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This isn't a standard celebration or a normal night on the town – this is your best mate's big send-off into married life, so you've got to pull out all the stops.

Hen party sashes are a small addition that make a huge impact. Not only will it ensure the bride is the centre of attention she deserves to be, but you'll also be easy to spot in the clubs, so nobody gets lost.

Check out some of our favourite Hen Do Sashes below and get your squad looking on point.

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Bridin' Dirty Hen Party Sash
Bridin' Dirty Hen Party Sash


If you want to be truly different then why not make your own? You can create personalised hen party sashes for the whole party, these can include what part everyone is playing on the day; bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, sister, hen, (for those that aren't part of the bridal party on the big day itself) etc. Or you can give each hen a nickname which can be written or sewn on their sash.

All for one...

And one for all. Finding, or in particular making hen do sashes, can be quite timely when you already have so much to organise. If you want to make your party look a little different (as opposed to shop bought sashes) then ask all the hens to make their own sash. Letting the rest of the hen party cut loose with their own artistic flair really will throw up some great looks.


If your guest of honour is planning a vintage style wedding then you can give her a sash to match. Etsy can be a great source for vintage sashes as you can communicate with the maker to have yours tailor made for your party.

hen nickname generator


The other nice benefit of making your own hen night sashes is that it gives the nearly-wed a truly unique keepsake that can go into her gift box (see hen party gifts) as a memento of her hen weekend.


If your bride likes all things hi-tech or you just want to make her stand out then there are a number of sashes on the market that come complete with flashing lights or luminous strips that will show up under certain lights (like those hitting the dance floor of your chosen club).


If you're doing a particular activity, like an 80's Dance Class or Somerset Challenge you could make and theme your sashes by using either day-glo style 80's colours or a farmer style tweed with matching cap.
Alternatively if you're having fancy dress during the hen weekend then get sashes to match, you can either buy or make sashes to suit your fancy dress theme (camouflage, superhero, school prefects, etc).

How to make your own sash...

  • To create a set of ten matching sashes buy a piece of material 120cm by 150cm and cut it length ways in strips 12cm wide and 150cm long.
  • Cut the two ends at a 45° angle so they will meet up once the material is folded in half, with the outside (long) edge pointing downwards.
  • Once the material has been cut, hem the sashes by turning, folding in a length 1cm long down both sides of the sash and then stitching the edges. If you don't have a sewing machine or aren't too hot at sewing then iron-on webbing will do the job and is available at most habidashers, fabric shops or markets.
  • After hemming the sides of the sash, sew the ends (or once again use webbing tape) making sure the stitching/webbing is on the inside of the sash.
  • You can now get truly creative by attaching lettering, shapes, flashing badges and all manner of decoration. Making your own hen party sashes really is easier than you think and will give you something truly unique.
  • If you're feeling truly inspired you can create sashes to match the colour scheme the bride-to-be is planning for the big day (although you might need to wrestle that privileged information from her first).

More ideas... Pinterest can also be a great source of hen do sash inspiration.

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