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Everything you need to beat the morning after blues and get fit and ready for a day of more hen party laughs and action.


1. Vitamins

Since a hangover is caused by the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism, dehydration and Vitamin A, B and C depletion, putting these back into your body makes hangover beating sense. So stock up on your multi-vits before you go out, and take a tablet as soon as you wake up. It may take a while to take effect, but your body will thank you.


2. Water

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, as hangovers are essentially your body's way of telling you it's dehydrated. Drink a pint of water every hour of the day to feel so much better and get those toxins out of your body (ew). Head to the shops and get some Berocca in before you go out, as its got Vitamin C and Zinc to get more of your much-needed vitamins and minerals.


3. Sleep

This is exactly what you want to hear as soon as you wake up. It'll give your body a chance to take a breather and heal, so down some water and some multi-vits, and get yourself back to bed, young lady!


4. Caffeine

Like the ‘hair of the dog' remedy, caffeine only provides short term help, but sometimes that's just what you need. Have a cup of coffee and start your cringing as you remember exactly what happened last night...

Fruit juice

5. Fruit Juice

This really is another way of getting those vital vitamins back into your system, only tastier! It'll boost your energy levels and might assist with the ridding of some toxins. We recommend making sure it's chilled before, because sometimes it just really wakes you up if you have a big day ahead of you. If you're feeling brave, then blend up some fresh fruit into a healthy smoothie - you'll feel better than with fruit juice, but the sound may make you retreat back to your duvet.

Go for a run

6. Go for a Run

Now as much as you don't want to hear it, this really is one of the best cures for a hangover. A bit of exercise goes a long way to making you feel better, helping you to sweat out the toxins while releasing endorphins to help to eliminate your headache and generally make you feel fabulous. If you can bring yourself to crawl from beneath the duvet and head to the great outdoors, then we bow down to you - while we're in bed with our fry up, water, vitamins and a DVD of Chocolat.

Your personal cure

7. Your Personal Cure

We've all got something that lifts us out of a hideous hangover whether it's over-the-counter painkillers, your body weight in carbs or something weird like an ice lolly. If you can't think of yours then keep in mind that raw cabbage is also used for preventing as well as curing hangovers, but we're not going to give that one a try ourselves...

Hair of the dog

8. Hair of the dog

If food puts you off when you're in the bouts of a chronic hangover, then the chances are this will too. Having a bit of a tipple the morning after has been scientifically proven to lessen the hangover impact, although it is only a short term cure. Of course, if you're driving later, this isn't the right choice. We'd recommend that if you're going for this option, stay away from the Tequila, it could only make matters worse...

A fry up

9. A fry up

It may sometimes feel like food is the last thing you want to see after a particularly gin-soaked evening, but it really is one of the best cures on our list. You can always opt for a grilled option if you're counting calories up to the Big Day; it's basically just as good.  Apart from being tasty as sin, there are actually lots of nutritional reasons why it genuinely does help to calm your pounding head. Fat contains lots of calories so you'll get a much-needed energy boost, plus eggs and meat are good at clearing out the nasty toxins from the night before, to get you fresh for the next big day. Don't worry - the black pudding is optional!

Self pity

10. Self-pity

If all else fails then get comfy, because you know you're not getting out of bed unless you're getting food.  Pop the telly on, grab any junk food within reach, and let the sofa give you a cuddle. Memories of the night before are probably a blur of singing horribly out of tune to Spice Girls, dancing your pop-socks off and flirting with the sexy barman. So relax and wallow in self-pity - we're not going to judge you, and neither is your TV.

Here's also a Bloody Mary recipe from Jamie Oliver

7 More Tips for the Morning After

  1. Don't drive (get a taxi and pick up your car once the alcohol has left your system).
  2. Clear the diary; don't make any testing social plans. You'll feel awful, won't be looking your best and you'll not be the best company.
  3. Have a good (believable) excuse ready if you need to make cancellations and make sure you cancel early.
  4. If you want to have a sob or a giggle, don't hold back!
  5. Have some spare change ready for corner shop trips for chocolate.
  6. If you have another half, they can help you, just promise them a day in lieu, chances are they'll be feeling the same way in the future.
  7. Check your phone for those dreaded “drunk texts” and set some time aside for damage control.

A Word to the Wise...

We don't want to put a downer on your hen do, or tell you how much to drink, but we genuinely want you to have the best time possible so we would recommend drinking responsibly. Some hens do get themselves into awkward or embarrassing situations when they drink too much, so it's best to go steady and enjoy yourselves. We're all made differently so don't bow to peer pressure or put yourself at risk.

If you're ever unsure about what you can handle or anything alcohol-related, check out the websites below: &

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