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16 Hen Party Goodie Bag Ideas

Brilliantly simple goodie bag novelties

Hen party bags can be a great way of getting the party started, you can go as wild as you like or keep it a touch more sane. Each bag can be a complete hen party kit or just add a few bits and pieces for some laughs at the start of the weekend.

Here are some great ideas for hen party bag fillers that are tried and tested with some of the 450,000+ pre-wedding guests GoHen have helped to organise incredible hen weekends for. If you’d like some hen with your hen party planning you can contact us now for a hassle free quote and find out for yourself why 96% of our users say they would book with GoHen again.

Hen Party Goodie Bag Ideas

  • Cheeky Miniature - A little bottle of something tasty is a great addition to any hen do bag to give each hen cause for good cheers (a plastic cup might also be handy to go with it).
  • Shot Glass - If plastic simply isn’t good enough then personalised shot glasses are a great keepsake but remember these will add extra cost to your budget so check with the rest of the girls first.
  • Badges - Who doesn’t love a badge? You can arrange for personalised badges complete with each hen’s position (mother of the bride, bridesmaid, etc) or their hen party nickname.
  • Dare Card - Give each hen a dare that they have to complete at some point during the weekend. You can either write or print them onto small individual cards to go in each bag. Check our hen party dares page for some great dare ideas.
  • Forfeit - If each hen is going to face a dare then you could also include a suitable forfeit in each hen do bag for those that don’t quite make the grade or fail their dare.
  • Balloon - There are all kinds of novelty balloons you can find or have some personalised balloons made especially for the occasion.
  • Streamers/Party Poppers - Add one to each bag but don’t tell the guest of honour, then when the time is right you can give her a 21 gun party popper salute (just tell everyone to be careful where they aim).
  • Charade - As an added game give each hen a small card with a song title, book or movie to act out. You can then award prizes and forfeits as you see fit.
  • Cheeky Charade - If you want to be a bit cheekier rather than the usual charades give each hen the name of a sexual position they must mime for the rest of the hens to guess. Once again you can give out prizes or forfeits. You might also be surprised to find out who knows exactly what the positions are!?!
  • Playdoh - Another good hen party bag filler, this can be used for one of our fantastic hen party games.
  • Joke - Print out cards or slips of paper and then have each hen stand up and read out her joke for a few extra laughs.
  • Song Lyric - Another quick and easy party game. Print out a line from a song onto slips of paper and then each hen can read out her lyric for the other hens to guess, whoever guesses the most correctly wins a small prize.
  • Have You Ever… - This is a great hen game. Print out a heap of suggestive “Have you ever…” questions which each guest must answer honestly (“Have you ever snogged an older man?”). You can then open up the question for the rest of the group to confess to.
  • Hen I.D. Badge - It is possible that with the bride-to-be inviting guests from different areas of her life (old school friends, uni/college pals, work colleagues, family, etc) that not all the girls will have met before. Hen party I.D. badges can be a great ice-breaker and a way for the girls to get to know each other. Using printable labels or blank laminated cards and a small marker pen you can create hen party I.D. badges. You can add titles such as; Name, I’ll have a… (each guest can write the name of her favourite tipple), I’m the bride’s… (friend, sister, colleague, etc).
  • Chocolates - Fun size bars or miniatures. Surely everyone loves chocolate?!?
  • Alkaseltzer - Provide a little pain relief for the morning after. Alternatively you can give each hen party survival kit instead.
  • Novelty Shaped Straw or Chocolate - Well, it is a hen party after all.
Hen party goodie bag ideas

Hen party bags can be just as much fun to make as they are to receive so let your imagination run wild, you don’t need to blow the budget as games, dares or challenges can be even more fun and more useful to help get the party going than other hen party bag fillers.

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