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17 Sober Hen Do Ideas for a Booze-Free Bash

17 Sober Hen Do Ideas for a Booze-Free Bash


Looking for some sober hen do ideas? You’re in the right place.

Whatever is keeping you away from the prosecco and pints – we’ve got you!

From crafty workshops to adrenaline-pumping action, something foodie to something a little more out there, we have plenty of alcohol-free hen ideas ready and raring to book.

So, don’t worry, we’re here to help your booze-free bridal bash pop without having to pop the bottles.

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Is the Bride Pregnant?👶


If you’re looking to throw a sober bash because the bride has a little one on aboard, be sure to check out our hen do ideas for a pregnant bride.

Whilst there’s some crossover with the activities below, there are some things a pregnant bride won’t be able to do (dance classes, bungee jumping, kickboxing, etc.).

Sober Hen Do Ideas🚫🍷

  1. Throw Your Own Hen-Fest™
  2. Spa Day
  3. Dance Class
  4. Life Drawing
  5. Butlers in the Buff
  6. Live Comedy Club
  7. Escape Room
  8. Aerial Arts
  9. Murder Mystery
  10. Roller Disco
  11. Inflatable Games
  12. School Sports Day
  13. Bubble Mayhen
  14. Grazing Board
  15. Pasta Making
  16. Afternoon Tea Party
  17. Chocolate Making

Throw Your Own Hen-Fest™✨


Here at GoHen, we’re the official home of Hen-Fest™.

Hen-Fest™ is a range of mini-festivals dedicated to the bride-to-be – a great option for those looking at going sober.

From stunning glamping sites to live acoustic bands, your options for a good time here are endless.

Crack out the mocktails and check out our superb range of  Hen-Fest™ packages before someone else beats you to it.

Hen-Fest™ Activity Inspo…

  • Silent Disco
  • Hot Tub
  • Live Acoustic Band
  • BBQ Chef
  • Sheep Herding
  • Mobile Pamper Party
  • And much more

4 Classic Booze-Free Ideas💅

Spa Day


After weeks of stressful wedding planning, forget waking up with a colossal hangover – a spa day could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Facilities & Treatments Can Include…

  • Swimming Pools
  • Saunas
  • Massages
  • Manicures
  • Facials
  • And more…

Read more about Spa Day.

Dance Class


Fancy throwing some sober shapes?

It’s all the fun of a night out dancing, without the next day’s, “What was I thinking?”

Our Top 5 Dance Classes…

  1. ABBA Dance Class
  2. Grease Dancing
  3. Back to the ‘90s
  4. Beyoncé Dance Class
  5. Barbie Dancing

Check out our full range of Dance Classes and find the one that suits your vibe.

Life Drawing


Get those pencils ready for some serious artistry (or just some hen hilarity and wonky circles).

Read more about Life Drawing.

Butlers in the Buff


Who needs alcohol when you’ve got eye candy serving your mocktails?

Read more about Butlers in the Buff.

4 Alternative Sober Ideas💎

Live Comedy Show


A great alternative to a bar or a club night. Head to one of our venues nationwide for a night of side-splitting comedy.

Read more about Live Comedy Show.

Escape Room


Engage your brains and take on one of our escape games. The only thing you’ll need to outsmart is the clock, not your hangover.

Read more about Escape Room.

Aerial Arts


Swing from the aerial hoop like the sober, graceful acrobat you always knew you could be.

Read more about Aerial Arts.

Murder Mystery


Another night-out alternative. Swap the sticky club floors for a murder mystery evening. Do you have what it takes to solve the clues and find the killer?

Find out more about Murder Mystery.

4 Active Hen Ideas🎉

Roller Disco


Strap on those skates and remember that falling face-down is much more dignified when you can blame it on the lack of skill, not the cocktails.

Read more about Roller Disco.

Inflatable Games


This is some old-school fun. Take on a range of inflatable games as you crank up the chaos on the bride’s big weekend.

Read more about Inflatable Games.

School Sports Day


Relive those glory days with egg-and-spoon races and sack jumps as you channel your inner kidult.

Read more about School Sports Day.

Bubble Mayhen


Strap yourself into a bubble suit and watch as “Oops, did I bump into you?” becomes a tactical game move rather than an accidental stumble.

Read more about Bubble Mayhen.

4 Ideas For Foodies🍝

Grazing Board


Feast like queens on an Insta-worthy spread that doesn’t require a wine pairing to enjoy. It’s all about the cheese and the chatter!

Read more about Grazing Board.

Pasta Making


Unleash your inner Italian chef in this fun (and tasty) pasta-making masterclass. It’s therapeutic, delicious, and we promise you won’t miss swirling a glass of vino.

Read more about Pasta Making.

Afternoon Tea Party


It’s the classiest way to spend an afternoon on a hen do.

Read more about Afternoon Tea Party.

Chocolate Making


You don’t need booze to speak the universal language of love, you just need chocolate!

Read more about Chocolate Making.

More Sober Ideas💡

As well as the 17 stunning activities above, we have thousands of other hen do ideas to choose from.

Some will be boozy, but the vast majority are booze-free and guaranteed to go down a storm with almost every group.

Sober Hen FAQs🤍

Why Should You Choose a Sober Hen Do?

Here are 3 reasons to go sober for the hen celebration…


Reason 1: No Hangovers

You can spend the hen do enjoying yourself rather than nursing a wine headache the whole time.

Reason 2: Try New Things

Rather than going from cocktail class to bottomless brunch to messy night out, this is your chance to do something different.

Reason 3: Save Some Money

Newsflash… drinking is spenny!

Besides the occasional happy hour, booze can put a lot of strain on the plastic.

Sidestep the drinks and put that extra cash towards fun activities, pampering treatments, and delicious bites that everyone can enjoy.

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Send your super speedy hen enquiry today and we’ll get to work building an unforgettable weekend.

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