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Where to Go on a Hen Do According to Your Star Sign

Where to Go on a Hen Do According to Your Star Sign!


Not sure where to go on your hen do?

Why not let the stars decide?!

Here at GoHen, we’re always on the hunt for new ways to advise our hens on the best places to go for their big pre-wedding weekends.

From destination quizzes to keeping on top of the latest travel trends, we pride ourselves on being the go-to place for brides and bridesmaids looking to plan something memorable.

And we’ve branched out even further and teamed up with professional astrologer Carolina Aguillon to help our brides decide the place to go on a hen do based on their star sign.

From Bath to Barcelona, Brighton to Berlin, each star sign has been perfectly paired with a destination based on the personality traits of each zodiac.

A match made in heaven.

Hen do star sign

Hen Star Sign Guide

Be sure to check out our full list of 60+ hen party destinations if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Aries ♈️

“Aries need some excitement, some adventures, and to take some positive risks. An ideal location will have loads of activities so she can keep active and never stop. At the end of the day, this is an Aries hen do and there’s no time to rest!”

Ibiza ✈️

Ibiza hen do

Ideal for the bold, ambitious and energetic Aries bride, Ibiza’s nightlife and vibrant party scene will keep them fully entertained on a hen do. Add to that some adventurous activities, like scuba diving and quad biking, and it will go above and beyond.

Check out our full range of Ibiza hen do offerings now!

Liverpool 🇬🇧

Liverpool hen do

Liverpool is the place in the UK for a 100mph hen do. From dance classes to drag shows, bubble mayhen to bottomless brunch, there are loads of activities to keep the hens occupied ahead of a big night on the town.

If you’re staying in the UK, Aries brides need look no further than out Liverpool hen do range!

Taurus ♉️

“The bride needs to indulge in as many ‘treat yo’ self’ moments as possible. It’d be ideal if the hotel had a spa that offered massages, a beautiful buffet, and a very comfy location to watch the sunset. I also want to see late checkouts, please, and don’t forget to bring snacks!”

Hvar ✈️

Hvar hen do

From relaxing beach resorts to spa passes and snorkelling sessions, Hvar has that little splash of luxury every Taurus dreams of. Throw in some fine dining and sublime cocktails, and it’s the perfect indulgent getaway.

Ready for all that? Check out what a Hvar hen do is saying now.

Bath 🇬🇧

Bath hen do

We don’t know about a hotel to watch the sunset, but how about watching it drop below the horizon from a heated rooftop pool? Yes, Bath is the UK’s capital of indulgence and there are plenty of pampering opportunities to be had.

Bath hen do is the very definition of ‘treat yo’ self!’

Gemini ♊️

“As social butterflies, Geminis need a mix of intellectual activities, like walking tours and interesting museums, and plenty of social opportunities – we’re talking pub crawls, clubs, all the hen do hits! And let’s not forget if one person could do it all at once, it would definitely be her!”

Barcelona ✈️

Barcelona hen do

From beach yoga to Flamenco dance classes, Barcelona is a great option for the curious Gemini. It’s another city that never sleeps with plenty of options to choose from! Add in the beaches and a lively party scene, and you’ll really play to the Gemini crowd.

You can never go wrong with a Barcelona hen do

Manchester 🇬🇧

Manchester hen do

Manchester has an abundance of museums and art galleries that would appeal to a Gemini, whilst also having the buzzing social scene that they crave. Compliment that with some crafty activities or a brain-teasing escape game and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend.

Manchester hen do is ideal for the Gemini bride. 

Cancer ♋️

“The Cancerian bride would love nothing more than to spend time near the people she loves. The location needs to be peaceful with access to great food and where everything feels cosy. She will probably enjoy a pyjama party, so make sure the accommodation is cute and comfortable!”

Galway ✈️

Galway hen do

For the home-loving Cancer, Galway offers up a cosy and friendly vibe that’s close to the UK. With stunning scenery and some relaxing, wholesome activities to choose from, it’s a bit more low-key than your extravagant hen parties abroad. 

Galway hen party is perfect for some quality time with the brides nearest and dearest.

Torquay 🇬🇧

Torquay hen do

Situated on the English Riviera, Torquay gives ample opportunity to spend quality time with the hens away from the city crowds. From yoga classes to kayaking activities, there can be plenty of relaxation, plus there are loads of cosy pubs and cafés for a catch-up.

Find out everything you need to know about a Torquay hen do here.

Leo ♌️

“The Leo bride would expect nothing but a boujee location and a well-organised hen party. Whoever is in charge, make sure there’s a clear plan with every detail mapped out. I would also say if she wants to be in charge, let her. It’s her hen do at the end of the day. If she’s organised a hen before, a top tip would be to have a look at what she did and how she did it.”

Paris ✈️

Paris hen do

Let’s face it, Leo will be looking for something a little bit wow! Paris is the perfect glam city break for a weekend that’s all about them. With culture and class to a sizzling party scene, the French capital is the perfect stomping ground for a Leo and their entourage.

Party in style with a hen do in Paris

London 🇬🇧

London hen do

London definitely ticks the boxes for a Leo bride. Fashion-forward, oozing luxury, and most definitely Instagram-friendly, the capital has everything and anything you need to make their weekend a success. 

Do we really need to big up a London hen do any more?

