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Planning an unforgettable hen party is easy.

However, planning a terrible hen party is even easier.

But just how do you ensure your celebration is memorable for all the right reasons rather than being a yawn-inducing bore-fest? That's easy – knowing the common mistakes a lot of hens make.

By knowing all the traps and pitfalls, you'll be able to sidestep them with ease and ensure your hen party goes off with a bang. Check them out below!

The Biggest Hen Party Planning Mistakes

1. Poor Planning

Hen planning mistakesMindset: 'That'll Do!'

Result: Flat atmosphere, rubbish events, everyone's annoyed at you.

A lot of hens will just pick a destination and see what happens which is a one-way ticket to an awful weekend away. Even if you're heading to a world-renowned party city, there's no guarantee you'll have a good time. You need to plan...

You need to figure out:

  • Your daytime activities
  • Your nightlife options
  • Where you'll be eating
  • Where you'll be staying
  • How you'll be getting there
  • Any special surprises for the bride...

The list goes on.

You can't just expect to rock up somewhere and expect the party to just magically happen. You need to put the time in to ensure all the bases are covered. This is the bride's big celebration, you can't do things by half measures. Imagine if it was your hen weekend, you wouldn't want your bridesmaids cutting corners.

2. Trying to Please Everyone

Hen planning mistakes

Mindset: 'But so-and-so said she didn't want to do that...'

Result: You end up booking last minute because nobody can agree on anything and you miss out on your preferred choices.

You aren't going to please everyone!

Yep, get that thought out of your head now. In a group of 10, 15, 20 hens, there's always going to be someone who thinks you should be doing something differently. Ignore them.

Agree on a budget, ask the bride what she wants to do, consult a couple of the bridesmaids and that's it. Don't try and involve everyone, it gets too messy. It's the bride's big weekend, after all, not everyone else's.

3. Last Minute Panic Booking

Hen planning mistakes

Mindset: 'How did I waste three months watching Netflix/doing literally anything other than planning a hen do which is now happening next week...'

Result: Rubbish hotel, rubbish activities, it's all utter chaos, and everyone's having a go at you.

Don't leave it until the last minute! Availability will be scarce which means you'll probably end up with the worst accommodation, the worst activity times, and every nightclub guestlist in the area will be full. Give yourself time to plan and get yourselves some wiggle room if you change your minds.

And if you do have to book last-minute through no fault of your own, be sure to call the experts here at GoHen and we can put the feelers out and get you the best 11th hour offers we can.

4. Ms DIY

Hen planning mistakes

Mindset: 'I'll arrange everything solo, how hard can it be?!'

Result: Turns out it's actually a lot more complicated than you first assumed.

What could go wrong?


  • You arrive at your accommodation only to find out they don't allow hen dos to stay
  • A few of the hens drop out late on and you're unable to get your money back
  • The activities are miles out of town, so there's no way you're getting back in time for dinner
  • Speaking of, did anyone book dinner?
  • Nope! Now, you're walking around the city centre in your going out attire hoping a restaurant has room for 15 of you on a busy Friday night with absolutely no notice
  • And then you finally get to the front of the queue for the club only to be turned away by the bouncer because, like the hotel, they don't accept hen parties

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

How to Avoid the Common Hen Mistakes

Get Organised

Don't half-arse it. Put aside a couple of hours and have a look at what's out there. Or, better still, speak to the experts and we can point you in the direction of the best options for you and your group.

Book with GoHen

We've been arranging memorable hen weekends since way back in 2002 and have seen and done it all.

You'll Enjoy:

  • The biggest range of hen activities, accommodation and nightlife options on the market
  • Complete financial protection
  • Your own dedicated Event Manager
  • Hassle-free individual payments
  • Amazing deals
  • Hours of planning time saved
  • We don't even need final numbers until your final balance payment is due

So don't hesitate! Put this action plan to the test and ensure a memorable hen celebration you'll all be talking about for years to come.

Hen planning mistakes

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