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Does the maid of honor have to buy the bride a gift? Absolutely not.

Should the maid of honor get the bride a gift? Absolutely yes!

OK, so you don't have to buy the bride anything, but a small engagement present in the build-up to her big day is a great way to show your support and love for her.

You don't have to break the bank, either (unless you really want to get her something seriously special) – even the smallest gift will be hugely appreciated.

Check out our favourite maid of honor gifts to the bride that we could find and elevate your friendship to new levels of BFF.

Maid of Honor Gifts to the Bride

Hilarious engagement cards

Hilarious Engagement Cards

If you haven't already got the happy couple an engagement card, be sure to check out Scribbler's hilarious range for a fun congrats for getting all wedding'd up!

Buy Now | Prices Vary

Sticky notes

Wedding Sticky Notes

Super handy for bookmarking any dresses, cake designs, hen destinations, or for leaving her partner passive-aggressive notes about actually helping with the planning.

Buy Now | £3.03

Wedding day card

Wedding Day Card

A stunning wedding day card where you can personalise the names as well as the hair and dress colour, so it matches your gear on the big day.

Buy Now | £4.99

Engagement card

Personalised Papercut Engagement Card

A stylish and unique engagement card that will stand out amongst the others and undoubtedly take pride of place in their home next to the generic (boring) shop-bought versions.

Buy Now | £6.50

Bride print

Bride & Maid of Honour Print

Another lovely little personalised keepsake – this non-tacky bride and maid of honour picture is a cute gift they can put up in her new marital home.

Buy Now | £7.00+


Cold Feet Socks

A fun and funky pair of cold feet socks make for the perfect joke present (plus, everyone loves fluffy socks, so it's win-win!).

Buy Now | £7.56

Flora Pens

Midnight Flora Pens

Wedding planning means scribbling notes here, there and everywhere: to-do lists, circling things she likes, doodling wedding dresses on the back of cereal boxes...

Buy Now | £10.00


Engagement Chocolates

Chocolates are the perfect celebration treat, and your best friend getting engaged is certainly a chocolate-worthy celebration.

Buy Now | £10.24

Engagement mug

Engagement Mugs

A sassy wedding mug for your mate who is engaged AF. Perfect for a revitalising, hangover-busting coffee on the hen weekend!

Buy Now | £10.41+

London street sign

London Street Sign

An alternative bridal gift where you can personalise a London street sign with the names of the couple. Cute, unique and not too painful on the purse strings.

Buy Now | £10.49

Makeup bag

Bride Makeup Bag

Perfect for holding all her wedding day makeup and a handy bag to put her going away bits in for the honeymoon.

Buy Now | £12.99



Either gift it to the bride as a scrapbook she can complete with snaps from the wedding (no effort) or fill it up with pictures and memories of you and the bride (some effort).

Buy Now | £12.00

Hen Party Pyjamas

Deck yourselves out in these elegant Bridal PJs!

Bride gift box

Bride to Be Gift Box

A lovely little gift box to pack full of the bride's favourite treats. You could even make her her own little survival box for the hen celebration or wedding day

Buy Now | £12.99+


Obnoxious Chocs

A great gift for those with a twisted sense of humour. These obnoxious chocs are a fun little congratulations to the bride.

Buy Now | £14.95


Heart-Shaped Cushion

This customisable heart-shaped gift is a unique and potentially hilarious present (depending on the choice of photo you use).

Buy Now | £14.99


Engagement Gem Biscuit Gift Box

Handmade iced gem biscuits with 'You're Getting Married' piped on the top of them. Pretty, thoughtful and downright delicious.

Buy Now | £15.00


Wedding Scrapbook

A classy, floral scrapbook that the bride can use to document the wedding planning all the way up to the big day and beyond.

Buy Now | £41.04


Bride and Groom Planners

Wedding planners aren't exclusively reserved for the bride (the groom also has stuff he needs to sort out, too!!). These matching bride and groom planners are a great gift.

Buy Now | £18.99

Friends Hoodie

Friends Bridal Hoodie

A must-have for any Friends fan (and let's face it, who isn't a Friends fan?!). Could I *be* wearing a cooler bridal hoodie?!

Buy Now | £25.60+

Gin botanicals

Gin Botanicals

Forget the planners and cards – crank up the celebrations by taking your gin game to new levels of sensational with this fab selection of botanicals.

Buy Now | £25.99

Wedding planner

Wedding Planner

A seriously stylish leather wedding planner with a choice of gold, rose gold or silver fonts. An elegant gift for an elegant bride.

Buy Now | £34.99

Wifey sweatshirt

Wifey Sweatshirt

Let's get serious for a second – usually, engagement/wedding-related fashion is pretty naff, but this stylish wifey sweatshirt breaks that trend and then some.

Buy Now | £27.99+

Engagement candle

Engagement Map Candle

A beautifully bespoke gift – you can get a map of where the couple got engaged etched on the side of a scented candle.

Buy Now | £28.00

Gin glass

Crystal Cut Gin Glass

The best way to celebrate big news? Gin, obviously! This chic crystal cut gin glass is the perfect engagement gift for gin-loving brides.

Buy Now | £32.00


Venn Diagram Poster

This A2 Venn diagram poster is a modern, unique and non-awful engagement gift they can put up with pride.

Buy Now | £59.99

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