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Modern Berlin is a thriving, throbbing, dynamic metropolis of a city, and hen nights in Berlin provide one of the richest environments in Europe for partying. The clubbing scene is well known to be amongst the best in Europe, if not the world, and parties run from Friday night to Monday morning without stopping. You could easily spend your entire weekend within a single club if you were so inclined… though with such a selection of irresistible Berlin hen nightlife options on offer, we don't know why you'd want to.

Your guide to hen nights in Berlin

Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Bars and pubs are everywhere in Berlin, and the characteristic German efficiency ensures that they are high-quality watering holes for visiting hens. It's not just beers and breweries either (though there's plenty of both) - Berlin is famed for being edgy and experimental, which means delicious (and lethal) cocktail combinations. Between them and the traditional German pubs, you're covered for everything from cutting edge cocktails to time-honoured Bavarian beer. The capital city has nearly 1000 bars alone, but the top bar hotspots are around Mitte, Prenzlaur Berg, and Friedrichshain, particularly if cocktails are your cup of tea (so to speak…) With such an incredible selection of bars on offer, you're going to want to make sure you find the best and don't waste your time in sub-par watering holes. Add a guided bar crawl to your weekend, complete with English speaking guide, to make sure that you get the most out of the Berlin hen nightlife.

Berlin is a Mecca for techno and house aficionados, so if serious clubbing is an essential part of your Berlin hen night you won't be disappointed. DJ Magazine's 2011 'Best Club in the World' is located in Berlin - it's a city that really takes its music scene seriously. The majority of the biggest and most popular clubs are built in repurposed buildings, adding an ambiance you don't get in many other cities. The clubs frequently don't get busy until well into the early hours of the morning - and you'll find more than a few that open Friday and don't close until Monday! From the massive, experimental, nightclubs built from converted power stations to glossy, seductive super clubs to hip, edgy intimate venues, the Berlin nightlife is like no other. Nothing ruins the party more than having to spend hours queuing up in the cold Berlin nights outside a club before you're allowed to start the party and the best Berlin clubs can be notoriously difficult to get in to. Get the boring bits, like queues and entry fees, dealt with in advance by asking GoHen for guestlist nightclub entry.

Berlin Bites

In Berlin, there's a delicious range of restaurants to sink your teeth in to. Cuisines from all over the world have found a home here, with Turkish being a particular favourite. If you're girls who enjoy a good post-pub kebab, you're in luck the guy who invented the doner kebab lived in Berlin most of his life, and there are plenty of fast food venues serving as testaments to his ingenuity around the city at night. There's plenty of high-quality German food on offer too, to convince you of the merits of German cuisine. No Berlin hen night would be complete without all trying a famed German currywurst - you'll find pop up stalls selling it everywhere for the best taste of modern Germany. If you want a really tasty meal though, there's only one option a strip dinner. A delicious three-course meal and an even more delicious male stripper is as delectable as it gets.

Go with GoHen

The amazing diversity and sheer scope of the city mean that Berlin hen nights are never going to leave you at a loss; there are constantly fresh and new things to do. For a hen night that combines culture with truly incredible clubbing, Berlin can't be beaten- and between the unique shopping, entertainment, activities and nightlife, you'll never be stuck for what to do in Berlin.

The only difficult is within planning but admittedly, that is a big difficulty. Finding the best areas to try and the best clubs to visit is difficult enough, particularly if it's in a country you don't know and a language you don't speak. GoHen can help you there we've been planning hen dos since 2002, and already know all the best places for a group of hens to go on a night out. We should do, after all, we've sent over half a million partygoers out, so we know what they like.

Berlin throws up a couple of other unique difficulties too the clubs don't tend to open until after 11, and they don't get busy until around 3 in the morning. Whilst that means there's no problem partying until well into the next day, you will need a few activities to keep all the girls entertained throughout the evening until the party starts. Whether that's bowling, football, or a cheeky strip dinner is up to you just let us know, and we'll make it happen!

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