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christmas hen party ideas

15 Christmas Hen Party Ideas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, Christmas is almost as magical as seeing the bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

We love a good Christmas themed party, it doesn’t even have to be in December. If the bride-to-be is a big Christmas fan, you can surprise her with a Christmas themed hen party any time of year. Here’s some suitably festive Christmas hen party ideas for some festive fun.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Have a little Christmas feast, ask all the hens to bring something along for a Christmas themed buffet/dinner. Eggnog, Christmas cake, turkey sandwiches, you get the idea.

Naked Christmas Dinner

If you want to go the whole hog and have a Christmas dinner than why not have it cooked and served by one of our hunky naked chefs?

12 Selfies of Christmas

One of our favourite Christmas hen party ideas. Split the girls into teams for a hilarious photo challenge game. Give them one hour to take photos of themselves doing everything on the list, as games master you get to award points for each photo and a prize to the winning team.

1. Three wise hens
2. Sitting on Santa’s knee
3. Christmas rapping
4. Rocking around the Christmas tree
5. Under mistletoe
6. Maids a milking
7. Away in a manger
8. Decorating something
9. Four calling birds
10. Fiiiiiiiive gold rings!
11. Jingling bells
12. Carol singing

Beach Babes

Yes, everyone flocks to the beach in the summer but there is something quite enchanting about a beach on a cold winters day. Although part of that charm is finding a nice warm pub and ordering alcoholic hot chocolates.  Or why not have a Christmas party on a hot beach?


Christmas Presents

Ask all the hens to bring a gift for the bride-to-be, but it must cost less than £3. That stops it getting expensive. Rule No.2, it must be funny. The hens will soon get creative.

Christmas Hideaway

You can hire your own perfect hen party house and take along everything for the perfect Christmas; booze, games, decorations, classic Christmas movies and music.
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Self-Elf Group

Dress as Santa’s little helpers, the bride can dress as either Mrs Claus, or if she’s willing to wear a beard she can go the full Santa.

Love Actually

It’s not just the bride’s favourite movie ever, it’s also one of the all-time top 10 Christmas movies. Get all the info during a Rom-Com Movie Location Tour with behind the scenes insights and stories.
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Secret Santa

Have a £5 Secret Santa and all the girls will get to receive a pressie.  Always slightly unnerving when you’re given a box that starts buzzing though.

Christmas Movies

Another fun fancy dress idea is for everyone to come as their favourite Christmas movie characters.

Santa Baby

Now here’s a lap to sit on. One of our festive Butlers in the Buff will definitely help warm everybody up. And for a cool yule we’ll even arrange for him to come in a suitably Christmassy outfit.
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A simple but fun Christmas hen party idea. You can give all the hens a strict tinsel dress code so that all the hens arrive looking too cool for yule.

Jingle Belles

If you really want to add a seasonal twist to the hen weekend, then as well as the tinsel you can ask all the girls to wear something ‘with bells on’.

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Harry Christmas

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without getting a Harry Potter book or watching one of the movies. Now go one better and enjoy a Harry Potter tour or some Harry inspired cocktails.
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Carol Singing

Best to visit houses of people you know, but even funnier if you’re having a Christmas themed hen party in July.

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