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Although Stratford-upon-Avon is a quaint, traditional place during the daytime, don't be fooled there are huge numbers of tourists to the city, resulting in a wealth of pubs and bars catering to them, and a large population of actors and their groupies keeping the Stratford nightlife going too! As soon as the sun sets, the pubs, clubs and bars throw open their doors and GoHen has a selection of entertainment to get things off to a good start too! Stratford is fairly small, it's much easier to get around on foot than some of our bigger destinations and all of the best bars, pubs and clubs are but a stone's throw from each other, meaning there's nothing standing between you and the best of the Stratford hen nightlife!

Your guide to hen nights in Stratford upon Avon

A hen night should be about more than just going out and having a few drinks with the girls otherwise, what makes it different from every other night out with the girls? A Stratford-upon-Avon hen night gives you the chance to add a few fantastic entertainment options to your evening, to keep the girls happy, busy and having fun as the night begins!

  • A limousine is the perfect start to the night whether you pull up at the restaurant in style or travel on to a nightclub afterwards, everyone will see you for the VIPs you are when you arrive in one of these. Party music will be playing inside, getting you all pumped up for the night ahead, and a glass of champagne will only add to the celebrity feel!
  • A murder mystery evening always gets things off with a giggle. Stratford is known for its theatre, and you and the girls get to have a go and show off your acting skills as you put your poker faces to the test and try to figure out whodunit. There's also a 3-course meal included, so you've got the whole evening sorted in one easy activity!
  • Let's face it, there's no evening that can't be improved with the addition of hot men waiting on you hand and foot and if they happen to be wearing very little, even better! Our hen hosts make any night one to remember.

Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Shakespeare was a fan of the odd drink himself, he wrote that 'good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be used well', which we think is a warning against binge drinking (on cheap wine, at least). Stratford-upon-Avon is a great choice for those who love the odd glass (or bottle) themselves, as there's a huge amount in the way of traditional pubs in Stratford… and it doesn't come more authentic than drinking in Shakespeare's town. Ely Street, the High Street and Sheep Street are the best places to be for all the very best watering holes. Take a step back in time and check out the timber-framed Garrick Inn which dates back to the 1400s - it's said to be haunted, so watch out for extra guests! Hang out in cosmopolitan joints with the well-heeled crowds who frequent Stratford, or alternatively, see if you can catch some of the talented Royal Shakespeare thespians up in the pubs which surround the world-famous RSC theatre. If you fancy something a little more urbane, there's a selection bars as well, as yummy cocktails and fine wines are never far away either in this cosmopolitan Warwickshire town.

Nightlife and clubbing in Stratford-upon-Avon reflect its historic, stylish and beautiful surroundings, offering up cool, luxurious venues which appeal to a classy crowd who don't appreciate pushing and shoving or noisy bars and endless jaegerbombs. Sit back and relax on plush sofas in modern surroundings, make like a celebrity in the VIP Moet champagne room and strut down the catwalk dance floor to incredible, newly released tunes as mixed by top DJs. There's even a sumptuous Moroccan and Middle-Eastern inspired venue, which is home to delicious cocktails! If you can't go without your cheese and disco fix, there are regular club nights playing all your favourite pop childhood hits too. Finding exactly the right club can be a little tricky in Stratford although the town has a good selection, it isn't exactly overburdened with a plethora of options. To make sure you end up in the right place, ask GoHen for guest list nightclub entry, and make sure you end up in the hottest club in Stratford upon Avon.

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Stratford-upon-Avon really is a truly magical place to spend the evening, perfect for those who prefer to party in intimate bars and clubs with a classy and cultured crowd! The town's many cocktail joints and restaurant-bars are perfect for you and your girls to really let your hair down when night falls and although the selection is fairly small, Stratford's lively clubs rarely disappoint. There's a whole lot to choose from in beautiful and historic Stratford-upon-Avon, from awesome activities to some of the oldest pubs in the UK. Get ready for a fun-packed hen night in Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon!

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