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The UK is a fantastic place to party and we have 36 of the country’s best destinations to pick from, loads of experience and ideas to make you look fabulous!

UK Hen Parties

Getting your UK hen party planned to perfection!

UK hen party

Getting the itinerary right is the key, for the most part UK hen weekends usually don't have to consider flights so once you've made allowances for getting there, slipping into the swing of things should be pretty quick work! There's no language barrier or local customs to accommodate, (unless you're deep in the west country or some rural parts of Scotland and Wales), so provided there’s some structure to the first night, you and the girls will have broken the ice in no time. A well planned first evening also means it’s easy to flow seamlessly into the following day's adventure whatever ideas are on your mind, whether that's starting off gently enjoying a rejuvenating spa and treatment or getting stuck into an energetic dance class. To keep things ticking over we’d suggest you have an activity planned for the afternoon as well even if it's something as simple as shopping and afternoon tea but if you can convince the group we'd highly recommend cocktail mixing as an exciting extra, the girls will love it - even the ones with hangovers!

Did you know - "The United Kingdom is a great place for having a lot of fun, according to the World Tourism Organisation we're the sixth most visited country on earth!"

Hen weekends UK - GoHen’s top twenty destination ideas ...

The top 20 destinations for UK hen weekends this year (in alphabetical order) -

Don't worry too much about destination popularity, with the right group and the right itinerary you can have fun anywhere - the most important considerations are making it accessible to all your guests, both in terms of location and budget - you want everyone to turn up. The trick as we mentioned in the intro to getting the most out of your chosen location is all about the planning and using your time and budget effectively, with GoHen helping you prepare, you'll get the most out of your UK hen party wherever you go!

UK hen party ideas

Being based here ourselves we have hundreds of tried and tested activity options and ideas for UK hen weekends, have a look at our constantly updating activity page and you can pick from a huge range of group pleasing possibilities. We've even got a big range of self catering properties that you and the girls can enjoy. Whatever group challenges you may have you’ll find UK hen party ideas to suit everyone! And if you can't see what you want or have any extra questions drop us a line, we'll be happy to look into it for you as well as chatting through your own ideas to get the best out of them.

Financial protection for UK hen weekends comes as standard at GoHen

Your money is protected with GoHenBecause we’re ABTA bonded, all our weekends are financially protected everytime wherever they’re delivered, rest assured your finances are in safe hands. People often think that cover is only relevant for international events and forget that financial protection for UK hen weekends is also essential! The same conditions apply at home as they do abroad in many cases even more so - you don’t want to end up out of pocket or carrying the can for the whole weekend if things go wrong. Rule of thumb – make sure whatever you book even in the UK offers you the right levels of financial protection, to find out more why not see why it’s better to book with ABTA members here.

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Tens of thousands of UK hen parties get planned every year, it’s a busy, hugely competitive area and like many others you want to get the best event sorted for the bride-to-be. Why not get your weekend sorted properly with expert help and advice, lots of benefit, financial protection and your own dedicated professional event team - send us a brief today.