Hen Party Islands

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Our Islands

  • Castaway Island - Tahiti
  • Great Barrier Reef Island
  • Key Island - Florida
  • Bahama Island Retreat - Bahamas

Hire Your Own Exclusive Hen Party Island

If you're looking for the perfect hen party escape, then you can now dive right in to a tropical wonderland on an exclusive island paradise.

Away from packed dance floors, busy bars and crowded city centres the bride-to-be and her pre-wedding party can live the island life. Rich blue skies, inviting warm seas and hen weekend memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Glamping in style

The Islands

  • Tahiti - Castaway Island
  • Australia - Great Barrier Reef Island
  • Florida - Key Island
  • Bahamas - Island Retreat

This is the perfect retreat for any nearly-wed needing to get away from pressures and worries of planning the big day. It's a chance to let life slow down completely as sunny days and tropical nights drift lazily by.

We have a choice of islands offering you either a fully self-contained experience or have your every need attended to with a private staff including a personal chef.

This is a pre-wedding party that offers a sun-kissed, beach lifestyle unlike anything the hens will have seen before. This isn't simply a tropical paradise... this is YOUR tropical paradise which you will enjoy, completely undisturbed during your stay.

"The island is ours. Here in some way, we are young forever."
- Emily Lockhart, We Were Liars

Castaway Island - Tahiti

Lagoons, palm trees, endless miles of unspoilt rolling surf... Paradise indeed.

  • Beach lodge
  • Tropical lagoon
  • Boat - with Captain
  • 'Fare potee' (outdoor lounge)
  • Hostess/chef

Island Home

20 miles from the nearest village you'll be surrounded by sea on all sides the ‘motu’ (small island) is only accessible by a lagoon which is rich in natural wildlife. You'll stay in the island's lodge comprising of three bedrooms, each with mosquito nets and fans. The living room can create extra sleeping space for larger groups.

You'll also find a study, library, bathroom, toilet, dining area, fully equipped kitchen and laundry. Solar panels provide the electricity however there is also a generator that can run on coconut oil. Rainwater is collected on the roof tops to complete your Castaway life.

Island Life

By day you can relax on the beach or in the ‘fare pottee’ (outdoor lounge), swim in the secluded lagoon or explore the nearby islands aboard your own boat, complete with captain, this is the perfect way to load up with provisions. However if you're not in a cooking mood you'll be pleased to know a hostess is there to organise breakfast, lunch and dinner using organic vegetables and honey delivered by local farmers and fresh fish, crustaceans and seafood from the local fisherman. The all-inclusive rates cover three daily meals, coffee/tea and homemade lemonade.


  • Maximum 14 guests
  • 3 nights
  • From £700 per person*
Live band Glamping in style

"Island living means having a front row seat of Nature's performance."
- A Merhing

Live band Glamping in style

Reef Island - Australia

Your own desert island protected by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Key Features

  • Personal chef
  • Designer-style tents
  • Open air dining
  • Stunning wildlife

Island Home

This really is island living and nature lovers will find a total island escape like no other. You'll arrive on the island by speedboat and with sand underfoot you can explore the accommodation which consists of incredible tents with raised timber floors and beds positioned looking directly out to sea. The tents also have decking and a hammock. Meals are served in the longhouse where you'll relax at the open air bar/kitchen area which comes stocked with drinks, snacks and a library as well as a personal chef to cook for you each night.

Island Life

A pavilion style gazebo called the longhouse has open sides, daybeds, a selection of books and magazines as well as binoculars to survey the incredible wildlife. The perfect snorkelling destination with fish, manta rays, turtles, corals and reef sharks all calling the Great Barrier Reef home. Another nearby island offers diving excursions.


  • Maximum 12 guests
  • 2 nights
  • From £700 per person*

"Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach."
- Anon

Key Island - Florida

Two hours from Miami Beach.

Key Features

  • Swimming pool
  • Games room
  • Private boat
  • BBQ
  • 2 x boat docks
  • Helicopter launch pad

Island Home

If you do decide to fly in by private helicopter then you'll be in luck. This fabulous island has a real rock star retreat feel. Covering 5,000sq ft this stunning 'Keys' home sleeps a party of eight and features airy bedrooms and a fully fitted kitchen.

Island Life

This is total relaxation on a Floridian scale with hot days, cool nights and the bars, restaurants and nightlife of Miami within reach. The island is surrounded by coral reef teaming with marine life offering excellent scuba diving and snorkelling. Dolphin are also common in these waters and with a 21 foot Carolina skiff at your disposal you really can get out and explore.


  • Maximum 12 guests
  • 3 nights
  • From £500 per person*
Live band Glamping in style

- Tom Hanks, Castaway

Live band Glamping in style

Bahama Island - Bahamas

Key Features

  • Tennis court
  • Gym
  • Infinity pool
  • Private airstrip
  • Boat dock
  • Personal chef
  • Personal masseur

Island Home

Island luxury really doesn't get any better than this. You'll have 13 staff members on hand to cater to your every Caribbean whim including a personal chef and personal masseur. Meals are provided using the best local ingredients with the emphasis on organic and sustainable produce. As well as excellent accommodation the island also has its own lagoon.

Island Life

If swimming in the beautiful waters of the lagoon isn't your thing then you can dive into the infinity pool and work on your wedding tans on the crisp white sands. A quite simply spectacular island where life slows down in Caribbean style as relax by the pool or dine under the stars.


  • Maximum 12 guests
  • 2 nights
  • From £1,200 per person*

To find out more call us on 01225 474200

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