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The hen party is nearly here! You haven't been this excited since you got the part of Mary in the school nativity. All the plans are in place, you've picked your outfits, looked at the hotel's cocktail menu online, what else can you do...?

Hen party memes!

Yep, share some laughs with the girls to get a little bit of party 'bantz' going.

And to get your party started, here at GoHen HQ we've put our funny heads on and created a whole heap of LOL hen party memes for you to share with the girls. #You'reWelcome

Hen Party Memes

hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme
hen meme

DIY Hen Party Memes

If you don't like our funnies, you can have a go at creating your own. Websites like Make Me A Meme allow you to create your very own funny images to post on social media. You can make your own a little more personal to your hen party, including locations, the bride's name, pick out a few key characters, or make fun of yourself. It's a hen party, from here on it's all about making giggles.

There are of course some meme classics that lend themselves very nicely if you're looking to make your own hen weekend memes;

  • Nothing says "Hen Party"
    like using a trolley in the booze aisle.
  • Hen party balanced diet
    A drink in both hands.
  • Drinking cocktails is like
    pouring smiles on your brain.
  • That feeling you get before the hen weekend.
  • One does not simply go on a hen party.
  • Brace yourself, the hen do is coming.
  • Hen Do Beaches!
  • Soup of the day
  • #HenParty
    We came, we saw, we partied!
  • #HenWeekend
    Same time next weekend girls?
  • #HenPartyFacts
    Calories don't count on a hen do!

Where To Share Hen Party Memes

These days sharing is caring, it's easy to put jokes online for all the hens to see.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

It really is a super easy way to get all the girls laughing along and get the party started before you've even packed your weekend bags. You can share them on your timeline (so everyone can be jealous of your upcoming hen weekend) but it's much more fun just to share things with the rest of the hens.

How To Share Hen Party Memes

Where have you been? Really? You don't know how to share an image on social media? Put your device down and go dance with the wind. We're sure you're lovely but clearly this technology thing isn't for you.

In the meantime, if you want to share more laughs, you can try GoHen's VIP area where hen parties get their own private page where you can exchange news, ideas, plans, times, and plenty of laughs. Planning a hen do and don't know where to start? Check out our tips on how to plan a hen do.

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