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How Well Do You Know The Bride?

The Miss & (future) Mrs Quiz Game

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Before the bride walks down the aisle, she has a weekend which will partly be spent walking down memory lane, sharing reminiscences with her best gal pals.

Which is nice... But just what secrets is she hiding?!? Which of her hens are hiding her secrets for her?!?

This fabulous, fun and at times outrageous quiz game will show just how well everyone knows the bride and reveal a few hilarious answers along the way.

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How To Play - How Well Do You Know The Bride?

  1. Split all the hens into teams
  2. Sit the bride-to-be on her own, facing all the teams
  3. Give the bride and all the teams pen and paper
  4. Read the questions out loud, the bride and the teams must write down their answers
  5. Once all the questions are complete you take the bride's answers, these are now the 'correct' answers
  6. All the teams must swap papers
  7. Read the questions again, revealing the bride's answers as the teams mark each other's scores
  8. The winners are the team who matched the most answers with the bride-to-be's and therefore know her best
    (approx. time 20 – 30 minutes)

Personalize the Quiz - Enter the Bride's name below...

How Well Do You Know The Bride?

The Good Girl Starter Round

  1. What's her favourite song?
  2. What's her favourite movie?
  3. What's her biggest claim to fame?
  4. Who was her first celebrity crush?
  5. What was her first job?
  6. What's her biggest phobia?
  7. What's her favourite meal?
  8. What's her favourite band/singer?
  9. Who's her 'weird' celebrity crush?
  10. Where did she go for her first real date?

The Bad Girl Truth Round

  1. If she was going to lick food off her hubby-to-be, what food would she choose?
  2. How old was she when she had her first proper snog?
  3. How old was she when she (ahem) became no longer a 'maiden'?
  4. Is she a member of the mile-high club?
  5. What's her favourite sexual position?
  6. How long after she met [hubby] did they first have 'intimate relations'?
  7. Where is the craziest place she and [hubby] have 'got jiggy with it'?
  8. Has she ever done the 'baby making mambo' in a public place?
  9. Has she ever been caught having sex?
  10. Sum up her secret bedroom fantasy in three words

The "Well She Is Kind of Weird" Round

  1. What is she most likely to end up in jail for?
  2. If she won £100 what would she blow it on?
  3. What's her weirdest talent?
  4. What's the naughtiest thing she did at school?
  5. What was the worst part of her worst date ever?
  6. Which celebrity does she think [hubby] most looks like?
  7. Which movie character is she most like?
  8. Can she do anything weird with her body?
  9. What's her favourite word?
  10. Who's the one celeb she would forget her marriage vows for?

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