Virgo ♍️

“The Virgo bride will need an organised, efficient plan and to know exactly what she is going to do. Clean, tidy, and full of culture, Berlin and Oxford mirror the Virgo personality beautifully and would be my choices if I were picking for a Virgo friend.” 

Berlin ✈️

Berlin hen do

The famous German efficiency is exactly what the Virgo bride needs. A city filled with history and culture, Berlin is the ideal. If you want a hen do that runs smoothly, without any hiccups or issues, the German capital is a solid choice.

Are you in for a Berlin hen do?

Oxford 🇬🇧

Oxford hen do

Oxford is culture personified. From the stunning architecture to the quaint shops and rich history, it’s a Virgo paradise. There’s plenty on offer to put together a packed itinerary, too, so get organised early and get things planned.

Head this way for all things Oxford hen do.

Libra ♎️

“Libra needs the city to be beautiful and romanticise everything they do. Walking along the tulips in Vondelpark in Amsterdam would be a great option, but even just strolling around York and its lovely little side streets is a great alternative in the UK.”

Amsterdam ✈️

Amsterdam hen do

Behind the raucous Red Light District is a city packed with culture waiting to be explored. Whether you’re heading to the Van Gogh Museum or you’re exploring the range of great places to drink, dance and dine out, Amsterdam is a great option.

Does an Amsterdam hen do appeal to you?

York 🇬🇧

York hen do

Behind the famous city walls, York has an abundance of charm, and the Shambles really will impress. Whether it’s basking in the sun in the height of summer or during a light dusting of snow in the winter, it really has the beauty and romance a Libra bride desires.

York hen do is truly a 10/10 choice.

Scorpio ♏️

“For the mysterious Scorpio, the destination would need to have a combination of darkness and fun. It would need to be a city with a bit of depth where a Scorpio could feel at home.”

Prague ✈️

Prague hen do

From its gothic architecture to the cobbled streets, Prague is steeped in history and culture and is the perfect place for a walkabout. It has a great blend of style, sophistication and a vibrant nightlife for those wishing to jump in.

Are you ready to jump into a Prague hen do?

Edinburgh 🇬🇧

Edinburgh hen do

Edinburgh has a rich history and a mysterious allure that would certainly attract the Scorpio brides. Lying in the shadow of the castle, the city has an alternative undercurrent that would be the perfect playground for your big weekend away. 

You can’t get much better than an Edinburgh hen do for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius ♐️

“The adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius means they need places that are unique! The Sag bride would love to come home having explored somewhere with another great story to tell.”

Riga ✈️

Riga hen do

Not one to shy away from something new, a Sagittarius bride will be right at home in the Latvian capital of Riga. With all-action adventures you can’t get elsewhere, like husky dog sledging and bobsleighing, it is a great place to launch yourselves into 100%.

Read more about a Riga hen do and get the ball rolling.

Newquay 🇬🇧

Newquay hen do

Newquay has an array of coastal activities that an adventurous Sagittarius will adore. Surfing, coasteering, paddleboarding and more, Newquay isn’t the place to come unless you’re willing to dive in and immerse yourself in nature.

The Sagittarius brides will love a Newquay hen do.

Capricorn ♑️

“Capricorns enjoy big, isolated spaces, surrounded by open landscapes and unique scenery. You’ll want to look for a place with fewer people and much more nature.”

Reykjavik ✈️

Reykjavik hen do

Looking for the perfect Capricorn hen destination? Look no further than Reykjavik. From the stunning natural surroundings to a range of unique activities on offer, it doesn’t get much better than the Icelandic capital.

Enter a Reykjavik hen do

Brecon 🇬🇧

Brecon hen do

Whilst you’ll struggle to find anywhere in the UK that lives up to the Icelandic capital, the Brecon Beacons offer up the stunning scenery and open landscapes the Capricorn bride would love. 

Aquarius ♒️

“Aquarius brides would really enjoy going to a unique destination and absorbing themselves in the local culture. They’d also love a bit of free time to express their individuality, so make sure that’s in the schedule!”

Ljubljana ✈️

Ljubljana hen do

A little bit different, a little bit quirky, Ljubljana is a stunning alternative to your classic hen party cities. It’s slightly smaller than many of the destinations on this list, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in charm.

Head to the Slovenian capital with a Ljubljana hen weekend.

Brighton 🇬🇧

Brighton hen do

Brighton is pretty unique as UK cities go. It’s fun, fab and wonderfully alternative, and somewhere where your individuality can come to the fore. Whether you’re looking for relaxing or adventurous, this South Coast gem has got you covered.

We absolutely love a Brighton hen do.

Pisces ♓️

“These aquatic queens need to feel connected to the water and have plenty of it in their hen do. If the hotel can have a hot tub or a swimming pool, even better. Also, no early starts and try and add some spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation so they feel they can come back well rested!”

Split ✈️

Split hen do

The sun-kissed Croatian city is truly dreamy. From day trips to Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Krka National Park on offer, plus a range of tours and exciting activities, you can explore the water, nature, culture and tradition in equal measure.

Find out more about your dream Split hen do.

Woolacombe 🇬🇧

Woolacombe hen do

Look no further than Woolacombe. With a three-mile stretch of beach to explore, Pisces brides will really feel connected to the water here. Start the morning with a yoga class, indulge in some surfing and then head for a well-deserved meal out. 

Welcome to your Woolacombe hen do.

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