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Hen dos are a fantastic tradition as well as a great excuse for a hen-tastic party, so they deserve more of a personal touch. Yes in this digital age it's easy and convenient to communicate via Twitter, Facebook, email, text, etc with just the tap of a smart phone but there's a lot to be said for an old fashioned invite. It will certainly be a nice touch for the bride-to-be to see how much effort is going into her big weekend and reassure her that all the preparations are in good hands.

hen party invites

Creating your hen party invitations...

By Hand

If you're artistic or have elegant handwriting then you can create your hen party invitations by hand. You can find quality, good grade* or handmade paper from high street shops or online retailers, then with a careful hand and fine pen you can create something really unique. The guest of honour's own invite will also make a great addition to her hen party keepsake box.

*The grade of paper is often denoted by its thickness which is measured in 'gsm' (grams per square metre). Better grade paper is usually thicker and therefore has a higher gsm.

Of course you don't have to stick to pen and paper, you can create fabulous hen party invites with a laptop, printer and a little inspiration.

Our Hen Party Invitation Templates

Hen Party Invitations Hen Party Invitations Hen Party Invitations Hen Party Invitations

Themed Invites

If you're planning a themed hen weekend then kick things off with themed hen party invitations. They'll really set the tone and give the guests an indication of how much effort is going into preparing their weekend which will (hopefully) get everyone in the mood to dive right in and really enter into the party spirit.

  • Festival Hen Do - If you're a dedicated follower of fashions and are going with the new hot trend of a glamping hen weekend then you can create a mini festival in the bride-to-be's honour. Print themed invites in the style of festival tickets, all you need is a laptop, printer, some creative flair and viola! Welcome to "Hen-Fest"!
  • Fancy Dress - If you're having a particular fancy dress theme, then create your hen party invitations accordingly. You can use snazzy fonts (free to download online) or present them as a letter or form.

School GirlsAfter School Detention Letters
Movie Stars/Music StarsAward Ceremony Invitations
50's50's fonts; 'Blessed Day', 'Remachine Script'
60's60's fonts; 'Hippy Chick', 'Shagadelic'
70's70's fonts; 'Disco', 'Frankfurter', 'Brady Bunch'
80's80's fonts; 'Xtreme 2', 'Neon 80s'
90's90's Fonts 'Arial Bold Italic' 'Lush'
G.I. Janes/MilitaryCall-up to Service Papers

Go Digital

If you don't have time to write, create, print, or draw your own hen party invitations you can still have fun with digital invites by using ecards. Websites such as or, and all offer free ecard invitations services. You can add images, change fonts and colours to create something totally individual. Of course you could go that extra mile and ask the bride-to-be's parents for an early childhood photo to add to the invite.

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