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Reykjavik can bring you everything you want for an exciting hen party, from entire days of sunshine to entire days of night. Dubbed the 'nightlife capital of the North,' the Reykjavik hen nightlife scene doesn't disappoint either. Over weekends the city comes alive with revellers and partygoers, who make the city one of the friendliest, most inclusive around. Reykjavik hen nights are a hidden gem for hen weekends.

Your guide to hen nights in Reykjavik

Bars and Pubs

Reykjavik is a city of extremes, and the bar scene is no different. Hens will find both the most laid-back cool rock pubs along with the most cutting edge and trendy cocktail bars. Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland, but the city centre itself is very compact. This is excellent for hen groups visiting, as it means all of the clubs and bars are in close proximity to one another, enabling you to wander between them whenever you want! And with residents from all over Reykjavik coming into the city centre to celebrate the weekend, the atmosphere is always pumped especially since Reykjavik locals make up 1/3 of Iceland's population.

Laugevagur is by far and away the best area for bars and clubs, but Austurstrti and Bankastrti also hold their own. There are loud, thumping, popular pre-drinks spots for the younger crowd before they hit the clubs, or cosy, artsy lounges for hobnobbing with some of Iceland's music and film bigwigs. You'll find more bright and electric upmarket venues or minimalist and monochromatic bars that are the heights of Reykjavik hen night cool. If wine is your preference, try Vinbarinn for a sophisticated older crowd, or Le Chateau des Dix Gouttes for a combination of wine, cheese and cake heaven. And if you think you can handle Iceland's lethal signature alcohol, Brennivn, head to Iceland's oldest pub. Gaukur a Stong don't just serve the drink they invented it. While you're in Iceland, remember to head out later than you would back in England. Clubs and bars don't really hit their stride until after midnight and the majority won't close until four or five in the morning perfect for you and the girls to literally dance all night! Bar crawls are hugely popular in Reykjavik, they're called 'runtur', and they're the standard way to enjoy a night out on the town. You'll see hundreds of locals spilling between one bar and another on a night out. Try our English language, guided pub crawl if you'd like to get in on the act (and into the coolest bars around).


Reykjavik clubs are different from anything you'll find in the UK or Western Europe, and we don't just mean the music. Generally, they're a lot smaller and more intimate, rarely holding more than 300 or so people at once. If you enjoy enthusiastic and welcoming dancers, and a buzzing atmosphere, the Reykjavik hen nightlife is perfect. The clubs in Iceland also tend to be different by day. During daylight hours, they'll often be restaurants and cafes, ideal for grabbing a quick lunch or early dinner in. However, late into the night, the homely little cafes will transform into the nightclubs, clearing a dancefloor, lowering the lights, and turning the music up. One of Reykjavik's elitist clubs also acts as café, bistro and bar, so get there early and settle in for the night. There are also a few clubs that have deliberately sought to recreate the European club atmosphere. With loud music, trendy décor, and a host of regular and guest DJ's, they're amongst the sleeker venues in town. Fancy dress is rarely welcome around Reykjavik, so save some space in your suitcase and leave the fancy dress at home. If you want to be sure of getting into the most buzzing clubs, ask for GoHen's VIP Nightclub Entry not only will you get into the most lively clubs in Reykjavik, you'll get in ahead of the crowds.

Reykjavik Restaurants

There are a surprising amount of continental and pan-global cuisines available in Iceland, with Thai and fast food being two of the most popular. Fast food chain stores have sprung up everywhere and you'll be able to track down a KFC or McDonalds with little trouble, but hot dogs are the favourites ask for 'Eina me llu', or everything on it, to eat it like the Icelanders do. Naturally, there's a huge amount of traditional Icelandic cuisine on offer expect plenty of fish and lamb, as well as more unusual meats like sharks, whale and puffin. You will also want to bear in mind that like alcohol, food in Reykjavik can get very expensive. To ensure you get the best deals in the best restaurants, let GoHen prebook your meal leaving you to have fun with the girls.

Go with GoHen

Iceland offers everything you could want on a hen night and more, so look into booking with GoHen right away. There are over 100 bars and restaurants to choose from on your Reykjavik hen night, so why not try our handy guided bar crawl given by an English speaking guide so you can get straight to the best venues in the city? After that we can sort you out with guestlist nightclubbing at one of Reykjavik's most popular nightclubs, skipping the queues and getting on to the dance floor.

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