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As party starters go, This or That is a fabulous, quick-fire way to get the evening off to a flyer and a great way to really get to know the bride (or whoever's in the firing line).

Here at GoHen, we've put our party hats on and compiled a list of 80 This or That Questions for you to crack out before you head off on that big night on the town!

How to Play This or That

1) Before the event, send the list of This or That Questions to all the hens and get them to pick the answers they think the bride will give.
2) Pop the bride in the hot seat and rattle off the list of This or That Questions (make a note of each answer as you go).
3) At the end, get everyone to mark their sheets to find out who knows the bride the best!

This or That Questions

  1. Food & Drink This or That Questions
  2. Boozy This or That Questions
  3. Dirty This or That Questions
  4. Travel This or That Questions
  5. Leisure This or That Questions
  6. Seasonal This or That Questions
  7. Dating This or That Questions
  8. Funny This or That Questions

Food & Drink This or That Questions

  1. Sweet or Savoury?
  2. Tea or Coffee?
  3. Breakfast or Dinner?
  4. Lunch or Brunch?
  5. Indian Takeaway or Chinese Takeaway?
  6. Salad or Soup?
  7. BBQ or Picnic?
  8. Cereal or Toast?
  9. Jam or Peanut Butter?
  10. Roast Dinner or Full English?

Boozy & Drink This or That Questions

  1. Beer or Cider?
  2. Wine or Prosecco?
  3. Red or White?
  4. Vodka or Gin?
  5. Whiskey or Brandy?
  6. Cocktails or Champagne?
  7. Pub or Bar?
  8. Bar or Club?
  9. Night In or Night Out?
  10. Saturday Lunch or Saturday Night?

Dirty This or That Questions

  1. Spit or Swallow?
  2. Watch or Read Erotica?
  3. Lights On or Lights Off?
  4. Top or Underneath?
  5. Sex in the Morning or Sex in the Evening?
  6. Sex on First Date or Sex After a Few Dates?
  7. Mile High Club or Sex Outdoors?
  8. Shower Sex or Tie-Up Sex?
  9. Cowgirl or Missionary?
  10. Threesome with 2 Guys or Threesome with 1 Guy

Travel This or That Questions

  1. Travelling or All-Inclusive?
  2. UK Staycation or Overseas Vacation?
  3. Road Trip or Single Destination?
  4. Camping or B&B?
  5. Romantic Trip or Guys/Girls Weekend?
  6. City or Beach?
  7. New York or Paris?
  8. Rio or Tokyo?
  9. Ibiza or Barcelona?
  10. Safari or Polar Exploration?

Leisure This or That Questions

  1. TV or Book?
  2. Facebook or Instagram?
  3. Shopping or Sightseeing?
  4. Country Walk or City Stroll?
  5. Cinema or Theatre?
  6. Morning or Evening?
  7. Gardening or Cooking?
  8. DIY or Get Someone In?
  9. Music or Silence?
  10. Weekend with Friends or Weekend with Family?

Seasonal This or That Questions

  1. Summer or Winter?
  2. Spring or Autumn?
  3. Birthday or Christmas?
  4. Halloween or Bonfire Night?
  5. St Patrick's Day or St George's Day?
  6. Valentine's Day or April Fool's Day?
  7. Edinburgh Fringe or Notting Hill Carnival?
  8. New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?
  9. Scorching Sunshine or Silent Snowfall?
  10. Pancake Day or Easter Sunday?

Dating This or That Questions

  1. Eyes or Smile?
  2. Sense of Humour or Sense of Style?
  3. Good Looking or Good Personality?
  4. Rich or Funny?
  5. Quiet or Loud?
  6. Good Car or Good Cook?
  7. Tattoos or Piercings?
  8. Groomed or Unkempt?
  9. Tall or Small?
  10. Driven or Relaxed?

Funny This or That Questions

  1. Ten Second Rule or Straight in the Bin?
  2. A Good Burp or a Hefty Fart?
  3. Bad Breath or B.O.?
  4. Singing in the Shower or Singing in the Car?
  5. Fall Asleep During Sex or During a Work Meeting?
  6. Crazy Cat Lady or Lonely Spinster?
  7. Step in Dog Dung or Be Hit By Bird Sh*t?
  8. Cry Out Your Ears or Sneeze Through Your Eyes?
  9. Lick an Armpit or Lick a Foot?

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