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Let's face it, blokes are rubbish at communicating, yet as soon as there's a wedding all the women keep quiet while the father of the bride, groom and best man all get given a microphone and then rattle off a serious of anecdotes, jokes and 'funny' stories with varying degrees of success.

Thankfully, it's now becoming more and more popular for brides and bridesmaid speeches during the wedding reception, but if you've never given a speech before, let alone a bridesmaid speech (in front of the happy couple and all their nearest and dearest, yikes!) just where do you begin to pen a bridesmaid or maid of honour speech?

9 Bridesmaid Speech Ideas

Writing a bridesmaid speech can be hard, where do you start? The first thing to do is decide on the type of speech you want to give and then set about researching it and gathering any props or extras you might need. But to help get you started here are nine bridesmaid speech ideas...

  1. Theme It - Is the bride a fan of a particular thing, Harry Potter, Disney, Bake Off? Theme your speech around that for laughs.
  2. Advisor - Present a list of kind, daft and downright hilarious advice to help her in married life.
  3. Photocopy - Use photographic evidence of some of your joint history as well as your sillier moments and fashion faux pas.
  4. Rap It - If you want to do something memorable you could always get lyrical with a funny rap.
  5. Disney-fy It - Put together a medley of her favourite songs but with your own funny version of the lyrics about her.
  6. Band Aid - If Disney isn't her thing, put a medley together of songs from her favourite band.
  7. Go Old School - Track down her former teachers and surprise figures for funny/ touching messages.
  8. Name Drop - Use the letters of her name in your maid of honour speech to explain why she's so great. "K is for..."
  9. Keep It Simple - If just the idea of a speech makes you nervous then just keep it simple and from the heart.
Bridesmaid Duties

Bridesmaid Speech Tips

Speeches are hard. If talking and being funny were easy we'd all be stand-up comedians, but it's not. Giving bridesmaid speeches can be just as hard as writing them, so here are our top tips to help you deliver your speech with confidence.

  • Practice - The more you practice, the better you know your speech, the less nervous you'll feel about getting it wrong on the day.
  • Avoid Drinking - Alcohol can make your mouth go dry, making the whole experience even more stressful.
  • Get An Audience - If you're unsure of your speech find someone to practice it to and get their advice.
  • Keep It Simple - Using props and songs can be brilliant if you know what you're doing, but if you're at all nervous the best thing to do is just keep it simple.

How To Write a Bridesmaid Speech

So, let's get into the nuts and bolts of writing your bridesmaid speech...

Length - A good maid of honour speech should be no longer than seven minutes and no shorter than five, make it too short and it will seem dodged. Make it too long and it can get boring or uncomfortable for people who are dying to get to the bar.

Introduction - Remember not everyone will know who you are so start by introducing yourself and explain how you know the bride and groom.

Not Too Mushy - Remember it's not the Oscars and no one wants to see you blubbing so try to keep it light and fun.

Add A Story - Use stories or funny anecdotes people might not have heard about before (nothing too risqué).

Mention the Groom - Don't focus on the bride so much that you forget to mention her new mister.

Finale - If you don't know how to end your speech, asking everyone to raise a glass to the bride or someone else who doesn't normally get toasted (her mum?) makes a nice ending.

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