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A hen party isn't like I'm A Celebrity,you won't be facing harsh jungle conditions or bug-based trials, but a mini hen party survival kit is always a welcome addition to that big weekend away.

Packed full of party starters and hangover essentials, they're an absolute godsend that also elevates the bride's celebration to new fab heights.

Here at GoHen, we've seen more than our fair share of hen parties and have devised the definitive list of hen party survival kit necessities you simply have to include!

11 Hen Party Survival Kit Ideas

  1. Shot Glass - Something to party with and a memento to keep.
  2. Mini Bottle - Wine, gin, vodka... each bag should have a miniature party starter.
  3. Face Spray - A great way to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.
  4. Dare Cards - Place a dare card in each bag for extra laughs.
  5. Wet Wipes - A very useful addition for any spillages!
  6. Water - Handy to have during your first hen activity of the weekend.
  7. Sweets - To keep energy levels high.
  8. Paracetamol - To help treat any tender heads.
  9. Plasters - To help treat any tender feet.
  10. Chewing Gum - After that fourth slice of garlic bread, gum might be handy.
  11. Personalised Sunglasses - Get some matching team hen sunnies for your weekend. credit:Etsy uk

Homemade hen party survival kits are fun, unique and your chance to get creative! You can decorate each bag, add funny hen party nicknames and make them as simple or as complicated as you want.

Top Tip - If some of the hens haven't met before, add a name tag to each bag until everyone has had time to properly mix and mingle.

5 of our Favourite Hen Party Survival Kit Bags

1. Bride Tribe Survival Kit Bag

A stylish little Bride Tribe bag to fill with goodies and hangover essentials.
£4.95 | Bride Tribe Survival Kit Bag

2. Hangover Recovery Kit Bag (10 Bags)

These cute cotton canvas bags come in packs of 10.
£13.99 | Hangover Recovery Kit Bag (10 bags)

3. Hangover Recovery Kit Bag (10 Bags)

These cute cotton canvas bags come in packs of 10.
£20.48 |Bride Tribe Drawstring Bags (12 Bags)

4. Rose Gold Paper Party Bags (12 Bags)

These stylish paper bags are easily customisable to make them unique to each hen.
£10.99 | Rose Gold Paper Party Bags (12 Bags)

5. Team Bride Luxury Paper Bags (15 Bags)

Room to add names and decorate how you please, these elegant paper bags are perfect for large groups.
£13.99 | Team Bride Luxury Paper Bag

The Lowdown: Hen Party Survival Essentials

Hen party survival kit

Shot Glass:

Be Prepared - Perfect for pre-drinks (particularly if your accommodation doesn't have any to hand). Let's get this party started!
Get your shot glasses here.

Mini bottle

In Case of Emergency - Open bottle!

Face Spray

Super Refreshing - Refreshing, energising and a great way to bring tired skin back to life.

Dare Cards

Hen Night Games - Put an individual dare card in each bag to help get the party started.
Check out our hen night dares here.

Wet Wipes

Freshen Up - Handy for helping you to freshen up after a meal or a colossal hen challenge.


Hydration - Keep hydrated during your activities, whilst you're checking out the sights or help reduce the effects of that hangover.

Face Spritzer: Refreshing

Invigorating and totally refreshing. A great way to bring tired skin back to life and just what you need in a hot club.


For the Morning - Trust us, this is an absolute necessity - particularly if you're planning on partying to the small hours.


For Dancing Feet - New pair of shoes? Party animal? Just clumsy? Grab some plasters!

Chewing Gum

Stay Fresh - Avoid bad breath, for the sake of everybody!

Personalised Sunglasses

Get the Look - Not a necessity, but a fun little extra to get your squad looking on point.

Get your personalised sunglasses here.

Other great ideas for hen party survivors...
You never know what life (or the hen party) might throw at you, so here are some more great hen party survival ideas. In case of emergency.

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