibi" (We came, we saw, we drank). Say it in Latin and getting drunk sounds so much more sophisticated. But, as it happens, just like the UK's top bars, you can have your own mixologist who will show you how to make some classic cocktails before you get hands-on. All booze and equipment provided, you just need to do the mixing and drinking! Ideal to host at one of GoHen's hen party houses!
Read more about Cocktail Classes.

Hen Party at Home

Personal Chef

Cooking? For yourselves? Pah, this is a party, you need a bit of an A-lister shuffle and no Hollywood celeb would be caught cooking their own fabulous 3-course meal, and neither should you! You can have a personal chef arrive with all the ingredients to whip up a feast tailored to suit your party/bride. You'll get gorgeous bites without even having to set foot in the kitchen. Now that's how to have a dinner party!
Read more about our Private Chefs.

Hen Party at Home

45 Crazy Hen Party Dares

As home hen party ideas go, you can't fail with a few cheeky dares. Doing them at home means there's less chance of embarrassing yourselves in front of random strangers, but you can still have just as many laughs. We have a whole heap of dares for you to download enjoy.
See the full list of Hen Party Dares.

Hen Party at Home

Naked Chef

It's just like our Personal Chef, but you also get a naked male model/waiter (completely starkers except for a teeny-tiny apron) to serve your food. "Oops, I seem to have dropped my napkin... thank you. Oops and again." Yes, this truly is a mouth-watering and very tasty dinner.

Hen Party at Home

Pamper Party

After weeks of often stressful wedding planning, a little bit of pampering could be just what the bride-to-be needs. A therapist will arrive with a treatment table/chair and a whole array of goodies to help all the hens to relax and unwind.
Read more about our Pamper Party.

Hen Party at Home

13 Fabulously Easy Cocktails

Exactly what it says on the tin. A whole selection of tasty and simple drinks you can make to share during the hen do. Pre-make and pour into pitchers ready for the girls to serve themselves, or get your helpers to assist in shaking (but do try not to do too much 'taste testing' before everyone gets there).
See the Cocktail Recipes.

Hen Party at Home

Butlers in the Buff

Your own hunky naked model (once again a pesky little apron is covering his modesty) will be on hand to act as a butler, serving any drinks and canapes you have and also to organise a few party games. He'll also pose for photos and let you feel those rock-hard abs. Yum!
Read more about Sexy Butlers in the Buff.

Hen Party at Home

Life Drawing

Hurrah, no apron! Yes, things get a little bit cheeky with plenty of inappropriate jokes as you let your inner artists free and painting a very naked male model, who'll come to your home along with an art instructor.

Read more about Life Drawing.

Hen Party at Home

Gin Tasting

The perfect tonic for a stressed-out bride-to-be. In this fabulous class, you'll get to sample some fantastic gins as well as make a few gin cocktails. If the bride is a gin lover, then this particular activity really is her cup of tea/glass of gin.
Read more about Gin Tasting.

Hen Party at Home

Afternoon Tea

Talking of tea, you can have your own swanky afternoon tea. Either do it Bake Off style and ask all the hens to bring a selection of cakes and pastries (if you're properly organised, everyone will be assigned a different cake/savoury to bake), then merely add a few fancy types of tea. Or you can call in some tea/cake experts to do all the hard work for you.

Hen Party at Home


Add a little sophistication to your hen party at home with a spot of wine tasting. A wine expert will arrive with a selection of fine wines and then teach you everything you've always wanted to know about your favourite tipple. You'll also learn how to taste wine like a pro (instead of drinking it like a drain).
Read more about Wine Tasting.

What our hens say...

Just returned from a fabulous hen do in Cambridge with GoHen! Everything ran so smoothly, great hotel and the events we picked were brilliant! Thank you so much for all your help.

Cambridge -
05/07/2019 -
5/5 stars

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