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Bridesmaid Gift to Bride Etiquette

Do the bridesmaids have to buy the bride a wedding/engagement gift?

No, of course they don't!

However, a little present in the build-up to the big day is a lovely little addition to let the bride know just how much she means to you.

Don't worry, though, you don't need to break the bank – it's more about the thought rather than the expense. Plus, if you know where to look (here), it's easy to find a great little bridesmaid gift the bride will love.

Thank you card

Thank You Card

Not getting the bride a present is perfectly fine, but the least anyone can do (especially a bridesmaid) is get her a card. This cute Thank You For Asking Me to Be Your Bridesmaid card is a fun and budget-friendly way to congratulate her on her engagement.

Shop Now | Etsy | £2.50

Donts for wives

Don'ts For Wives

This funny little Don'ts for Wives book is a hilarious peek into the life of a wife back in 1913 and covers topics ranging from How to Avoid Discord, Evenings at Home, Jealousy, Household Management and more.

Shop Now | Prezzy Box | £3.99

Wedding day card

Personalised Wine Label

The best way to celebrate? Wine, obviously! But why not mark the occasion in style by swapping the label of the bride's favourite bottle with a personalised Future Mrs one! Fun, unique, plus you'll probably get to share a bottle of wine with one of your closest mates – what's not to love?!

Shop Now | Etsy | £4.00

Honeymoon sand

Honeymoon Sand

Only great if the happy couple are heading off to a beach destination for their honeymoon – this little jar is a stunning memento they can keep on their mantlepiece as a reminder of that unforgettable trip.

Shop Now | Etsy | £4.99

Bride print

Prosecco Bath Bombs

If you reckon the bride-to-be has the potential to turn into a full-blown Bridezilla, these prosecco bath bombs are the perfect pre-wedding gift. Not only are they a prosecco-popping celebration of their new engagement, but they'll also help the bride relax and unwind (which she might be in desperate need of the closer she gets to the wedding).

Shop Now | Prezzy Box | £7.99

Bridesmaid print

Personalised Bridesmaid Print

This is a great gift option from all the bridesmaids to the bride. Customise your dresses, hairstyles, and more as you get your bride squad looking exactly how you will on the big day. A wonderfully personal gift (and super cheap if you all chip in as a group!!).

Shop Now | Etsy | £8.95+

Flora Pens

Engagement Tote Bag

This totally awesome tote bag will totes put a smile on the face of the bride. Whilst it's great for everyday shopping, it's ideal for storing all her wedding bits and bobs which often find themselves scattered all over the place in the stressful planning process.

Shop Now | Etsy | £10.00

Papier pen

Papier Pen

If you're planning on purchasing a stunning wedding planner (be sure to check out the sublime selection on this very list), the bride will also require a suitably stylish pen to accompany it – and they don't get much more chic than these fine Papier pens.

Shop Now | Etsy | £9.99

Snakes and bladdered

Snakes and Bladdered

Not every bridesmaid gift to the bride has to be super heartfelt or serious... they can be fun, too! This hilarious (and boozy) Snakes and Bladdered board game is a great addition to any hen celebration as you try and get to the end without a shot forfeit.

Shop Now | Prezzy Box | £9.99

Wedding planning scratch poster

Wedding Planning Scratch Poster

A great gift to build the excitement for the wedding (and ensure the bride-to-be doesn't forget anything), this fab Wedding Planning Scratch Poster has everything the couple will need to get done before the big day.

Shop Now | Etsy | £10.00

Plantable wedding card

Plantable Wedding Card

Let your love GROW... with these in-credible plantable cards. There are four included – two to be planted now and two to be planted on the wedding day – and each card contains seeds that promote garden wildlife! Perfect for an eco-conscious couple.

Shop Now | Not on the High Street | £12.95


Obnoxious Chocs

Obnoxious, hilarious, downright delicious, these Obnox Chocs are a great little celebratory treat that will definitely bring a smile to the bride's face (unless she severely lacks a sense of humour). If you're going to celebrate, do it with chocolate!

Shop Now | Not on the High Street | £14.95

Bucket list book

Couples' Bucket List Book

A great post-wedding present (which you can still give to the couple pre-wedding) where they can list out their Bucket List for the future. Fun, forward-thinking and something that breaks the mould from your run of the mill bridesmaid presents to the bride.

Shop Now | Paperchase | £15

Hen Party Sashes

Check out our favourite Hen Party Sashes!

Wedding countdown sign

Wedding Countdown Sign

Another way to build the excitement is with this quaint little wedding countdown sign. Change the names to that of the bride and her partner, get them some chalk, and they can hang it pride of place in their kitchen until there's a big fat zero on there!

Shop Now | Not on the High Street | £16.99

Wedding ring dish

Wedding Ring Dish

This lovely little ring dish is a practical and stylish gift for the newly/nearly-weds! If the bride is prone to losing stuff, this is a particularly thoughtful present as there would be hell to pay if she lost her engagement and/or wedding rings.

Shop Now | Not on the High Street | £18.00

Live tiles poster

Love Tiles Poster

This Scrabble-style poster is a fun, non-tacky addition to the happy couple's home which you can personalise with the date and a little message in the corner.

Shop Now | Prezzy Box | £19.99

Engagement candle

Engagement Candle

This stunning engagement candle, available in a wide range of scents, is a cool and calming addition to their home (another gift to stave off the Bridezilla). From Tranquility to Wild Fig and Cassis, Sandalwood and Black Pepper, Candied Pumpkin and more – there's a fine selection to choose from.

Shop Now | Not on the High Street | £21.00

Bride sweater

Bride Sweater

Let's be honest – bridal clothing, quite often, can be... well... naff! But this stylish Bride sweater is very much an exception to that rule. Crisp, clean and certifiably fashionable, you're onto a real winner with this one.

Shop Now | Etsy | £23.20 +

Wedding journals

Wedding Journals

With a range of wedding journals this amazing, we couldn't just select one. Be sure to check out the extensive range on offer at Papier and pick the one which is best suited to the bride's style. Loads of choice, loads of awesome.

Shop Now | Papier | £27.99-£34.99

Personalised cookies

Personalised Cookies

Cookies are another banker when it comes to top-tier engagement gifts. These cute, personalised, hand-iced bites are a delicious way to say congrats to the nearly weds and a great way to let them know you're thinking of them.

Shop Now | Not on the High Street | £28.00

Fun together experience box

Fun Together Experience Box

Why get them a gift when you can get them an experience? With over 2010 unique experiences to choose from, there's plenty on offer the couple will love. We're talking indulgent meals, spa days, adrenaline-pumping adventures – the lot!

Shop Now | Prezzy Box | £39.99

Gift box

Gift Box

Incredible gifts which are sustainably sourced – what's not to love? Containing chocolates, a handmade candle, bath salts, brownie recipe kit, cheese biscuits and more – each of the treats has a fantastic story behind them.

Shop Now | Social Stories Club | £41

Engagement cards

Engagement Cards

If you're yet to discover Scribbler, you have no idea how much your card-giving game is going to improve. They're side-splittingly funny, hilariously inappropriate and the perfect pre-wedding card the bride will adore (if she has a warped sense of humour like you).

Shop Now | Scribbler | Prices Vary

Wedding cards

Wedding Cards

If you were late to the party and missed the chance to send an engagement card, check out Scribbler's range of wedding cards as a belated congrats.

Shop Now | Scribbler | Prices Vary


Wedding Chocs

A classic pre-wedding gift from the bridesmaid to the bride – who doesn't love chocolate?

Shop Now | Thorntons | Price Vary

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